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Reframing Organizations, 4th ed.

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1 Reframing Organizations, 4th ed.

2 Organizational Culture in Action
Chapter 13 Organizational Culture in Action

3 Organizational Culture in Action
The Eagle Group’s Sources of Success Leading Principles

4 The Eagle Group’s Sources of Success
Why do some groups produce extraordinary results while others produce little or nothing? Play, spirit and culture are at the core of peak performance

5 Sources of cultural success I
How someone becomes a group member is important Diversity provides a team’s competitive advantage Examples, not command, holds a team together A specialized language fosters cohesion and commitment

6 Sources of cultural success (II)
Stories carry history and values and reinforce group identity Humor and play reduce tension and encourage creativity Ritual and ceremony lift spirits and reinforce values

7 Sources of cultural success (III)
Informal cultural players make contributions disproportionate to their formal roles Soul is the secret of success

8 Conclusion Symbolic perspectives questions traditional views on team building Right structure and people are important, but not sufficient The essence of high performance is spirit Banishing play, ceremony and myth would destroy teamwork, not create it Team building at its heart is a spiritual undertaking: peak performance emerges as a team discovers its soul

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