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2012-13 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 2012-13 Annual General Meeting Report - Saturday March 30 th, 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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1 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, Annual General Meeting Report - Saturday March 30 th, 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 MEETING AGENDA 1.Welcoming Remarks 2.Brief History of Floorball Canada 3.IFF Central Board Update 4.Summary of Fiscal Year Board of Directors 6.Question & Answer Period

3 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Brief History of Floorball Canada Founded in 2001 Member of International Floorball Federation since 2001 Participated in World Floorball Championships since 2004 Registered as a Canadian non-profit organization in 2006 Board reassembled in 2008 based on collaboration of four provinces Established national membership structure in 2008

4 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 What is the Central Board (CB)? The CB is the executive body of the International Floorball Federation (IFF). It leads and represents the IFF externally and is responsible for its management and administration. The CB is comprised of the President, the Secretary General, the chairman of the Athlete’s Commission and 9 members. The CB meets four times a year. The minutes from each meeting can be found at Role of a CB Member: A CB member is to represent the IFF and its goals. Members are responsible for ensuring the IFF reaches its goals. Members join working groups in which they assume more specific responsibilities and tasks with respect to focus of the group. Some examples of working groups include the following: referees, marketing, international presence, development, equality. IFF Central Board: Americas Report

5 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 IFF Goals & Action Plan: The IFF’s operation is built around three pillars: 1. The international lobby work in respect to the multi-sport games 2. The development work of increasing the number of, and strengthening, our member organizations 3. The marketing of the sport, building the brand of Floorball. Top priorities for the Americas, as per the IFF: Emphasis on organization and structure of national federation Creation and implementation of the player license system Affiliation of the national floorball federations with their respective national sport association/authority (e.g. in Canada it is Sport Canada) Cross-continental cooperation and the expansion and growth of the sport IFF Central Board: Americas Report

6 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Floorball Canada Member Organizations Provincial Members: Full: Ontario, Nova Scotia Provisional: Alberta Clubs: Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Cambridge Leagues / Groups: Toronto, Belleville, Markham, Etobicoke, Peterborough, Northshore, Thunder Bay Tournaments: Ottawa Blizzard, Canada Cup

7 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Individual Members ~750 regular individual members are expected to be registered during the season ~130 competitive individual members are expected to be registered during the season Floorball Canada partnered with eSportsDesk to launch a web platform that allows for leagues, clubs, tournaments, etc. to register individuals and manage all related information online. The system is being customized to ensure the interface is simple to use and the information captured is well-organized and easy for FC and administrators to manage.

8 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Men’s National Team General Manager TBDHead Coach David Jansson World Ranking 11World Championship Appearances 5 The Men’s National Team competed in the World Championships in December 2012 in Berne, Switzerland. After a difficult group stage in the tournament the team was able to solidify a thirteenth place finish by winning their final two matches, including a thrilling overtime victory over Hungary. General Manager Anthony Herrington worked tirelessly to develop and prepare the team for the tournament. Floorball Canada is currently in the process of selecting the next General Manager and will announce the position in April 2013.

9 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Women’s National Team General Manager Sonja HotkeHead Coach Robin Ridgewell World Ranking 19World Championship Appearances 4 The Women’s National Team recently competed in the North American Qualifier in Markham, Ontario. The team held a two game total goal event with the United States. Canada managed to win both matches in exciting fashion and won the event with a 9-4 total score. The team is now preparing for the upcoming World Championships in Slovakia in December 2013.

10 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : U-19 Men’s National Team General Manager Juha Mikkola Head Coach Kevin Bathurst World Ranking 13World Championship Appearances 3 The Team Canada Men’s Under-19 National Floorball Program is preparing for the 2013 World Floorball Championships in Hamburg, Germany from May 8th to 12th, After a lengthy tryout process which included over 60 players the final 30 man roster was formally announced. The team has been busy playing a number of friendly matches against local clubs in preparation for the upcoming World Championships and is hopeful that they will improve their world ranking.

11 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : U-19 Women’s National Team General Manager Brett DavisHead Coach Todd Crawford World Ranking 12World Championship Appearances 1 In May 2012 the U-19 Women`s National team competed in their first World Championships. The team finished the tournament with a record of and tied for third place in the B division. The team managed to record ties with the first (Denmark) and second (Latvia) place teams in the tournament. The entire leadership team has been re-signed and announced for the upcoming World Championships in Poland The team recently announced a series of cross Ontario tryouts in April-June 2013.

12 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 FC in partnership with World Championship Development Committee have officially completed all the necessary steps in the Bid application process to host the 2016 U-19 Women’s World Floorball Championships. The proposed site of the tournament is Belleville, Ontario. The City of Belleville recently completed building a state-of-the-art recreational facility, the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre, that will host all aspects of the tournament in one single building for the first time in history : U-19 Women’s WFC Hosting Bid

13 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : U-19 Women’s WFC Hosting Bid A number of local community agencies have been instrumental in solidifying Belleville Bid package, including the City of Belleville, Provincial and Federal governments whom have all stepped forward in support of the bid. In February IFF member Martin Whelmed (Sweden) toured the City of Belleville and the facilities, which left a lasting impression for IFF consideration. Brett Davis is the Chairman of the WCDC project along with Todd Crawford. The IFF will meet in Berne, Switzerland on May 12, 2013 to formally decide between the Canadian bid or the other applicant, Switzerland. A live announcement event is planned in the City of Belleville on Tuesday May 14, 2013.

14 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Hockey Canada Partnership Floorball Canada established a partnership with Hockey Canada to develop a National Floorball Elementary School Program to get kids playing a form of hockey at an earlier age and promote floorball. Summer 2012 Floorball Canada authored Floorball: An Introduction to Hockey elementary school curriculum. FloorballPro developed an exclusive equipment package to complement the program. Soft launch in February 2013 at with around 20 schools registering for the program to date Hockey Canada, Floorball Canada and FloorballPro are collaboratively marketing the program across Canada A draft of the Floorball Canada workshop program is complete and being finalized. Hockey Canada is considering offering Floorball Canada an Associate Membership after an initial application was rejected.

15 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Coach & Referee Certification Increased focus on referee and coach development Strong efforts invested into establishing project designed to develop national coach and referee certification programs Expertise and partnerships required secured to develop necessary structure and resources New coach and referee certification structure to be launched in

16 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : National Equipment & Apparel Sponsor 4-year Salming / FloorballPro agreement to expire in May, 2013 Committee assembled to solicit and assess new proposals including representatives from Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, BC and Europe Request For Proposal being developed RFP will be distributed to potential sponsors shortly Selection Criteria to be determined in advance of solicitation of proposals New national sponsor to be selected by May 2013

17 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Launched website and new FC Control of was unexpectedly stolen in Minor Hockey Association Floorball Guidebook A guidebook and video was created to document the process of a minor hockey association starting a floorball league Article appeared in the latest issue of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s Hometown Hockey magazine Floorball Canada Rebranding Worked with established designer to rebrand FC New logo launched in February 2013 during WFCQ to great acclaim Website, social media, letterhead, envelope and business cards are prepared and will soon be launched New FC brochure is also being developed : Special Projects

18 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Hosted by Floorball Ontario Held in Markham, Ontario Two matches between Canada and USA Canada successfully qualifies by winning both matches Event breaks even although organization only began a few weeks before the event began Strong relationship established with Markham community will grow floorball presence Strong potential for future events to be held in Markham again : Women’s WFC Qualifier

19 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : Canadian Floorball League National league structure established in Ontario and scaled for Canada Governing document created outlining requirements for clubs being recognized and competition leading to the crowning of a champion League to be launched with a Men’s division only and expanded to include women and youth divisions thereafter Recognized clubs include: Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Cambridge Competition to begin with Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Tournament and to continue with East and West series in addition to Canada Cup Club recognition and competitive requirements to be expanded greatly in year two

20 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 New slate of board members elected. President is Kultar Singh. Regular monthly board meetings taking place Ontario continues to hold the majority of clubs and individual members and development activity in Canada Working with FC on Referee Certification & Development project Hosted 2013 Women’s WFCQ in Markham, Ontario Created Ontario Floorball League framework and collaborated with FC to develop the Canadian Floorball League being launched in March : Floorball Ontario

21 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 May 17 th -20 th, 2013 at Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens (Toronto) North America’s largest tournament floorball event with 60+ teams and nine divisions 10 year anniversary will take place at Maple Leaf Gardens Relationship between FC/FO continues to strengthen every year: –Competitive membership required for Elite Division –CFL Certified division –Refereeing development synchronization –Coach seminars with Men’s National Team Coach, David Jansson –Floorball Ontario will be hosting Floorball Intro Clinics : Canada Cup Floorball Championship

22 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Spring 2012 FNS launched with an 8 week "Drop in and Learn Floorball” program at a private school Summer 2012 FNS launch a regular Mail Chimp ad campaign to 800+ minor hockey players/ parents in Halifax Regional Municipality (& continues to do so). Fall 2012 FNS introduced/demonstrated the sport of floorball in 6 junior & senior high schools for 1/2 day sessions which has garnered positive response (with commitments to incorporate the sport in next years school curriculum- pending equipment being provided by local business) FNS demonstrated the sport of floorball on the Canadian Forces Base- Halifax with movement on establishing an CFB approved Recreation Club on the base. FNS had provided a skills development clinic for several minor hockey teams within the SMHA (Sackville Minor Hockey Association) : Floorball Nova Scotia

23 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Winter 2013 FNS created over 200+ relationships with key recreational, sports, athletic, school and community leaders in the Halifax Regional Municipality area and have subsequently send 10+ video s to the group. One third of the database have either shown marginal interest, engaged in further communications or are actively seeking more information on floorball FNS has applied for funding under the Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund for $85K towards floorball boards, sticks, goalie equipment and support expenses. FNS has partnered with AIA (Athletes in Action), a Christian based provincial organization, to introduce floorball to local church youth in Kentville, Nova Scotia. If successful, the program will be taken on the road to other communities across Nova Scotia : Floorball Nova Scotia

24 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, : FC Board of Directors  Slate of Directors as of March 2013: President: Randy Sa’d Secretary: Ron Spence Treasurer: Martin Henri Director, National Teams Brett Davis Atlantic Canada Rep: Anthony MacNeil (FULL) Ontario Rep: Juha Mikkola (FULL) Alberta Rep:Shawn Murray (Provisional) IFF Central Board Rep: Johanna Mikkola

25 Annual General MeetingMarch 30 th, 2013 Question & Answer Period

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