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2007 Estimates of National Expenditure

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1 2007 Estimates of National Expenditure
National Treasury REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA 2007 Estimates of National Expenditure 15 November 2007

2 Contents Main Reforms Changes in format Important dates Appropriation Bill Conclusion Annexes

3 Main Reforms Discussion on outcomes relating to strategic plan
Use diagrams and examples to differentiate between components of Performance Information Framework Outcomes refer to impact or consequences of government programme on society Budgeting for SAMDI training Reprioritise training budgets for induction and managerial training (middle and junior level managers)

4 Focus on improvement Service delivery objectives and indicators
Must relate to indicators in previous ENE Recent outputs for 2005/06 and to date for 2006/07 Expenditure trends Relate text to data i.e. increase or decrease Understanding calculation of percentages Personnel numbers and compensation of employees Realistic projection as at 31 March Estimate of vacancies (consider underspending) Public entities and agencies Extend coverage and performance information

5 Format changes New section on outcomes to be included in Strategic overview Cover 7 year period Outcome per strategic area or programme Legislative & policy developments, service delivery improvement plans, link outputs to desired outcomes Infrastructure spending Progress on infrastructure spending Own resources, PPP’s, DPW Customised text box to highlight significant service delivery achievements Include relevant tables and text E.g. Science &Technology, land restitution claims, devolution of accommodation etc.

6 Scheduled dates Allocation letters to departments 13-17 November 2006
Cabinet's approval of the 2007 MTEF 22 November Public entities information session 23 November Submission of draft database inputs and Appropriation Bill Dec Submission of draft chapter prior to 22 January To be agreed between depts and budget analysts Submission of 2nd draft database inputs 8 – 12 January 2007 Final sign-off of chapters by departments First week February 2007 Budget Day 2006 21 February 2007

7 Allocation letters New allocations for spending priorities
Annex A: changes to your 2006 MTEF baseline allocations Annex B: devolution of property management funds Annexure C: proposed baseline for departments Salary increase and motor vehicle allowance of Political Office Bearers Exchange rate projections Salary increases over MTEF (6%; 5%; 5%)

8 How to identify outcomes
Goal (Impacts) Long-term, widespread improvement in society Results Outcomes Intermediate effects of outputs on clients Outputs Products and services produced Activities Tasks personnel undertake to transform inputs to outputs Implementation Inputs Financial, human, and material resources Binnendijk, 2000

9 Example of Performance Information
Input Activity Output Outcome Goal – (Ultimate Impact) I M P L E N T A O R S U Community feels safe in the city centre and normal business and social activity returns to these areas Example Reduction of crime in the identified hot spots CCTV Crime monitoring system in city hot spot areas that records criminal activity and allows response units to be despatched when criminal events are observed Install CCTV system in crime hot spots with link to a control room and action response units Control room, control system, cameras, radio networks, funds, response units, monitoring staff Results-Based Framework

10 Further guidance on terminology
Outputs can be bought. They cost money and the delivery on these can be measured. The responsible person can be held accountable for this delivery. Outcomes require a change of behaviour. They cannot be bought. Outcomes are achieved through management processes. Outputs contribute to outcomes but only with management input.

11 Infrastructure MEGA infrastructure projects and programmes (equal to or above R250 million) Large infrastructure projects & programmes between R20 million and R249 million Groups of small projects (below R20 million) Infrastructure transfers to other spheres, agencies and departments Infrastructure/fixed installations transferred to households e.g VIP toilets Maintenance on infrastructure Service delivery outputs e.g a school to accommodate 1000 children

12 ENE format Vote name and number Accountability information Aim
Programme purpose Strategic overview and key policy developments: 2003/04 – 2009/10 Outcomes Expenditure estimates Expenditure trends Departmental receipts

13 ENE format Infrastructure spending Customised text box per vote Programme number and name Programme expenditure estimates Programme expenditure trends Service delivery objectives and indicators Public entities and agencies Annexes to each Vote

14 Content should enable Parliamentary oversight
Appropriation Bill 2007 Definitions Appropriation listed as specifically and exclusively Transfers and subsidies Content should enable Parliamentary oversight

15 Conclusion Close working relationship between departments & budget analysts to improve quality of draft chapter to language editors Submission dates determined by relevant budget analysts Need dedicated contact persons in each department to assist with enquiries prior to publication date Follow format in the template closely to improve content

16 Contact Details - 2007 ENE Barend Lange
ENE Database Annelize Adendorff ENE Guidelines Lesley Fisher Kuben.Naidoo Personnel expenditure Lindsay Martin Infrastructure projects Goolam Manack Public Entities and Agencies

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