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Jackson and the Rise of the Common Man (Objectives) Prior Knowledge- Is there much separation between the wealthy and poor in the US? Explain (Is it more.

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1 Jackson and the Rise of the Common Man (Objectives) Prior Knowledge- Is there much separation between the wealthy and poor in the US? Explain (Is it more or less than in other countries? Goal Questions 1) Why did the Common Man become the center of politics in the US (rather than the wealthy man)? 2) Explain what the importance of the Election of 1824 in regards to the a> extraordinary outcome b> The Corrupt Bargain (define) c> 2nd American Party System (ID each party) 3) Identify how the 5 Civilized tribes tried to fit into American society and 4) Evaluate the American reaction towards the removal tribes

2 Rise of the Common Man-the regular person/farmer become the center of attention in politics Democratic Spirit- leveling of classes in US (rich and poor do the same things in US) –How is this one class spirit seen in the US today? American definition of Equality –1) Egalitarian ideas of revolutionary War- over threw a corrupt system where success was defined by family and past class status –2) American Success- based on talent and opportunity to improve (make money) –3) Common People become rich with hard work ?What does equality mean?

3 Election of 1824- 1 st Presidential election in which the candidate with most votes does not win 4 candidates for President Andrew Jackson- war hero –John Q. Adams= secretary of state –Henry Clay- speaker of House of Rep. Election Results- Jackson won pop vote but did not win a majority in Electoral college –12 th Amendment- House of Rep selects Pres. Corrupt Bargain- Clay tells his supporters to select Adams, Clay becomes Sec. of State, Jackson loses –?Is this a fair way to elect a President? Explain? –How does the result of this election go against the ideals (Rise of the Common Man) politicians have tried to preach to “Ordinary Citizens”?

4 CH 13 Insights ID- Election of 1824 (Results) p 258 Summary 1- How many candidates were running for president? What candidate received the highest Amount of votes? Lowest? –4, Jackson, Clay OI- The Corrupt Bargain 1) Even though Jackson won the popular vote, where did he fail to win a majority? Jackson did not win 50% majority in Electoral College 2) What does the 12th Amendment provide in case of the problem in question 1? House of Representatives selects the President from top 3 candidates 3) How did Henry Clay help decide the election in favor of John Q. Adams? Clay told his supporters to vote for Adams (Adams became President)

5 4) According to Andrew Jackson, how was Clay bribed to help decide the election? Clay became Sec. of State (seen as the stepping stone to Pres.) 5) Think- Why was the Election of 1824 so controversial? The winner of the popular vote lost the election (has only happened three other times- 1876, 1888, 2000) H. of Rep., not people, elected pres. Should the Electoral College be abandoned or kept in place? Explain one positive and negative of the EC!

6 2 nd Am. Party System- started based on hatred of Jackson Democrats/ Jackson- states rights, individual freedom, appeal to “Common People” over rich, strict construction Whigs- strong government (build economy), moral legislation (abolitionism/anti-slavery, temperance/no drinking), appeal to rich and poor, loose construction Jackson elected President in 1828 (next election)

7 OI- Indian Removals 1800-1846 (p 266) Summary 3- Who are the five tribes in the South that were forcibly removed? –Cherokee, Seminoles, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw OI- The “Trial of Tears” (p 268) Summary 3- How many Cherokees were forced to march? How many died? 15,000 moved forcibly by US Army (4,000 died of weather, lack of food, exhaustion) ID- The Trail of Tears

8 6) Identify two ways the Cherokee tried to assimilate to white ways? Became farmers and owned property (cotton, owned slaves) Developed an alphabet and literacy Cherokee Constitution (set of laws to follow) GA. Legislature refused to accept Cherokee claims to land (kicking Indians off their lands) Worcester v. GA- Cherokees sued, Supreme Court sided w. Cherokee, Pres. Jackson refused to follow court order and ordered the … Indian-Removal Act- all tribes west of Miss. forced to move

9 7) How many Indians were removed? Over 100K 8) How were the Seminoles different from the other “Civilized Tribes”? Fought back in Florida 9) Think- Why do you feel the “Trail of Tears” was Un-American or horrific? (please don’t just say it was unfair, think why it was so criminal!) Natural Rights of Indians violated (life, liberty, and property taken away) Government refused to follow its own rules (SC sided w. Indians and President/Executive branch ignored SC, legislative branch sided w. Pres.) What do you think of the US now? DO you feel the US had the right to take land from the Indians so farmers could make a better living?

10 Texas Revolution Prior Knowledge- Think- What are some Mexican influences that are evident in America today? Where to these influences come from? Goal Questions 1) Evaluate if Texans had a good reason to declare independence from Mexico (Think of the reasons why Americans moved to Texas and what rights as Americans they were used to.) 2) Analyze if Mexico really lost Texas and 3) Why did Texas become an independent nation after the Texas Revolution (Why did the US not annex Texas if it was populated by Americans that just defeated Mexico in a war)

11 ID- Samuel Houston (277) Summary 4- Briefly identify Sam Houston. Leader of Texas Revolution ID-The Texas Revolution (276) Summary 5- What 2 advantages did the Texans have over the Mexicans in the war? Defensive war- did not have to take territory (more Texans than Mexicans in Tx. Supply Lines- short for Texans from allies in US/South, long for Mex.

12 ID- The Alamo as it Looks today (277) Summary 6-What made the Alamo famous? 187 Texans massacred, showed Texans were willing to die

13 OI- Gone to Texas 10) What were the two stipulations for Americans to get land in Mexican Texas? Catholic, Mexican 11) How many Texan Americans were in Texas by 1830? 30,000 texans, 3,000 Mexicans 12) Why was slavery such a touchy subject for Texans and Mexico? Mexico outlawed slavery (Most Americans moved to Texas for opportunity to become cotton growers, need slaves) How would these demands become the seeds of the Texas Revolution? (Why would these demands cause Americans in Tx. to want to seek independence from Mexico)

14 Texas Revolution- Americans in Texas want to restore slavery, freedom of religion, democracy (Santa Anna made himself dictator) and are nationalistic Americans (want TX to join US) OI- The Lone Star Rebellion 13) What did Texas declare in 1836? Independence from Mexico 14) Why were the Alamo and Goliad important to the America-Texan cause? Upset Texans and pushed them to fight back against Mexico

15 15) How did Texans influence General Santa Anna to sign away land to Texas? Put a gun to his head, sign or die! Is a Declaration of Surrender an official document if the signee is threatened with death on the spot or is the document null in void because of coercion Gen. Santa Anna signs away Texas from Mexico 16) What direction did Texas go after the US refused to annex (take over) Texas? Texas became an independent country for 13 years 17) Why did many Americans not want to annex Texas? Tx. annexation would expand slavery (more slave power/states) Annexation could start a war with Mexico

16 ID- The County Election (283) Summary- What is the problem with voting as depicted in this painting? Drinking (politics became professional- people sought office as a job and move up in society) –Spoils System- reward supporters w. government jobs The Two Party System 18) Who are the two new political parties and what is the core belief of each party? Party 1 (belief)Democrats personal liberty, states rights/weak central government Party 2 (belief)Whigs strong government that should help business and enforce human laws

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