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2 13 DEC 2012 AACP Objective Increase marketable surplus of farmers Empower Farmers Predominantly for small & marginal landholders Community Procurement Decentralized Extension –ATMA- Bottomup Planning Transparency - - beneficiaries list on website Enhance market access of farmers groups Stimulate growth of State’s Agrian economy Increase yields of crops, fish & livestock products Monitoring/ Evaluation & Asset Verification Salient Features Implementing Agencies Animal Husbandry AAU Agriculture Dairy Fisheries Forest Public Works PCU NGOs PPT AACP 2 ARIAS Society

3 13 DEC 2012 TIME LINE.. As we moved from ARIASP to AACP to AF Feb. 2005 World Bank’s Board Approval June 2004 Sep. 2011 Nov. 2010 Nov. 2011 27June 2012 Dec. 2011 World Bank’s Appraisal Mission DEA posed AF proposal to World Bank Additional Financing (AF) proposed AACP Commenced ARIASP Closed – Satisfactory Rating ARIASP commenced Project Implementation Plan Legal Agreements for AF signed Mar. 2012 Aug. 1995 Jun. 2011 Plan. Comm. & Agri. Ministry approved Mar. 2015 Closure of both AACP and AF April 2012 Negotiation with World Bank & DEA Jan. 2012 Effectiveness of AACP-AF 3 ARIAS Society

4 13 DEC 2012 PPT AACP Key Outcome Indicators IndicatorBaseline End-of-project target As per Final Assessment Report (Aug. 2012) (draft) (Outcome Indicators) % over baseline Increased Productivity Boro Paddy 1.5 T/ha 150%5.91 T/ha (294%) Cabbage 7.0 T/ha 50%10.33 T/ha (48%) Cauliflower 5.6 T/ha 15%10.11 T/ha (81%) Cropping Intensity 128% 195%186% Mustard 0.62 T/ha 40%0.85 T/ha (37%) Fish Productivity Ponds 485 kg/ha 200%3278 kg/ha (575%) Tanks 875 kg/ha 200%2462 kg/ha (181%) Beels 480 kg/ha 100%1008 kg/ha (111%) Market Access Marketed surplus Paddy -18% 45%52% Mustard -17% 50%62% Vegetables- 28% 92 %91% Mechani- zation Operational Hrs/year Tractors 760 hrs/ Yr899 hrs/Yr Power Tillers 500 hrs/ Yr535 hrs/Yr PROGRESS TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVE 4 ARIAS Society

5 13 DEC 2012 KEY PHYSICAL TARGETS & ACHIEVEMENTS of AACP Activity Pump Set (STW & LLP) Targets As on 07-DEC-2012 Drainage (Land Dev.) Tractor & Power Tiller Market Development Block Res. Centre Farmer’s Pond Community Tank Beel Fisheries Artificial Insemination Dairy-DCS/SHG/MPI Road Upgradation Road Rehabilitation Roads-RCC Bridges Achievements Forest-JFMC/ Plantation 72,507 Nos 15,915 Ha 1084 & 1084 Nos 38 Nos 123 Nos 2264 ha 461 ha 1000 ha 9,00,000 Nos 312/150/300 Nos 683 km 1000 km 174 Nos 49 Nos/ 7048 ha 72,439 ( 99.9%) 15,915 (100%) 1084 & 1084 (both 100%) 28 (76%), 10 partially compl. 118 (96%) 2,264 (100%) 461 (100%) 995 (99.5%) 12,85,600 (142.84%) 312(100%)/82(55%)/300(100%) 676 (99%) 900 (90%) 172 (99%) 47 (96%) / 6,831 (90%) 5 ARIAS Society

6 13 DEC 2012 Markets Completed SlName of market CategoryDistrictProgressSLName of market CategoryDistrictProgr ess 1BilashpurRHBongaigaon100%15PanbariWSMChirang100% 2Nobogota Simlitola RHGoalpara100%16Balajan TinialiWSMKokrajhar100% 3PatharighatRHDarrang100%17KatlicherraWSMHailakandi100% 4DirzooRHLakhimpur100%18DudhnoiWSMGoalpara100% 5JamiraRHHailakandi100%19Natun BazarWSMCachar100% 6PatgaonRHKokrajhar100%20MukalmuaWSMNalbari100% 7LaimekuriRHDhemaji100%21BahariWSMBarpeta100% 8SapekhatiRHSivasagar100%22Nilam BazarWSMKarimganj100% 9TopatoliRHKamrup100%23JonaibazarWSMDhemaji100% 10Sonai BazarRHCachar100%24DimakuchiWSMUdlguri100% 11ChengmoraRHSonitpur100%25JuriaWSMNagaon100% 12BedetiRHSonitpur100%26KoilamoilaWSMCirang100% 13DhamdhamaWSMBagsa100%27RajmaihatWSMSivasagar100% 14MandiaWSMBarpeta100%28RupahihatWSMNagaon100% 6 ARIAS Society

7 Beneficiary Profile (AACP as on 31 st Oct, 2012) SectorTargeUser Group Total Bene GENDERSOCIAL PROFILE (In numbers) LAND HOLDING ( In numbers) MaleFemSCSTOBCGENSmallMargL/LessS/Med FISHERYCIG2264 Ha2077301652680633593967617563791364460741147012292329 CTG464 Ha625204781738230962795662453825677415277797684863 BDC1000H.5587726793197980134722697180221244181241354 I.M.H. 1933211200191415 21 N.R. Pond 2836733631397896154101204584 P.F. Group 2221931601531180 AGRIASG-PT1084 Nos1084541047856256194751118319822202318736136 ASG-TRA1084 Nos10841033990111328109822262230478552763778813472 ASG-STW60000 Nos5969217394514546128484175782711124183105073710048742815293220 ASG-LLP176951250736857329843873459464987912178531362716060709575 MWDP15915 Ha42149461240525411490278135227153436069772913696 FIG 21991405901551431918000 DAIRYDCS/DUSS 312961575962019111395226024948326040591916380 MPI 30023251504821361543498923433873913106 SHG 53711586125185113873262044127520 ROADSRMC 6600000000000 FORESTJFMC 4742014215872042735641697381511332666161254922407442 SHG 366412020072113543163710389027721268199783 A.H. & VETY. SHG (Pig)100Nos.1501375173120291084190921895716069 SHG (Goat)100Nos.10012702581012260257452405513124070 GRAND TOTAL7861136296328985473109390177692866850180168121000160445776283890 Percentage 80%20%11%21%18%50%34%44%21%1% 13 DEC 2012 7 ARIAS Society

8 13 DEC 2012 DISBURSEMENT OVERVIEW: AACP Original W.B. Credit = US$ 154.00 Million Net Current W.B. Credit (client connection 9 th Dec)= US$ 160.83 Million (Due to SDR and $ exchange rate) Total Disbursement till Date= US$ 125.73 Million (excluding US$ 10.84 Million in Spl. Account) Balance Credit of AACP (IDA Cr 4013)= US$ 35.09 Million IUFR submitted (AACP)= US$ 5.35 Million Pending claims for AACP activities= US$ 4.29 Million Expected Disbursement for AACP = US$ 9.64 Million Taken to Additional Financing (AF) of AACP= US$ 25.65 million IUFR submitted (AACP-AF)= US$ 0.76Million (Equivalent of SDR 105 million) 8 ARIAS Society

9 13 DEC 2012 AACP ADDITIONAL FINANCING Scope & Targets 9ARIAS Society

10 13 DEC 2012 KEY PARTICULARS OF THE PIP FOR AF  Intensification & expanding coverage of various performing sectors and to cover left over targets of roads & bridges  The agenda of Reforms/ Finance Plus: –Convergence of AACP and non-AACP activities under agricultural & allied sectors. 1 st step: convergence of AACP & non-AACP ATMAs –Groundwater management, –Legal framework governing beel fisheries sector, –Collaboration with private sector for marketing. 10 ARIAS Society

11 13 DEC 2012 MAJOR PHYSICAL TARGETS OF AF  Agriculture: –STWs 30,000 groups (3 to 5 farmers) –Micro Watershed Drainage 15,000 ha. –Tractors 900 groups (min 10 farmers) –Rural Haats & Wholesale Markets 55 nos. + Leftover Markets of AACP –Market Extension; Collaboration with agri-business communities –(11+1) ATMAs under AACP & support to 14 CSS- ATMAs  PWD (Rural Roads): –Upgradation to Black-Topped (leftover) 113 Km –Conversion of timber bridges to RCC 29 Nos. –Innovative Roads & Connectivity to Markets 57 Km continue 11 ARIAS Society

12 13 DEC 2012 MAJOR TARGETS OF AF  Fisheries: –Farmers’ Pond & Community Tank:800 ha & 300 ha –Fish cum Pig farming:200 ha –Paddy cum Fish Farming:100 ha –Beel Fisheries:700 ha –Pilot project on cage culture in beels:10 nos –Fish Seed Production, Formation of Fish Harvesting & Marketing Group –legal framework governing beel fisheries sector  Forest: –Maintenance of 4729 ha plantation created under AACP; –Institutional capacity building, construction of Range/Beat offices, –Training, exposure visits for forest personnel & JFM communities, Intercropping- supplementary plantation for JFMC’s livelihood, etc continue 12 ARIAS Society

13 13 DEC 2012 MAJOR TARGETS OF AF  AH & Veterinary: –Activities in Nagaon District : ( as a model district) Out sourcing of AI services:150 centers (96 existing & 54 new) Animal Health Camps: 150 nos. Fodder Development:150 ha –Activities in Kamrup District: Piggery SHG on pilot basis:150 nos. Goatery SHG on a pilot basis:150 nos  Dairy: Activities in Nagaon district (as a model district) commensurate to the non- AACP program of Vety Deptt. –Assistance to Milk Producers Institutions (MPI) –Infrastructure - Bulk Milk Coolers, Cattle feed plant, Dairy plant etc continue 13 ARIAS Society

14 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTING DEPARTMENT WISE ALLOCATION  Total Project Cost – Rs. 572.32 Crs. - Beneficiary Share………. Rs. 103.57 Crs. (18% of project cost) - Govt & WB part ………… Rs. 468.75 Crs. (82% of project cost)  WB credit …………………………….INR 375.00 Crs. (US $75 M)  State share (Counterpart funding)….INR 93.75 Crs. (20% of Govt. + WB) 14 ARIAS Society

15 13 DEC 2012 DISTRICT TO BE COVERED ADDITIONAL FINANCING  Agriculture: –Baksa, Barpeta, Bongaigoan, Cachar, Darrang, Dhubri, Goalpara, Jorhat, kamrup, Morigoan, Nagaon, Nalbari, Sonitpur, Udalguri. –However all districts will be covered for activities under ATMA  Fisheries: –Barpeta, Bongaingoan, Cachar, Darrang, Goalpara, Kamrup, Karimganj, Lakhimpur, Morigoan, Nagaon, Nalbari, Sonitpur  PWD (Rural Roads): Barpeta, Bongaigoan, Darrang, Dhubri, Goalpara, Jorhat, Kamrup, Karimganj, Morigoan, Nagaon, Nalbari, Sonitpur, Udalguri  Forest: Kamrup, Karimganj, Kokrajhar, Lakhimpur, Nagaon, Tinsukia  AH & Veterinary: Nagaon & Kamrup  Dairy Development: Nagaon 15 ARIAS Society

16 13 DEC 2012 AACP ADDITIONAL FINANCING Implementation Progress 16ARIAS Society

17 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Agriculture –FOE (Rate Bank) for Pumpsets & Tractors finalized & issued –Tractors: Target – 300 Application Received- 422; Social Screening done- 300 Distributed – 15 –STW: Application Received- 6840 Social Screening done- 4738 Boring Completed- 363 STW Commissioned- 215 – Land Development: Socio-Economic Survey for 32 sites covering 8268 ha started Completed – 11 (eleven) DPR received – 1 (one) continue 13 DEC 2012 17 ARIAS Society

18 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Agriculture –Selection process for engagement of 16 Jr. Engineers completed –Sanctioned for DAP/BAP (2012-13) of 12 ATMAs accorded & 50% of sanctioned-fund released & being implemented –10 Left-over Markets: Contract finalized for 5 Markets, letter of acceptance issued; 3 under bid evaluation process & one under re-bid; Estimate for balance works (25%) in one market being prepared –55 New Markets: 17 WSM & 21 RH selected – given to PWD for DPR preparation Balance to be selected by 30 th January, 2013 Architects engaged by PWD for Market Design Composition of MMDC modified & submitted to Govt. for approval. continue 13 DEC 2012 18 ARIAS Society

19 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF FINANCE PLUS  Finance Plus-1 –Convergence of AACP & non-AACP schemes 1 st Step: Completed Convergence of AACP & CSS ATMAs SPD, ARIAS Society notified as State NO for CSS ATMA ARIAS Society notified as State Society for CSS ATMAs SAMETI notified a part of ARIAS Society –Society hired a State Level Extension Advisor for CSS ATMA –AWP for Rs. 21 Crore sent to GoI for CSS ATMA through Society, of which Society got Rs. 7+ Crore* (1 st installment) from GoI for CSS ATMAs State share (10%) since 2005-06 was not released fully. Took step and got the sanction for Rs 1.64 crore of balance State share *All time high fund release for CSS ATMA since 2005-06 continue 13 DEC 2012 19 ARIAS Society

20 20 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF FINANCE PLUS  Finance Plus-1 –Convergence of AACP & non-AACP schemes Following orientation/ training programme conducted under supervision/guidance of ARIAS Society for CSS -ATMA. –16 Orientation Training covering 927 officers/contractual staff. –15 training on implementation of BAP covering 603 officers/ contractual staff –15 training on preparation of BAP & Accounts covering 99 officers/contractual staff Exposure visit for combined ATMA officials to Maharashtra done 10 Training programmes on various topics targeting 430 officers/ contractual staff - from 11 th Dec 12 to March 13. continued 13 DEC 2012 20 ARIAS Society

21 FUND RECEIVED & EXPENDITURE MADE AS ON 30.11.2012 UNDER CSS-ATMA (Rs. In Lakh) YearAdmn. Approval from GOI Fund received from GOI Expn. Made Unspent Amt. U/C submitted to GOI 2005-06344.40160.00 nilAudited U/C for Rs 578.90 Lakh upto 31.03.12 Provisional U/C for Rs 700.73 Lakh upto 31.07.12 Only 1 st Installment 2006-07nil 2007-08nil 2008-09562.01200.00 nil 2009-10nil 2010-11865.00375.50343.7631.74 2011-12 1734.94561.78509.3252.46 2012-13 2060.46726.49615.35*111.14 Total5566.812023.771828.43195.341279.63 * Rs 615.35 Lakh is released to District ATMAs as 1 st installment 13 DEC 2012 21 ARIAS Society

22 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF FINANCE PLUS  Finance Plus-2 –Groundwater Management State Nodal Officer for GW Monitoring Cell notified Hydro-Geologist being hired for GWM Cell Exposure visit to Punjab & HP done GW Monitoring Stations in all districts, barring 2 hill Districts State/District/Block Grid Maps prepared Bidding Documents for Bore-Well finalized, Bids being floated Identification of exact sites for Piezometer under process Bidding Documents for equipments (Piezometer/DWLR) under preparation Separate Detailed Presentation follows 13 DEC 2012 22 ARIAS Society CLICK

23 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF FINANCE PLUS  Finance Plus-3 –Marketing: Collaboration with Private Sector Collaboration with APPL ongoing Collaboration with IFC – discussions ongoing –Hiring consultants for Formation of Farm Producers Organization (FPO) Tech. Proposal from five shortlisted firms opened on 31 Oct ’12 –Tech. Evaluation Report sent to World Bank More than 25 FPOs to be formed in Nagaon, Kamrup & Nalbari for Agri. based organizations and also for Fishery based organizations in Nagaon & Sonitpur FPOs to undertake activities such as bulk purchase of inputs and delivery to individual members; marketing of produce, grading & quality control, first level processing and creating market linkages FPOs to develop and strengthen linkages for - knowledge & information, - banks & other commercial lending institutions, insurance, logistics, value- addition etc 23 ARIAS Society

24 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Rural Roads –Social & Environmental scrutiny of 121 Km of roads/bridges completed DPR for 62.38 km approved for Sanction & 45.20 Km under scrutiny Rest under preparation –Bids under evaluation for 62.38 Km roads & 19 bridges –6.40 Km selected market linkage roads-DPR completed for 3.22 Km –EOI for hiring 4 Road Technical Examiners floated –Contract signed with 6 architectural firms for design of markets –13 Technical supervisors (JE) hired to look-after market construction 24 ARIAS Society

25 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Fisheries –Farmers’ Pond: Work started in 514.31 Ha (Target 525 Ha for 12-13) –Community Tank : Work started in 170 Ha (Target 200 Ha for 12-13) –Fish cum Pig farming: Work started in 70.88 Ha (Target 78 Ha for 12-13) –Paddy cum Fish Farming:Work started in 30 Ha (Target 30 Ha for 12-13) –Beel Fishery sites under survey and social scrutiny –Phase - I Beneficiary Trainings completed in all Project district –Legal framework governing beel fisheries sector- under process continue 25 ARIAS Society

26 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF FINANCE PLUS  Finance Plus-4 –Legal Frame Work: Fisheries Comprehensive Legal Statute on Beel Fisheries: Draft amendment to Assam Fishery Rule, 1953 prepared Key amendments proposed –Modification of Definitions such as Fishery, Authority, Fishermen, Government Fishery, Registered Fishery, Neighborhood –Revenue Department the sole authority for settlement –Discontinue Lease to individuals –Listing of 60% category of beels, where more than 50% local community consists of SC people and Maimul in Barak valley –AFDC to develop water bodies and hand over asset to Revenue for settlement after 5 (five) years –Sequencing existing sections for easy reference Under finalization at Government level (Fisheries) 26 ARIAS Society

27 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  AH & Veterinary (Livestock Development) –Outsourcing of Artificial Insemination Activities: RFP issued Pre-proposal conference – 10 th Dec, 2012 –Egg production in Govt. Duck Farm, Hajo started in June, 2012. Quarterly Egg Production (June to August,2012) – 12570 nos. –Pilot Pig SHG : 50 Pig Rearing Groups formed in Kamrup district South Kamrup- 30 nos (150 beneficiaries) under 4 Dev. Blocks (Rani, Chaygaon, Bongaon and Boko) North Bank- 10 Nos (50 beneficiaries) under 2 Dev. Blocks (Kamalpur and Bihdia-Jajikona) and Dimoria- 10 nos. (50 beneficiaries) continue 27 ARIAS Society

28 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  AH & Veterinary (Livestock Development) –Formation of PPA (Pig Producers’ Associations) and PPF (Pig Producers’ Federation): Under due process after clearance from the Beneficiary Selection and Finalization Committee of Department (BSFCD) PPAs’ formation tentatively to be completed by 15 th January,2013. –Pilot Goat SHG: Group formation under process in Kamrup district –Fodder development: Procurement process undergoing continued 28 ARIAS Society

29  Dairy Development (Milk Marketing) o Social screening of Milk Producer’s Institutions (MPIs) ongoing o 14 MPIs already organized o O&M cost 120 of MPIs disbursed to MPIs’ bank account o Fund for Generic Campaign on awareness building for transformation of traditional dairy sector disbursed to district – to commence shortly o Fund for training on Clean & Hygienic Milk Production to Dairy Farmers under MPIs disbursed to district – training to commence shortly o Contract awarded for design, printing and installation of Bill Boards on Hygienic Milk Production & Consumption. o Bids floated for procuring Value Addition Inputs, Milk Pail etc. o Financial Consultant has engaged in PIU IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF 13 DEC 2012 29 ARIAS Society

30 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Forestry Sl.ItemTarget / Allocation AchievementsRemarks Phy.FinPhy.Fin (Rs. lakhs) 1Revision of Micro-plan47 Nos.9.4014 nos.2.13Required Fund during 2012-13 released to JFMCs 2Maintenance of Plantation4729 Ha228.003430 ha72.27 3Intercropping500 Ha85.00170 ha25.44 4SHG Grant Support100 Nos.100.00-- 5Construction of Range/Beat offices 3 Nos.45.00--Contracts awarded 6Training course for FD staff10 Nos20.00-- 7Staff exposure visits to other states 55 persons 16.50-- 13 DEC 2012 30 ARIAS Society

31 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  Implementation Coordination & Monitoring –Contract for hiring M&E consultants finalized and signed on 10 th Dec –District NGOs recruited –Process completed for appointment of consultant to study Marketing Scenario of Assam –Additional Staff at HQ & District level hired 10 District Account Manager in place - each DAM assigned 4 to 6 Accounting Centres Vacant positions of PCU filled-up –Parent-Child Accounting system commenced from June 2012 A Detailed presentation follows 31 ARIAS Society CLICK

32 13 DEC 2012 IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF  WATER SAMPLE TESTING FROM INSTALLED STWS UNDER AACP (as on 05 th Dec, 2012) 32 ARIAS Society STW installed Sample collected Sample sent to GU Sample sent to BBC Report from GU Report from BBC Report received Yet to be collected from field 59,69252,496431059391342305363395936592* 87.94%75.42% Detailed Presentation followsCLICK Balance Sample collection is going on. * Excluding Karbi Anglong + Hailakandi (596+08)

33 Water Sample Testing:  Overall progress of 87.94% achieved in 21 districts.  Significant Progress in spite of followings un-expected constraints: –Cumulative testing capacity of Gauhati University & B. Barooah College (BBC) is 3,000 (in reality) samples per month only –Flood wave in July & Sept’12 delayed sample collection significantly due to total submerging of farm-fields/STWs –Riots in Aug- Sept’12 in various parts of Assam affected collection of water samples –Due to non-inclusion of some earlier districts of AACP under AF, NGOs of nearby districts of AF, entrusted to collect water samples  Constraints significantly affected water sample collection rate- Yet all out effort is on to complete targets  Despite Constraints- 88% water samples collected and of which 75% tested- rest will get completed very soon IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF AF

34 13 DEC 2012 PPT AACP SlKey Recommendation of World Bank Status 1 Finalize all pending final bills of the contractors. Completed. 2 Appointment of consultant for handholding SAMETI. Completed. 3 Appointment of Nodal officer for Groundwater management. Completed. 4 Finalizing suppliers for Shallow Tube Well under community procurement Completed. 5 Submit bidding documents for procurement and installation of peizometer Shall be submitted on due date 6 Appointment of ASDS/EC/DAM at PCU Completed. IMPLEMENTATION STATUS OF KEY ACTION FROM MAY’12 WB MISSION TRANSITION FROM “S” to ‘HS” RATING BY WB SlAction Plan Status 1 Improvement needed in financial management and safeguard. Financial Management improved after adoption of Parent-Child Account System 2 Progress under Finance Plus:As given in previous slides 34 ARIAS Society CLICK FOR DETAILED ATR

35 7 DEC 2012 ARIAS Society 35 ADDITIONAL PIP FOR AF  Project identified some additional activities, for extra funds available due to exchange rate changes and due to availability of extra funds from original project Sl.ActivityApprox. Amount (Rs. Crore) 1Rural Godowns (1000 MT capacity) in the new Markets to be taken up Addl. Financing: 20 Nos. @ Rs. 40 Lakhs 8.00 2Addl. Rural Roads, 60 km @ Rs. 67.5 lakhs40.50 3STW – 10000 Nos. @ Rs. 0.20 lakh (only for 50% Project Share) 20.00 4Fisheries: Community Tank: 64 ha @ Rs.1.75 lakh / ha1.12 5Fisheries: Livelihood Activity for JFMC members1.75 6Fisheries: Demographic survey, 100% sample basis0.50 7AH & Veterinary: Expand Piggery and Goatery program to Goalpara and Darrang 6.45 Total:78.32 13 DEC 2012 35 ARIAS Society

36 13 DEC 2012 36 ARIAS Society

37 ARIAS SOCIETY: PROJECT COORDINATION UNIT: ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Chairman, ARIAS Society AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION COMMISSIONER Private Secretary to Chairman Personal Assistant to Chairman STATE PROJECT DIRECTOR (SPD), ARIAS SOCIETY Private Secretary to SPD Personal Assistant to SPD Environmental Specialist cum Office Manager Forest Coordinator Civil Work Advisor (CWA) Bill Clerk Civil Work Monitoring Engineer (CWME) Environmental Consultant-Cum-Asst. Forest Coordinator-1 Issue-Receipt Clerk Agriculture Advisor -cum-M&E Coordinator Environmental Consultant-2 Record Keeper Forest- Coordinating Assistant Chief Financial Controller Agriculture Coordinator (AC-1) Procurement Engineer Marketing Advisor Social Development Specialist (SDS) -2 Nos. Accounts Officer ATMA Coordinator (AC-2) Assistant Procurement Engineer Asst. Social Development Specialist-2 Nos Sr. Financial Consultant – 2 nos. Dairy & Livestock Coordinator State Extension Advisor (SEA) MIS Specialist Zonal Social Development Coordinators - 4 Nos Jr. Financial Consultants - 2 Nos. Road Coordinator Asst. Extension Adviser (AEA) System Administrator (3 Nos) Accountant- cum- Tally Operator Fishery Coordinator Financial Assistants to Coordinators - 6 Nos. Data Entry Operator-3 Nos. Office Boys, Drivers, Security Staff etc. (AC-1/AC-2/ DLC/RC/SDS/OM) District Accounts Manager - 13 Nos. Assistant Fishery Coordinator Geo-Hydrologists for Ground Water Monitoring 13 DEC 2012 37 ARIAS Society

38 13 DEC 2012 38 ARIAS Society

39 Key Bodies/Entities  ARIAS Society: An Society under Govt. of Assam (GoA). – Apex Body- ‘Project Guidance Council (PGC)’ - CS as President. – Executive Body –’Governing Body (GB)’ - APC as Chairman. – Nodal Coordinating & Monitoring agency- Project Coordination Unit (PCU) - headed by State Project Director (SPD).  SSC: Sanction Sub Committee headed by APC - a body under Chairmanship of APC, with Commissioner/ Secy & HOD of respective Dept plus representative of P&D & Finance Dept., as members  SPCC: State Project Coordination Committee headed by SPD  DACC: District AACP Coordination Committee - headed by DCs  Project Implementing Units (PIU) – Directorates/ HODs  M&E: Independent 3 rd party monitoring & evaluation  Financial Audit: Independent Chartered Accountancy firm in addition to AG  Procurement Audit: By World Bank/ consultants of the Bank 13 DEC 2012 39 ARIAS Society

40 AACP - Objective etc  AACP: A Multi-Sectoral Project– involving sectors - – Rural Roads, Irrigation-Mechanization, Agri-Extension, Livestock, Dairy, Fishery, Market Development & Extension & Forest-JFMC. – Project Period – February 2005 to 15 th March 2015 (Add. Financing) – Credit Terms: AACP: No Interest; Charges- Commitment @ 1/2% on credit not withdrawn & Service @3/4 % on Credit withdrawn. AACP-AF:  Funding mechanism:  AACP: 90:10 (ACA) pattern of GOI.  Two legal agreements govern the Project, viz. – Financing Agreement -between GOI & World Bank – Project Agreement - between GoA & World Bank 13 DEC 2012 40 ARIAS Society

41 13 DEC 2012 41 ARIAS Society

42 13 DEC 2012 42 ARIAS Society



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