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THE "I AM NOT HERE LIST" I am not here to answer the question: Should I stay or should I go?...everyone`s situation is so different, and there is no 100%

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2 THE "I AM NOT HERE LIST" I am not here to answer the question: Should I stay or should I go?...everyone`s situation is so different, and there is no 100% stay or leave answer...(the right question should be: " what are my options? ") I am not here to show you how to write a CV, how to prepare for an interview, etc... you are all Graduates or close to graduation - high qualified Future Leaders in your field...if you are able to build a bridge, if you are able to develop a game in C++, if you are able to teach a class of school children you are also able to write a good CV...

3 THE "I AM HERE LIST" I AM HERE TO: Give you some expert advice, to close the gap between the 90% of the way you can go on your own and the 100% which want to achieve. The secret of finally getting a job – the secret of standing out from the crowd is in the final 10%. Answer your questions, as I had the chance to live and work in 4 different countries, and as I have placed as a Recruitment Consultant since 2005 over 300 candidates in over 20 countries all over the world. Share with you my experience recruiting for companies like Porsche, Siemens, Continental, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, IBM, BMW, Swisscom, Hochtief, Public Works Authority of Qatar, University Hospital of Zurich …

4 AGENDA! Introduction:You can't follow the crowd and win! Preparation:You need a plan! Networking:It´s not about hunting, it´s about farming! CV:Stand out from the crowd! Job interview:The stage is yours!

5 INTRODUCTION! The job market exists on two levels – visible and hidden. The visible market refers to jobs that are publicly advertised and due to the nature of their visibility, attract a lot of competition. The hidden job market is where jobs come about through other methods such as speculative applications, word-of-mouth, networking, or going through recruitment agencies. Experts estimate as much as 60% of jobs are never actually advertised (some say more).

6 PREPARATION! The first step for every project is to make a time plan, set deadlines and work strictly to finally reach your aim! From the first day of starting the application process: Starting point Signing an employment contract Personal Interview Skype/Phone Interview Prepare CV - Application Documents Research Positions Job Interview Preperation 1 week January/13 2-3 week January/13 4 week January/13 1/2 week February/13

7 PREPARATION! Your Pre Sending Out CV Checklist: Do you have a professional photo? Have you translated or scanned your application documents? (Degree, Reference Letters, Certificates, and so on?) Do you have at least one translated CV ready, in the language of the country you want to send out CVs? Do you have at least prepared one Motivation Letter for each direction you are planning to apply for?

8 NETWORKING! – GETTING STARTED Basic rules for your personal online branding: Online applications make things easy – you can connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and update from one source Use the same photo on all your sites Max out LinkedIn – use all the links and tools Consistently highlight your relevant experiences, skills, strengths, and career goals Create a tagline and use it on everything Don’t start a blog if you won’t keep it up – my personal warning!

9 NETWORKING! – GETTING STARTED In social networking, the rule is you must give to get – Reply to questions or comments – Give recommendations before you ask for them – Respond with personal note to inquiry, it takes few Seconds All of these will contribute to a stronger online presence And when someone gives to you, be sure to thank them!

10 NETWORKING! – GETTING STARTED Start Early: Don’t wait until you start sending out CVs to build your online professional presence; it might be too late to clean up some stuff that’s already out there or too late to really develop significant content Think Before You Hit Send: Job prospects have been torpedoed by sending incomplete, in-progress emails. Don't hit send until you're sure you're ready Be Careful When Posting to Online Forums: Blogs, message boards, forums and other online venues provide great ways to connect. Just watch what you say, as your words will likely be there forever Privacy: Lock down your privacy settings on Facebook, etc.

11 CV - STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Your CV is a marketing document. As such, it needs to be targeted to a specific market. Your first step, then, is to identify your job targets. Once you’ve done that, you need to make sure that your resume speaks directly to them. Quantify your achievements: "Experience is less important than that you have achieved. A CV that says – seven years experience in Sales and Marketing only tells me that you didn´t get fired in that time. What did you achieve in this time? " Global HR Director Siemens Energy.

12 CV - STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Check your own CV with the STAR method Responsibilities for each position:  Situation – give information to describe the scene  Task – explain what your task was  Actions – use most space explaining what actions you took  Results – always finish off by quantifying your results

13 CV - STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Example for the STAR method: 11/2004 – 11/2005 Inbound Customer Service Operator (Student Job – 24 hours per week), OTE (Greek Telecommunications Organization), Thessaloniki, Greece Responsibilities: Telephone Support during the Installation process of DSL / Internet equipment, including routers/switches/servers/network cabling Maintaining liaison with other departments for order completion Handling around 10-12 client calls per hour Forwarding around 10 technical claims to the DSL Technician team per working day Working 6 night shifts (22-6) and 6 early shifts (6-14) per month

14 CV - STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! 09/05– 06/2012Master in Electronics and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece Core courses: Name 5-10 core courses which you want to point out during your studies, maybe your focus or courses which are related to the job field Thesis: Title + 2-3 lines description + software/programmes used Study projects/activities: Name and explain study projects, which your role and responsibility was (good way to show your team working skills)

15 JOB INTERVIEW! Interviewing helps managers determine three things before they make a hiring decision: 1. Can you do the job? Managers want to know if you possess the necessary knowledge and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the job. 2. Are you motivated to do the job? Managers want to know if you are interested in the job and if you will do the job with consistent effort. 3. Are you a good fit in the organization? Managers want to know if your work ethic, values, and goals are consistent with the organization, if you will be a team player, and how well you will work with the team.

16 JOB INTERVIEW! 1. Can you do the job? What qualifications do you have that relate to the position? What skills or abilities have you developed recently? What are some examples from a previous job where you've shown initiative? What have been your greatest accomplishments? What is important to you in a job? What motivates you in your work? What qualities do you find important in a manager or a coworker?

17 JOB INTERVIEW! 2. Are you motivated to do the job? What would you like to be doing five years from now? How will you judge yourself to be a success? How will you achieve success? What type of position are you interested in? How will this job fit in your career plans? What do you expect from this job? When can you start?

18 THANK YOU! "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." Maria Robinson

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