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Presentation of the area and food related development projects.

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2 Presentation of the area and food related development projects

3 Municipality of Slagelse The Municipality of Slagelse (named after the largest town in the Municipality) consists of three independent and unique smaller towns and approx. 100 villages and two smaller islands.

4 Facts and figures Population: 77.475 Population density/inhabitants km 2 :137 Surface area/km 2 :567 The Municipality of has a unique geographical structure with the Great Belt bridge connecting the islands og Zealand and Funen, highway and railway connections, which makes it a natural connecting point between the regions in Denmark.

5 Landscape and scenery





10 LAG Landudvikling Slagelse Landudvikling Slagelse is an integrated Local Action Group that has adopted the LEADER- methodology in rural and fishing development projects. The board has 13 members, representing Industry, tourism, agriculture, fishing industry, NGO’s from rural areas and 3 members of the Municipal Council.

11 Food related development projects

12 Healthy food – Great Belt

13 Healthy Food - Great Belt will create new and exciting activities in the area and is structured around three main elements: Land-based experimental production of cockle-spat and experimental cultivation of flat oysters in the waters around Omø. Establishment of a land-based production of seaweed spores and inoculation of seaweed spores on rope at Agersø. Drying facilities for seaweed at Omø with the purpose of testing and drying to increase the value.

14 Healthy food – Great Belt Financing: LAG Landudvikling Slagelse: 2.500.000 DKK Muncipality of Slagelse: 2.100.000 DKK Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs: 400.000 DKK Total budget:5.000.000 DKK

15 Smokehouse at the harbour

16 The smokehouse will be an extension of the existing fish shop in Skaelskoer and will greatly increase the volume of smoked fish which is of high demand from local residents and shoppers from the surrounding towns and rural area. The shop and smokehouse serves fish to go during normal working days beside the normal selection of fish products.

17 Smokehouse at the harbour Financing: LAG Landudvikling Slagelse: 298.200 DKK Private investment447.300 DKK Total budget:745.500 DKK

18 Eat local think global

19 Eat local think global aims at attracting more producers, and urge them to produce more, spread out the diversity of products and increase marketing, events and sale over the west Zealand region. The project is based on the establishment of a internet portal and a physical store that will sell and distribute locally produced foods (vegetables, meat, fish, flour, honey, etc..)

20 Eat local think global Financing: LAG Landudvikling Slagelse: 505.600 DKK Private investment 758.400 DKK Total budget:1.264.000 DKK

21 Food routes

22 The project will identify and appoint the connection in the efforts to increase local food production. Effort will be made towards a more consumer oriented approach. Develop 5 concepts dealing with experiences and tourism in relation to “food routes”. Furthermore to set up a “Taste house”, where events oriented towards food – local produced – can take place. Through cooperation and exchange of experience with transnational partners to establish a forum on EU level, where information, exchange of ideas, mutual seminars and workshops, business relations, etc.

23 Food routes Financing: LAG Landudvikling Slagelse: 174.000 DKK Slagelse municipality174.000 DKK Total budget:348.000 DKK

24 The end

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