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Date: September 14, 2001 To: Class of 2003 From: Joe Urbany re: eProject Thanks for your support as we have worked on some initial issues in our partnership.

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1 Date: September 14, 2001 To: Class of 2003 From: Joe Urbany re: eProject Thanks for your support as we have worked on some initial issues in our partnership with eProject. This is a quick note to provide additional context for you, which I have not had a chance to share.

2 Why a Collaborative Platform? Feedback from the marketplace (especially recruiters and alumni) in the past 2 years indicates a strong value on project management and managing teamwork in a virtual environment. We decided to build a collaborative platform more centrally into the program. Why was eProject chosen?  It has all the basic collaborative functions PLUS the capability to “roll” calendars from a number of projects into one calendar. Thanks for the feedback on the initial bumps in the rollout. You should be seeing them getting smoothed over.

3 eProject Functions: Current Community-Wide Info Sharing TASKS: the daily tasks for Marketing, Accounting, Stats, Micro, Ethics, and Enterprise Project Management are in the eProject space. This centralized info is intended to provide a convenient means of giving students and faculty a means of quickly seeing most of the 1 st year program academic activities in a given week. DOCUMENTS: you can access your core course documents in eProject from anywhere you have web access. (The only exception is Prof. Keating’s documents, which are embedded in his cool web site) Temporary glitch with the Stats documents has been fixed (let us know if you experience others). eProject complements rather than replaces the I-drive. (The I-drive is not easily web-accessible.) (One caution: like any system, it can be slow to download large files over the phone line) Use this info as you need to.

4 eProject Functions: The Real Important Stuff The most significant use of eProject (and other tools like it) worldwide is collaborative commerce and project management. This is the focus of Professor Easley’s MBA 555 course as well as other classes for which you may want to use eProject. Examples of how eProject is being used in the program: Managing project work (e.g., managing schedules, tasks, having discussions, sharing news, sharing and editing documents) by teams that cannot meet physically a lot. Managing project work by teams that CAN physically meet a lot but may need their own central place to store documents and ideas. Bringing people outside the university into projects (e.g., project sponsors, alums, topical experts) or into online discussions. Using individual student project spaces created for students to share their written work and one-to-one discussion with the professor (again, web-accessibility is what differentiates this from the I-drive). Organizing information-gathering in the documents area into categories. Team members create a dynamic cumulative library of topic-related materials for future access.

5 Summary The larger goal of MBA 555 is to develop your understanding of (a) project management in general and (b) more specifically, the use of new collaborative tools in the PM process. It is a very important part of your preparation. Let me know what feedback you have at Thanks. P.S. FYI, the next few slides contain a recent press release for an eProject partnership.

6 eProject and ForeFront Announce Regional Reseller Partnership (Aug 13 press release) SEATTLE, WA, August 13, 2001 - eProject, Inc., the leading provider of project collaboration solutions for business organizations worldwide, today announced the formation of a key reseller partnership with ForeFront, Inc., an information technology consulting and systems integration company. Based in Fair Haven New Jersey, ForeFront will enhance and extend eProject's east coast sales presence. "At ForeFront we continually implement the latest advancements in ASP technology," said Anne Marie Berger, managing partner at ForeFront. "Our clients, leaders in their markets, depend on us to provide them with cutting edge 'plug and play' solutions. eProject EnterpriseTM is a unique, collaborative, project management tool, which is feature rich, user friendly and instantly deployable. Web based eProject Enterprise allows important project information to be accessed anytime, anywhere. eProject Enterprise is the fast, flexible project collaboration environment our customers are asking for." (CONTINUED ON NEXT SLIDE)

7 eProject and ForeFront Announce Regional Reseller Partnership, continued. Customers already benefiting from the partnership include The Rockefeller Group, Salomon Brothers, Cushman & Wakefield and Desit. "ForeFront has established itself in the business community with tremendous expertise in web-based technologies," says Shane Jones, eProject president and CEO. "Their experience in Application Service Provider (ASP) infrastructure, coupled with their complex project management know-how, makes them a dynamic partner." About ForeFront, Inc. ForeFront, located in Fair Haven, NJ, is an IT consulting and systems integration company that develops and implements solutions for business problems through the use of the latest information technology. Clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies such as Rockefeller, BellSouth Wireless Data, AIG, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sentinel and Pfizer. With a significant level of knowledge in the telecommunications, networking and data environments, their solutions incorporate state-of-the-art infrastructure models that enhance the business processes and services of their clients. (CONTINUED ON NEXT SLIDE)

8 eProject and ForeFront Announce Regional Reseller Partnership, continued. About eProject, Inc. Based in Seattle, Washington, and founded in 1997, eProject is the leading provider of project collaboration solutions that enable worldwide business organizations to communicate, collaborate and effectively manage the projects that determine success. The company's eProject EnterpriseTM products deliver hosted and onsite deployment options, custom application integration and co-branded application services to over 125 enterprise customers such as Arthur Andersen, Agile Software, Agilent, ABN AMRO, Citigroup, BP Amoco, Hewlett Packard, KPMG, Honeywell, Immedient, NASD-AMEX, Sterling Commerce, Proctor & Gamble, and Cisco Systems. In addition the company has more than 100,000 registered users of its eProject ExpressTM product.

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