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Let’s get this party started!!

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1 Let’s get this party started!!

2 The 13 English Colonies Test Study Guide
a paw print production

3 1) Why did English people want to go to the American colonies?
Religious Freedom New opportunity Market for English goods

4 2) What was the first permanent English colony?
Jamestown, Virginia

5 3) Why did the colonists of Jamestown set up the House of Burgesses?
To get more control over the governor and government They were unhappy with the extreme rule of one man and wanted more say in how the colony was run

6 4) Why was the Mayflower Compact written?
To establish the use of self government for the colony and to ensure colonist participation

7 5) What is subsistence farming?
Farming to produce enough food for one family and a little extra for trade People in the New England Colonies used subsistence farming

8 6) What was the New England Way?
The New England Way was the Puritan belief that stressed godliness, education, hard work, and honesty It helped lead to the growth and success of the New England colonies Work, Pray, Work, Pray, Work, Pray

9 7) What was the triangular trade?
Trade between the colonies, Europe, and West Africa Merchants left Europe for West Africa, participated in the slave trade, brought slaves to the colonies, forced the slaves to work on plantations, and sold the crops for profit in the colonies and in Europe

10 8) What was the growing season like in the New England Colonies?
New England had long winters and rocky soil which led to a short growing season for crops Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s cold in the New England Colonies!!

11 9) What was the cause of King Phillips War?
Colonists kept demanding more Native American land

12 10) What were the major industries that made the New England Colonies prosperous ?
shipbuilding and fishing

13 11) Why did the Puritan religion decline in the 1700s?
Economic success competed with Puritan ideals Competition from other colonial religions groups The right to vote was granted to non-church members, so people did not have to be Puritan in order to vote

14 12) What did the Navigation Acts do for England?
The Navigation Acts made sure that England received part of the New England colonies trade profits Pay up New England Colonies! King of England

15 13) What is a proprietary colony?
A proprietary colony is a colony under private ownership I am in charge of this colony! Private Owner

16 I am in charge of this colony!
14) What is a royal colony? A royal colony is a colony under the authority of the King of England I am in charge of this colony! King of England

17 15) What was the patroon system in the middle colonies?
A patroon was offered land and money if they brought 50 settlers to the middle colonies from Europe!! 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42,

18 16) What makes cash crops different from subsistence farms?
Cash crops are sold for money and subsistence farming is producing enough for just the family

19 17) Why were the middle colonies nick-named the breadbasket colonies?
The middle colonies produced more grain than any other colonies Too many carbs!

20 18) Who were the overseers on a plantation?
Slavery makes me mad....I can’t look at the horrible treatment The men who supervised slaves

21 19) What does it mean for a plantation to be self sufficient?
Nearly everything that planters, their families, and their workers needed was produced on the plantation We got everything we need....right here on the plantation!

22 20) Why might enslaved Africans work slowly or perform their jobs incorrectly?
Slaves often performed slowly or incorrectly to protest their enslavement – it was a form of rebellion

23 21) What happened at the Stono Rebellion?
Rebellious slaves killed several planter families in an attempt to escape to Spanish Florida They were caught and killed Strict laws called Black Codes were put in place to prevent future rebellions

24 22) Describe the Great Awakening.
A religious movement that preached that inner religious emotions were more important than outward religious behavior It stressed the authority of the individual over the authority of the church

25 23) What two things did Enlightenment emphasize as the paths to knowledge?
Reason and science

26 24) What did John Locke argue that all people are born with?
I hope John believed in natural rights for cats too! Natural rights of life, liberty, and property that governments must protect

27 25) Under the English Bill of Rights, what two parties had to agree to cancel laws or impose new taxes? King/Queen AND Parliament

28 26) What was salutary neglect?
England’s policy of not interfering with the colonies Salutary = Beneficial Neglect = Ignore “With mom and dad gone, little Collie had a huge party!”

29 27) What caused the French and Indian War?
The French and Indian War began because both the French and the English wanted control over land in the Ohio River Valley

30 28) What was the Albany Plan of Union AND why didn’t it pass?
A formal proposal to unite the 13 colonies The proposal didn’t pass because many colonies did not want to give up individual power “We will not give up our individual power.”

31 29) What was the turning point of the French and Indian War for the British?
The Battle of Quebec The French surrendered Quebec to the British and Montreal soon followed We surrender!!

32 30) What important “P” word did France lose under the Treaty of Paris?
POWER (and land) in North America

33 31) What right was upheld in the Peter Zenger trial?
Freedom of Press

34 32) How did Enlightenment change colonial society?
People began to question the oppressive rule of the English King People were drawn to the ideas of John Locke and natural rights People began to want more control over their government and be fairly represented

35 The 13 English Colonies Appalachian Mts. Spanish Territory
Atlantic Ocean

36 Test Information The test is 55 points
There are no extra credit questions Take the time to study!!

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