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35 th Meeting of the Chief Executives of HFCs, PSBs and RRBs May 31, 2013.

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1 35 th Meeting of the Chief Executives of HFCs, PSBs and RRBs May 31, 2013

2 Contents  Housing Sector in India  Performance of Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs)- FY 2012-13  NHB in FY 2012-13  Future Outlook 2

3 Housing Sector in India  Increase in construction activities with active participation of private sector  Continued to be served significantly by specialized HFCs & Scheduled Commercial Banks  Availability of customized and multiple loan products  Proactive and Risk based Regulation  Effective recovery mechanism resulting in containment of NPAs compared to other sectors of the economy  Mortgage Penetration at 9% of GDP compared to 5-6% earlier Housing Shortage estimated for urban India at 18.78 Million & rural India at 43.67 million wherein 90% shortage is for Below Poverty Line and EWS/LIG segments

4 Performance of 47 Scheduled Commercial Banks in FY 2012-13 DetailsFeb 2012Feb 2013 Y-o-Y Variation (in %age) Gross Bank Credit41,82,00048,35,60015.6 Housing Loans (Priority & Non Priority) 3,96,1004,53,30014.4 Out of which Housing Loans (Priority) 2,57,2002,64,7002.9 Housing loan as a per cent of Gross Bank Credit 9.48 %9.38 %-0.10 Amount in crore * Source: RBI-Sectoral Deployment of Bank credit

5 Performance of Major 19 PSBs in FY 2012-13 Housing Loans FY 2011-12FY 2012-13 Growth Total Disbursement 48,59061,67526.95 % Total Outstanding2,30,6322,63,46914.23 % DisbursedOutstanding% NPA Upto Rs. 2 Lac2770501510.52 Above Rs. 2 Lac - 5 Lac3390299513.61 Above Rs. 5 Lac - 10 Lac9112570302.14 Above Rs.10 Lac - 25 Lac256061013300.91 Above Rs.25 Lac20797701430.75 TOTAL 616752634691.71 Amount in crore Slab-wise Housing Loan of 19 Major PSBs in FY 2012-13

6 Performance of 57 HFCs in FY 2012-13 ParametersHousing Loans Other LoansTotal Loans Sanctioned 4031417564 57878 Loans Disbursed 3271312650 45362 Loans Outstanding (As on March 31,2013) 2,85,7111,01,333 3,87,044 Housings loans as percentage to total loans and advances 73.81% GNPA percentage as a total of loan outstanding 1.09 % Amount in crore

7 NHB – Performance Highlights :2012-13 (upto 31 st March 2013)  Cumulative Refinance Disbursements crossed Rs. 1 lakh crore  Disbursed Rs. 15750 crore under its various refinance schemes in FY 2012-13. Of this, Rural areas accounted for 43% and loans below Rs. 15 lakh accounted for 75.63%.  A total of Rs. 4000 crore has been allotted under RHF in FY 2012-13 of which Rs. 3224.62 crore have been disbursed upto 31 st March 2013 covering more than 1 lakh housing units.  Under its Housing Micro Finance (HMF) programme, 40210 housing units located both in urban and rural areas have been financed through MFIs.

8 NHB – Performance Highlights…Contd.  NHB, as a Central Nodal Agency for ISHUP, a scheme of MoHUPA, has disbursed subsidy claims amounting to Rs. 7.85 crore covering 8885 beneficiaries across 8 states  In 2012-13, NHB as a Nodal Agency for 1 % Interest Subvention Scheme, has disbursed Rs.380 crore upto 31 st Mar, 2013 to banks & HFCs  NHB will be managing the CRGFTLIH set up by MoHUPA, GOI and GRGFS as notified by GOI. 31 MLIs have signed MoU.  For the benefit and use of all stake holders of the housing industry, NHB has been releasing Residential Price Index known as NHB-Residex since 2007. The Index is released on quarterly basis and now covers 26 cities. The latest Index released is for January-March 2013.

9 Refinance Disbursements by NHB in FY 2012-13 (as on 31-3- 2013) Institution Category Regular Scheme RHFGJRHRSTotal Housing Finance Companies2900130218656067 Scheduled Commercial Banks6007180216509459 Regional Rural Banks103120-223 Cooperative Sector---- Total90103224351515749  42.79 % of the total disbursement was towards RHF and GJRHFS Amount in crore

10 Rural Housing Fund  Total Allocation (for the period 01.07.2012 to 30.06.2013): 4000 crore  Total Utilization (Till March 31, 2013): 3224 crore  Total Dwelling units constructed (Till March 31, 2013): 1,06,795 units Rural Housing Fund - Allocation & Utilization YearAllocationUtilization Institution Category HFCsSCBsRRBsTotal No. of Units 1st July 2012 to 31st March 20134000 1302180212032241,06,795 Amount in crore

11 Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance Scheme (GJRHFS )  NHB Roles: 1.Monitoring of the scheme by setting annual targets and encouraging the PLIs to fund under the scheme 2.Sending information to the GoI on the scheme status and updates  Status Update for the FY 2012-13 (April 2012 - March 2013) : Total achievement has been 4,18,784 units against a target of 4,00,000 units i.e. achievement of 105 %  Target allocated for FY 2012-13: 4,50,000 units to Banks, HFCs and RRBs Target vs Achievement 2012-13 InstitutionApril 2012 – March 2013 Percentage Achievement vis-à-vis target TargetAchievement No. of units Housing Finance Companies 1, 40,0002,02,941145% PSB’s & RRBs 2, 60,0002,15,96383 % TOTAL 4,00,0004,18,784105 %

12 Recent Developments in Housing Sector  Focus on Affordable Housing for Low Income and Rural Housing  Focus on Energy Efficient homes  Setting up of Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI), Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Trust for Low Income Housing (CRGFTLIH) and India Mortgage Guarantee Company Pvt Ltd (IMGC)  Increase in the number of cities under NHB’s RESIDEX, now covering 26 cities  Allowing External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) for low-cost affordable housing projects by HFCs and builders 12

13  Formulation of draft Real Estate Regulation & Development Bill Formulated  Tailor made products like RML and RMLeA for senior citizens  Introduction of Long Term Fixed Rate Mortgages for low income segments  Initiation of Housing Start Up Index by RBI in collaboration with MoHUPA  Dhanendra Kumar Committee recommending setting up of a technology-enabled single-window portal for streamlining the process of approvals for real estate projects  Release of Report on Housing Stock, Amenities and Assets in Slums Based on House listing & House Census- 2011  Release of Technical Committee report on Housing requirements in Urban areas during the 12 th Five Year Plan by MoHUPA. Recent Developments…Contd.

14 Union Budget - 2013-14 for Housing Sector  Interest deduction up to 1.00 lakh for new home loans up to 25.00 lakh  Setting up of Urban Housing Bank Fund with initial corpus of 2,000 crore  Increase in RHF to 6,000 crore  Securitization Trusts exempted from Income Tax  Existing exemptions from service tax for low cost housing and single residential units to continue

15 Future Outlook  Addressing the increasing housing shortage & supply of mass scale housing for the lower income segments  Ensuring the quality of construction  Channelizing a mix of medium and long term funds Development of simple securitized mortgage products backed by adequate regulatory safeguards.  Risk mitigation and maintaining asset quality  Financial innovation  Need for proactive regulation and supervision 15

16 Thank You….

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