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Shichi-Go-San “Seven-Five-Three” By: N. M. 12-22-05.

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2 Shichi-Go-San “Seven-Five-Three” By: N. M. 12-22-05

3 Fast Facts Shichi-Go-San means seven, five, three. Shichi-Go-San is celebrated in Japan. Shichi-Go-San is celebrated on November 15. On Shichi-Go-San children go to a Shrine to ensure a future free of misfortune and sickness.

4 Meaning Seven, Five, Three Girls who are 3 and 7 Boys who are 3 and 5 are celebrated for their growth

5 Timeline (Origin/History) 794-1185 Heian Period 1185-1333 Kamakura Period 1603-1868 Edo Period 1868-to present day Shichi-Go-San Started November 15 is set to be the official date Spread all over Japan Parents take three, five, and seven year olds to a Shrine

6 Food Children receive a “Chitose-Ame” a.k.a. “Thousand-Year candy”

7 Clothing Girl’s wear “Kimono’s” Boy’s wear “Hakama’s” and “Haori’s”

8 Other Interesting Information Odd number’s are considered lucky number’s in Japan. The symbol’s are the number’s seven, five, and three. November 15 was chosen to celebrate this holiday because it is considered one of the most auspicious day’s of the year in the Japenese Almanac

9 Glossary Shichi-Go-San- Seven, Five, Three. Kimono- Dress Haori- Jacket Hakama- Trousers Chitose-Ame- Thousand-Year candy

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11 The End

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