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Presentation on theme: "Martin O'Malley GOVERNOR Anthony G. Brown LT. GOVERNOR Raymond A. Skinner SECRETARY Clarence J. Snuggs DEPUTY SECRETARY HOPE NEW GRANTEE WEBINAR April."— Presentation transcript:

1 Martin O'Malley GOVERNOR Anthony G. Brown LT. GOVERNOR Raymond A. Skinner SECRETARY Clarence J. Snuggs DEPUTY SECRETARY HOPE NEW GRANTEE WEBINAR April 11, 2013

2 Make the most of the Webinar Press *7 to unmute your phone to Ask Questions Presentation will be posted by Friday Raise your hand or Type in Chat box if you have questions

3 Foreclosure Prevention Program Key Staff Reginald Stanfield Director, Community Programs 410-514-7209 Virginia Tepper Director, Data & Technology Resources 410-514-7359 2

4 Foreclosure Prevention Team Karen Ashby Assistant Director, Community Programs 410-514-7209 Claudia Wilson Randall Program Officer 410-514-7234 Natasha Mehu LEGAL Program Manager 410-514-7124 3

5 Foreclosure Prevention Team Emilie DrasherHOTLINE Program Manager 410-514-7221 Josephine Selavkumar Program Manager 410-514-7124 4

6 Outline of Today’s Meeting Contracting Reporting Foreclosure Mediation Questions 5

7 Who are the New Grantees? Greater Washington Urban League Cecil County Housing Department Harford County Housing Department Lydia’s House Housing Counseling Services Springboard 6

8 What should I do if I have a question? Review Email appropriate staff Call appropriate staff 7

9 Existing Grantees Counseling Partners g/Pages/CounselorsList.aspx g/Pages/CounselorsList.aspx Legal Partners g/Pages/CounselorsPortal.aspx g/Pages/CounselorsPortal.aspx 8

10 Contracting - DHCD All contracts are going through the system. This is a slow and unpredictable process. The AG Settlement Contracts must be signed by DHCD and OAG so it is taking much longer. When your contract is executed. we request a payment of 25% of your annual award. You will receive a fully executed contract. Electronic Payments can be arranged – by request 9

11 Contracting - DHCD You have received a 3 year commitment. Your agency contract is for 1 year. There is a renewal process which will be communicated to you in the next 3 months. 10

12 HOPE Program Reporting

13 What reports are required? WORKING TOWARD AUTOMATING Monthly Reports – 5 th of the month for previous month Wait Time Report - 5 th and 20 th month Quarterly Reports – 4/30 (Jan – March), 7/31 (Apr – June), 10/31 (Jul – Sept), 1/31 (Oct –Dec)

14 Information MD DHCD needs from you Information Sheet – all contacts for your agency. Monthly Reports – Excel Spreadsheet Wait Time Report – Survey Monkey Quarterly Reports – 4/30, 7/31, 10/31, 1/31

15 DHCD Information Sheet Contacts Reporting Contact Housing Counselors on Staff Finance Contact 14

16 Monthly Reporting – Excel Format ORGANIZATION NAME: Reporting Period: Case/Client Information Monthly Reporting Period OctoberNovemberDecember Current Number of Counselors 2 Number of people counseled (personalized counseling) 40 Number of mediation eligible clients assisted 2 People HAMP Eligible 5 Total Number of Active Foreclosure Clients 78

17 Monthly Reporting – Excel Format Positive Outcomes Brought mortgage current 1 Mortgage Refinanced Mortgage Modified 3 Mortgage Modified- HAMP Received second Mortgage Initial forbearance agreement/repayment plan 1 Sold Property/chose alternative housing solution 2 Pre-foreclosure Sale Total Positive Outcomes 700 Negative Outcomes Executed a Deed-In-Lieu Mortgaged Foreclosed Bankruptcy 2 Total Negative Outcomes 2 Cases Withdrawn Withdrew from counseling

18 Monthly Reporting – Excel Format Pending Outcomes - 78 Entered debt management plan 0 Counseled and referred for legal assistance 4 Referred to Legal for Mediation 2 Currently Receiving Foreclosure Prevention/Budget Counseling 68 68 Other 4 Total Pending Outcomes 7878 00

19 MHCF Wait Time Report Survey through Zoomerang – 3 questions 5 th of the month 20 th of the month Organization name If a homeowner were to call today, how long in days would they have to wait for an appointment? Comments on trends

20 MHCF Quarterly Report Review Questions Coordinate with Finance Person Active Cases Pending Outcomes Stories that make sense Budget – How did you spend dispersed funds? Questions

21 MHCF Quarterly Report Success Stories Provide Release – stories without attribution are ok. Try to provide stories on mediation, HAMP, etc.

22 DHCD BEST PRACTICES Service Model – Triage Veteran paired with new Relationship with w/legal entity Scanner and up to date technology HOPE LOAN PORT 21

23 DHCD BEST PRACTICES Housing Counseling Files Standard order of documents helps everyone Include cheat sheet on front of file Simple consistent way of record keeping Electronic Notes Records Retention Policy 22

24 Maryland Foreclosure Mediation Program 23

25 Maryland Mediation Program was started in 2010 State wants to maintain a 25-30% opt in rate You must opt-in to mediation Everyone not entitled to mediation (investors) Settlement does not mean the homeowner stayed in their home Pre – File Mediation Electronic Submission of documents under development 24

26 Important Mediation Messages Discuss mediation at NOI stage Remind Homeowners of 25 day clock Encourage client to seek legal help Request mediation even if homeowner has missed the deadline by a few days. Review sustainable solutions Remind homeowners to show up if they have opted in – no matter who calls them. 25

27 What’s New? What’s Next? New Outreach Strategies Marketing Rebrand – Distribution Events Around the State NFMC MHA Outreach – April 30th NFMC 7 Award Announcement – June 30 th Quarterly Meeting – June 18, 2013 26

28 Please do after this meeting Share information with counselors and key staff not present today. Check out links that I shared with you Review NFMC requirements Review Housing Counseling Standards Make links with Legal Service Providers Attend MHCN Regional Coalition Meetings 27

29 Links of Interest NW Congressional Report The full report can be accessed at and an appendix can be found at AG Settlement Information 28

30 Questions?

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