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ICTC Uttarakhand State AIDS Control Society 26 Oct. - 2013.

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1 ICTC Uttarakhand State AIDS Control Society 26 Oct. - 2013

2 ActivitiesTarget 2012-13 Achievement (%) PositiveTarget 2013-14 Achievement (%) Positive Testing of General Clients 1,30,00040602 (31)4821,30,00046796 (36)505 Testing of Pregnant women 80,00035363 (44)3490,00040783 (45)28 TB to ICTC and ICTC to TB 130005559 (43)3713,0004615 (35) HIV-TB Co infection to be detected 10037 (37)10021 Detection of HIV +ve women 21534 (16)21528 (13) HRG Testing 189407517 (40)21223307642 (34)20 Bridge Population 000345006799 (20)3 STI - ICTC 237584028(11.6)400005088 (13) Target V/s achievement 2012-13 and 2013-14 (April- July)

3 Establishment of ICTC/FICTC 2012-13 and 2013-14 Type of ICTCTarget 2012-13 Achieveme nt 12-13 Old Establish Total ICTC / FICTC Target 2013-14 Achievement Stand Alone ICTC0047 22 Mobil ICTC0001 0 F. ICTC in CHC 37 8+1Combin d 30 14725 F.ICTC in PHC 15+4DTC38 F.ICTC in Health Van 030 F.ICTC in UHC0021 PPP ICTC0704050916 Total4432172204432

4 Activities conducted during April to till date Established two new ICTCs in District Dehradun- Combined Hospital, Premnagar and Community Health Center, Vikas Nagar. Recruit two Counselors and Lab Technicians for new ICTCs. Released Rs. 1.20 for minor refurbishment for new stand alone ICTC (Rs. 60000 per ICTC). Procurement of consumables for ICTC/FICTC is completed and distribution is under process. Three months (April to June 2013) salary released to all ICTC staff.

5 Conducted Six batches of Lab Technician training (Two batch of Standalone and Four batches of FICTC) in SRL, HIHT, Jolly grant, Doiwala. Fund released to all the Standalone ICTCs for :-  Internet  TA/DA  Consumables Fund released to all the C.M.O. for HIV/TB training. Two batches training of Staff Nurses (FICTC). Review meeting of ICTC counselor.

6 Proposed activities in the month of Nov. 2013 Two batches of training of Lab Technician (FICTC) is proposed.

7 1.3 ICTCAllocationExpenditure for counselors and LT120.0064.04 ICTC5.553.57 Establishment of New ICTCs1.200.88 Proc. of Equipments for New ICTC 1.200.54 of Equipments2.400.10 of Consumables for stand alone, FICTC and mobile ICTC39.0023.73 Review Meetings3.000.60 & dist HIV/TB coordination meeting1.400.00 for technical officer in SRL3.001.50 For Co-location of facilities0.750.00 For PPP ICTC involvement2.500.00 Total205.3965.29 Budget allocation V/s expenditure 2013-14

8 Thank You

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