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Energy for Sustainable Growth RE APREAP Responsible Energy Advocates Programme (REAP) A Sustainability Programme presented to you by YTL PowerSeraya.

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1 Energy for Sustainable Growth RE APREAP Responsible Energy Advocates Programme (REAP) A Sustainability Programme presented to you by YTL PowerSeraya

2 Corporate Profile of YTL PowerSeraya YTL PowerSeraya Pte Limited is in the business of producing, wholesaling, trading and retailing of Energy; with a primary focus on Electricity. The company supplies about 30% of the country’s electricity needs. YTL PowerSeraya has been recognised for its efforts on sustainability. It was the MERIT Winner of the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards in 2011 and won the Best Sustainability Report for two consecutive years (2009 & 2010) at the Singapore Awards for Sustainability organised by ACCA. The YTL PowerSeraya Group ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of YTL Power Intl’ Bhd, an international multi-utility player with interests in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and the 2 REAP

3 YTL PowerSeraya’s CO 2 Decline Path 3 REAP YTL PowerSeraya’s Carbon Footprint declined 33.3% in the 2001 - 2011 period.

4 What is REAP? 4 REAP This programme is jointly developed by YTL PowerSeraya in partnership with the NEA (National Environment Agency) and South West CDC (Community Development Council). REAP (Responsible Energy Advocates Programme) A sustainability programme wholly sponsored by YTL PowerSeraya with the aim of developing tertiary students to be energy advocates in Singapore – to raise awareness on energy conservation, to implement energy solutions for households and to engage in project work for the benefit of the wider community.

5 3 Unique Features of REAP 5 #1 We are the 1st energy company to have an energy-related programme targeted at households with South West CDC. #3 The community service component of the REAP targets ‘above- the-line’ households that incorporates a combination of behavioural change and energy saving fittings to deliver reductions in household energy consumption. #2 REAP is the only 3P (People-Private-Public) sustainability programme, developed in partnership with NEA and South West CDC, that is centric on energy conservation and one that holistically integrates the components of education, community service and project work to benefit students as well as the community. REAP

6 REAP benefits students in many ways 6 Practical learning Students apply knowledge from the fully sponsored workshop to help households save energy and in their energy conservation projects. Internship opportunities Opportunities for students to pursue internships at YTL PowerSeraya, subject to the selection process. Recognition Written testimonials, Certificate of commendation from the National Environment Agency and YTL PowerSeraya. Rewards Prizes for students with the best projects and the best household energy savings achieved. Overall winner gets to go on an eco-trip at award-winning Pangkor Laut Resort! ( REAP

7 REAP for Tertiary Students 7 Draws upon the energy and passion of youths today on the issue of climate change by nurturing tertiary students to be energy advocates in raising awareness and taking action on energy conservation. We welcome the participation of tertiary students to make this a meaningful and sustainable programme that benefit not only themselves but also the community they come in contact with. REAP Only 30 tertiary students are selected each year to be in the REAP programme…

8 3 Components of REAP 8 3 components to complete the REAP programme… Project Work Community Service Education Students will assist selected households in the South West district to reduce their energy consumption for a 3 month monitoring period (Jul to Sep 13). Students will work with an estimated 3 to 5 households. Prizes for winning households and students. SW CDC will assist YTL PowerSeraya to screen suitable households and facilitate arrangements for house visits. Students undergo a 4-day workshop. The workshop helps students to be educated in:  Sustainable development  Climate change & Energy  Behavioural change  Energy audit Workshop starts in June 2013. Students will embark on energy conservation projects for a 3 month period (Oct to Dec 13). Projects don’t necessarily need to be linked to the community service component. Projects don’t have to be technical in nature. Projects can also cover the social change aspects of energy conservation. No requirement for projects to be implemented. Choice of pre- defined projects by YTL PowerSeraya or student’s preferred projects subject to approval. REAP

9 An Idea of Student’s Engagement in REAP 9 Project Work Community Service Education 11 - 14 June 13 Attend 4-day sustainability workshop (3 days with professional trainer, 1 day with YTL PowerSeraya) 4th week June 13 Conduct energy audit for households and propose energy saving solution. 1st week July 12 Implement energy saving solution. July to Oct 13 Energy monitoring with households Sep-Nov 13 Project Development & Execution Dec 13 Project Submissions Q1 2014 Project Judging & Results REAP

10 REAP Timetable 10 MayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec 4-day Workshop Household energy monitoring Period of Student involvement REAP Project Work

11 Allowances Provided 11 Students under the REAP programme will be given the following allowances: Transport Allowance Each student will be given a S$240 transport allowance to help them cover the transport costs during the household energy monitoring period (July to Sep 13). Household Allowance Each student will be entrusted with a household allowance to help the households save energy. The allowance (S$200 per household) is to be used for the purchase of energy saving fittings/devices. Note: The allowance figures above are actual numbers used in the 2012 REAP programme but may be subject to slight changes in future programme runs. REAP

12 Students are given Freedom & Flexibility in REAP 12 We know that you have to juggle between your studies and other commitments. So, to help you complete all 3 necessary components of the programme, we have incorporated freedom and flexibility into it! For example… For the community component, students are given free play to the frequency of visits to the households and the means to achieve the greatest energy savings during the 3-month energy monitoring period. For the project work component, students can leverage on existing school projects and modify them for the REAP. However, in the spirit of this program, students must demonstrate that their projects help the community (e.g. schools, households, businesses) in their energy conservation. REAP

13 Previous REAP Participants Said… 13 “I’m tremendously grateful towards YTL PowerSeraya for offering such an enriching program….” - Low Pui Yee, NTU student “On the overall, REAP was a fruitful and enriching experience for me. I learnt not only about the theory of how change can be difficult, but truly experienced it in person..” - Ruskin Ong, S’pore Poly student “I like the flexibility of this project, I was able to do it during school curriculum”. - Low Hui Ee, NTU student “Overall, I learned a lot of energy saving tips after going through HELA. I felt great too when I am able to help my household to save money on electricity. This has indirectly lightened their financial burden. “ - Wong Wei Chong, NUS student REAP

14 14 You have the power to make a difference to the world we live through our collective efforts! Realize your aspirations in the REAP programme! “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi REAP

15 How to Apply? 15 Contact Details: Kevin W F Lee, Sustainability Manager YTL PowerSeraya Pte Limited Email: DID +65 62138633 | Mobile : +65 98321697 Just 2 simple steps: 1.Contact Kevin (contact details below) to obtain the application form. 2.Fill up the form and submit by latest 30 April 2013. * All applications will go through an evaluation process to determine who are selected for the programme. Only 30 tertiary students are selected each year! REAP

16 Energy for Sustainable Growth THANK YOU! 16

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