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Systems’ Homepage-

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1 Systems’ Homepage- TNHAN Tools – Directory Contact Lookup Calendar Event Viewing Calendar Event Viewing TnMedMap - Provides geo spatial information using TnMedMap - Provides geo spatial information using HRTS, HCF, TNCRN, and TNVM data systems TNHAN Statewide Testing – Current User Numbers Intent of Testing Intent of Testing Results of Testing Results of Testing

2 Healthcare Resource Tracking System – Manage and track bed, service and asset availability. Tennessee Countermeasure Response Network – Inventory and Patient Tracking Systems Tennessee Volunteer Mobilizer – MRC Volunteers/Medical Credentialing Tennessee Health Alert Network – PH Statewide Multi-Agency Alerting Tennessee Medical Map - Geo-spatial information generated Using data from HRTS, HCF, TNCRN and TNVM

3 Directory Lookup Calendar Access

4 “Directory” Contact Lookup 1.You can choose one of several search criteria from the general search box, if you know some of the person’s information. 2.You can also choose the “Directory View” and expand the tree down to a specific role in any of the system folders 3.Your search results may contain one or multiple user’s contact data. 4.Displayed contact info will NOT include any “HOME” contact information, unless you are TNHAN administrator for that user.

5 Calendar Access 1.Hover over the “Document Center” tab on the TNHAN Homepage 2.Click on “Calendar” in the drop down box 3.This will display the current month’s events – alerts cannot be seen by anyone other than the person that scheduled it. 4. Select and click an Event to display the details

6 Event Details 1. The Event details will show the specifics for that Event, based on the information entered. 2. The Details may also have attached documents for more information. 3. You can subscribe to any Event, to receive email notifications about the Event. 4. You can also “Subscribe” to an Event or Events and choose how often you want to receive notification.

7 TNHAN Public Health Alerting Continuity Of Operations – COOP testing progress as new Public Health staff have been incorporated into TNHAN.

8 New TNHAN Hygienic Line Please use Before, DURING and After all Alerts

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