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Feldwood Elementary Sci-Tech Fair! For students at Feldwood Elementary in grades 2 – 5 January 10, 2013.

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1 Feldwood Elementary Sci-Tech Fair! For students at Feldwood Elementary in grades 2 – 5 January 10, 2013

2 Feldwood Elementary Sci-Tech Fair The top Two projects per category will advance to the County Fair in January!

3 Categories to choose from: Animated Graphic Design Non-Animated Graphic Design Digital Photography Digital Video Production Multimedia (with sound and/or images with text) Non-Multimedia Robotics Internet Project Programming 3-D Modeling Case Modification (decoration) Physical Science Earth Science Life Science All categories may be entered as individual or teams of two.

4 Must be an original design which allows for motion

5 Animated Graphic Design Example

6 Non-Animated Graphic Design is computer-created original art project that has no motion.

7 Non-Animated Graphic Design Example



10 Digital Photography



13 Digital Video Production

14 This category is defined as any original video project that has been edited on a computer with digital video editing software and exported into a digital video format. The project must be displayed for viewing on a computer.

15 Computer-based reports or creative presentations which include sound and/or images with text.

16 How does this help the sea turtles? Sea turtles spend 90% of their lives in the ocean. Learning about where sea turtles spend their lives helps scientist discover the reasons why they are endangered and what to do about it. Map taken from Caribbean Conservation Corporation website Multimedia Example



19 Projects, without sound, using non-multimedia software

20 Non-Multimedia Example


22 Working functional pieces of electronics in which movement and intent is controlled through student-created programming

23 Robotics Example



26 Websites, Chat Rooms, Interactive Games, Bulletin Boards, Podcasts, and Blogs

27 Self-executing programs created using programming languages such as BASIC or LOGO

28 3-D Modeling This category is defined as any original artwork that had been created and can be modeled in three dimensions.

29 3-D Modeling

30 CASE Modification

31 CASE MODIFICATION A student may decorate, paint, add lights or moving parts to a working computer.

32 CASE Modification Use your imagination and fancy up those computers for a fun event!

33 Science Project Ideas Experiments Magnetic and nonmagnetic materials Which magnet is strongest? Which materials conduct electricity best? Which materials conduct heat best? Sounds from different rubber bands (or glasses of water) Which toy ear rolls farthest? Which materials dissolve in water? Which paper towel absorbs the most water? Will an ice cube melt fester when crushed up? Do coins corrode more is salt or fresh water? How vinegar affects egg shells? How a shadow changes throughout the day? Measuring rainfall, with a rain gauge

34 More Project Ideas Observations Fingerprints Shadows Crystals Properties of solids, liquids, and gases Objects that block and pass light Demonstrations How heat is transmitted As energy-efficient home What makes a hot air balloon rise? Expansion of solids, liquids & gases when, heated How a thermostat works: How a toaster works The steam engine The periscope Kaleidoscopes How binoculars work

35 How to Register for the Fair Select a category (team or individual). Return the parent consent form and registration form to your teacher or Mrs. Ford Complete your project. (It’s OK to ask for advice, but you must do the work YOURSELF.) Present your project and worksheet for judging on the day of the fair.

36 WHEN ??? Start on your project now. Registration ends December 12, 2012. Projects are due on January 9th. Projects will be on judged on January 10th. The Fair S.T.E.M. Night & Project Viewing will be on Thursday evening, January 10 th. There will be a schedule for class viewing

37 Sci-Tech Fair & S.T.E.M. Night Wednesday, January 10, 2012: Projects will be on display 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. during S.T.E.M. Night. Interactive family activities Winners announced during the event.

38 Interested in the Fair??? Go to the Feldwood Elementary website for more information. Talk to your teacher, Ms. Ngo, or Mrs. Ford for more information.

39 The End

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