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Autumn 2013 Partnerships’ Meeting We are supporting employers to implement Social Work Reform.

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1 Autumn 2013 Partnerships’ Meeting We are supporting employers to implement Social Work Reform

2 Welcome and Introductions Programme  Updates and Info Exchange  ASYE – Quality Assurance/Promoting Consistency  ASYE – How we can promote quality  Independent Sector  Focus for next meeting and meeting date

3 Updates and information exchange  Employer Transition Fund  26 Partnerships have applied  103 Local Authorities and 11871 qualified adult social workers included within the partnerships  Further information requested from some partnerships

4 Employer Transition Fund  Final funding amounts have now been allocated  Minimum funding amount of £2,000.00 with the remainder of funding divided by the number of qualified adult social workers within the partnerships  First wave of funding to be paid in October

5 Social Work Leadership Toolkit  Launched in June, approx 50 organisations registered to use 360 Tool  Mentoring service to be launched in November  Considering extending the 360 tool for social workers at PCF strategic level  Toolkit to be reviewed and refreshed later this year – to develop practice examples

6 Practice Development Educators  Guidance revised following feedback  Learning outcomes, assessment framework and principles for use (Aspirational not mandatory)  Guidance to be issued in early November  Launch event to share implementation practice on 17 th December (London)

7 SfC / C-ALF Action Learning services – commercial offer  Consultation  Bespoke action learning facilitation courses – introductory and certificate levels  Co facilitation of action learning sets  Open programmes

8 Effective deployment of social workers in adult services – 7 stage Model to support decision making

9 Consultation opportunity  This tool will be re-launched within a renewed Skills for Care website in the early New Year 2014  Brief pre-launch consultation is being carried out to ascertain the views of some potential users that will:  a)Give the tool greater impact and the best chance of success  b)Create a sustainable model that helps to retain a high level of relevance

10 Consultation process  Short online survey  Two consultation events: 1.Manchester 12 th November 2.Nottingham 22 nd November For more information go to: ….. kforce_commissioning.aspx

11 Developing a skilled social work workforce - CPD Core principles  Principle 1 - Using the Professional Capabilities Framework  Principle 2 - Work-based assessment  Principle 3 - Reflective supervision & supporting reflective practice  Principle 4 - Holistic assessment  Principle 5 - Measuring impact  Principle 6 - Portability

12 This case study illustrates how a reflective supervision programme can be designed and delivered across a partnership. A ‘whole organisation’ approach is described, supporting the development of the giving and receiving of reflective supervision practice, using a flexible blended learning approach including e- learning. Links to formal academic modules have been developed……….. Case studies – Thurrock partnership example

13 “Impact assessment should focus on what participants learn, how they use what they have learned, and the effect on people being supported and carers in the short, medium and long-term'. Measuring the Impact of CPD

14 ASYE - Quality Assurance and promoting consistency in employer judgements  Guidance issued in summer with practice suggestions  Five practice examples demonstrating different models to be published shortly with sample templates/documents e.g.:  Cyclical process of internal assessment – external standardisation – internal programme development  Audit of support and assessment approaches


16 Holistic assessment and documentation  Capabilities statements are not competencies  How can the construction of the evidence assist or hamper holistic assessment  The Assessor Report

17  Learning Agreement – why was it set up in this way?  The importance of regular reviews  Professional development planning and progression Documentation and links to employment practices

18  Employer responsibility for assessment of the ASYE  Employer responsibility for contested or fail decision of the ASYE 3 rd party assessment

19 Example of 6 month review document - What are the areas of good practice, what might be improved?  Table 1 - Pages 1 +2. Monitoring the contractual arrangement.  Table 2 – Pages 2- 4. Evidence of reflective practice  Table 3 – Pages 5- 7. Evidence of holistic assessment  Table 4 – Pages 9-10. Guidance


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