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MS-13: Mara Salvatrucha Allen Corporan New York University Adolescent Development Spring 2007

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1 MS-13: Mara Salvatrucha Allen Corporan New York University Adolescent Development Spring 2007

2 MS-13 headlines Body of a young woman who had informed against her former gang associates was found on the banks of the Shenandoah river, repeatedly stabbed and her head nearly severed (Flores, 2007). Gang members armed with machetes hacked away at a member of the South Side locos, slicing off some of his fingers and leaving others dangling by a shred of skin. A member of the 18th street gang was pumped full of.38-caliber bullets, while his female companion who tried to flee, was shot in the back MS-13: a gang leader accused of orchestrating a December bus bombing in Honduras that killed 28 people.

3 Deadliest gang in America Those were some of the violent acts MS-13 are responsible for. MS-13 is the most dangerous gang in America. It is composed of mainly Salvadorians and other Central American. There is an estimated “8,000 to 10,000 members in 33 states in the US, out of 700,000 gang members overall” (Flores, 2007). Also, there are “tens of thousands more in Central America.” “It is considered the fastest growing, most violent and least understood gang in America.

4 History MS-13 was started in Los Angeles in 1980 by Salvadorians who fled the civil war because of constant attacks from Mexican and African American gangs, these Salvadorians formed MS-13. Soon they were exposed to violence and drugs, and sent to jail. While they were in jail, the government provided them with teachers to give them education. However, it backfired, the members took the education and used it negatively to benefit the gang. They became more violent and powerful. Because of this, they were deported back to Salvador. MS-13 took the gang lifestyle and translated it into the most horrific murders in Central America. States could not control them, so they kept growing and became even more dangerous. Now, they have ex-militaries members who had weapon training.

5 Gang signs and tattoos When the gang first started, they were into heavy metal music. They were huge fans of Ozzy Osbourne, so they borrowed their gang sign from the popular heavy metal symbol. They form the classic devil horns with their fingers. When one turns the sign upside down, they form an M. Members have tattoos all over their body that carry special meanings. They also use a variety of hand signals to communicate with each other. This is used when a silent attack is being operated. This is called “stacking” (National Geographic Explorer).

6 Gang signs and tattoos

7 Initiation If a male wants to become a member, they have to go through a process called “jumping in.” The male becoming a member has to endure a beating for no less than 13 seconds. Four to five member would join in the beating. Males as young as eight years old have to go through this process if they want to become members. It is very different for females. They have to go through a process call “sex in,” which they have to have sex with whoever the gang choose for them. Then, they become members of MS-13.

8 After initiation After the initiation process, the members show you the 13 rules. Four of the 13 rules are: You have to go out and recruit You have to go out and kill Bring money in for the gang You have to prove you toughness

9 First mission of a new member New members as young as nine experience their first shooting. New members’ first mission is to find a member of rival gang and shoot them at point range. After that, you have prove that you belong to MS-13.

10 The weapon of choice Many of the Salvadorians had experience using a machete because they had to cut down crops either in their homelands or in the US, so many are skilled with this object. As a result, it is their weapon of choice. Even though they have guns, and knives, when want to send a message, they use the machete on their victims, and commit the most horrific murder scene.

11 Justice system MS-13 has a justice system to punish those members who break the rules. This is called “check courting.” When member does something wrong, they tell them that they have to go to a meeting. Then a group beats the member to near death. If the member calls the police or any form of authority, it will be MS-13’s first priority to get them killed.

12 MS-13: A form of organize crime MS-13 control different territories within the areas they occupy. Every block they control earns income for them. Every small business in the streets is taxed by them, which allows them to earn revenue. Every business in the streets must pay MS-13 a protection fee. Recently, they started taxing drug dealers for the right to sell drugs in their territory. They can take tens of thousands of dollars without actually touching the drugs.

13 MS-13: A form of organize crime: Drug business MS-13 is a heavy supplier of drugs. They claim they have anything anyone is looking for: Crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and any types of pills that are prescribe from doctors.

14 Conclusion and the future MS-13 is spreading at a fast pace. Not only are they located in 33 states in the US, and in most of Central America, but recently, traces of them have been seen in Europe. Most of the gangs have started because of the unequal conditions in inner-city communities. Immigrants start their own way of of achieving the “American Dream.” Right now, there is nothing we can do to stop this gang or solve this problem. Now, this is in the hands of the FBI, because this gang is extremely overly strong for local authorities. However, future adjustments can be done to prevent evolvement of gangs. Instead of deporting gang members, or immigrants that are connected to gangs, programs should be developed in which these individuals can prosper from. An alternative, for those who are criminals, send them to jails that are occupied by other members. This way, it will hinder the gang’s growth, because they have the potential of becoming the deadliest gang in the Western hemisphere.

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