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13 Month Reports, Audits, VICAP, AMR Warren J. McKeon.

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1 13 Month Reports, Audits, VICAP, AMR Warren J. McKeon

2 Aging Monthly Report Compliance –Priority service spending –Federal requirements

3 Priority Service Spending Requirements State mandated Access In-home Legal

4 Access Calculation Care Coordination$ 5,348 Information & Assistance8,954 Transportation73,309 Total87,608 Total III- B126,064 Percentage69.50%

5 Federal Requirements Preparation and administration –AAA 10% –SUA 5%

6 Preparation & Administration GrantPrep & AdminTotal III-B16,428126,064 III-C (1)7,43667,010 III-C (2)6,78546,491 III-D06,135 III-E4,76134,050 TOTAL35,410279,750 Percentage12.66%100.00%

7 Preparation & Administration Federal share, 75% or less Nonfederal share 25% or more

8 Federal Share Total P & A III-B16,428 III-C (1)7,436 III-C (2)6,785 III-E4,761 Other Nonfederal 6,438 Total35,41041,848 Percent84.62%100.00%

9 General Fund Title III Match Title III Match used for P & A $ 0 Total Title III Match Expended 8,256 Percentage0.00%

10 Title III Federal Share Program services –B, C (1), C (2), D = 85 % federal share or 15 % match –E = 75% federal share or 25% match

11 Minimum Match III-E Grand TotalPrep & Admin Program Expenditures Amount$34,050$(4,761)$29,289 Divisor.75 Program Incl. Match 39,052 Required match 9,763

12 Minimum Match III-B, C, D Grand TotalPrep & Admin Program Expenditures III-B$126,064$(16,428)$109,636 III-C (1)67,010(7,436)59,574 III-C (2)46,491(6,785)39,706 III-D6,135(0)6,135 Total215,051 Divisor.85 ProgramIncl. Match253,001 Match37,950

13 Match Provided Grand Total Prep & Admin Program Match Nonfederal$7,932$(6,438)$1,494 III Match8,2560 Com Based46,0900 Transport.11,2630 HD Meals49,9750 Ombudsman2,8620 In-kind000 Total119,940

14 Provided Vs Required Match Provided$119,940 Match Required III-E9,763 III-Other37,950 Total Match Required47,713 Difference (Overmatch)72,227

15 ServiceSupplementaryTotal Information & Assistance$6,749 Care Coordination7,277 Legal Assistance40 Personal Care7480 Supplementary Residential Repair$6,7716,771 Emergency972 Money Management00 Supplemental00 Total7,74329,289 Percentage26.44%100.00% Title III-E Supplementary Services

16 13 Month and Final Reports AAAs –Final AMR –Schedule A –Schedule B –Schedule C

17 Schedule A – Status of Funds It is essentially a bank reconciliation Unencumbered funds beginning +Funds received+funds in transit -Accrued costs to contract = Unencumbered funds ending Note: account for all funds provided by VDA contract

18 Schedule B – Costs By Program Activity Title III related costs –Federal –Voluntary contributions, nonfederal & fees –Other federal (USDA & title V) –General funds designated as match General rule: what is expended on schedule B should agree with expenditure on A

19 Schedule C – Status of Inventories Equipment Other tangible property

20 Final Reports – Other Contractors Submit the AMR-OC Select final in the month drop down menu Generally submitted to account for general fund grants

21 Audit Reports Due date Extension AAAs Other contractors

22 SAS 99 New Fraud Standard Pressure to commit fraud Opportunity to commit fraud Attitude that fraud is okay

23 VICAP Virginia Insurance Counseling & Assistance program –Basic –Medicare + Choice


25 Title V Fiscal year end Final closeout report Nonfederal match

26 The End Questions?

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