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六级基础词汇 赵剑峰 2012.7. Grey whales have long been _____ in the north Atlantic and hunting was an important cause for that. A) extinctB) extinguished C) detainedD)

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Presentation on theme: "六级基础词汇 赵剑峰 2012.7. Grey whales have long been _____ in the north Atlantic and hunting was an important cause for that. A) extinctB) extinguished C) detainedD)"— Presentation transcript:

1 六级基础词汇 赵剑峰 2012.7

2 Grey whales have long been _____ in the north Atlantic and hunting was an important cause for that. A) extinctB) extinguished C) detainedD) deprived

3 extinct extinct 灭绝的 If nothing is done to protect the environment, millions of spiders that are alive today will have become extinct.(2001) instinct 本能 Aggression is a kind of innate ( 天生的 ) survival mechanism, an instinct for self-preservation that allows animals to defend themselves from threats to their existences of human violence.(2002.6) by instinct 出于本能 on instinct 凭直觉

4 distinct; distinctive Anything clearly noticed is distinct. A thing or quality that is clearly different from others of its kind is distinctive, or distinct from. There’s a distinct smell of beer in this room Beer has a very distinctive smell; it’s quite distinct from the smell of wine.

5 extinguish 扑灭;熄灭 They tired to extinguish the fames. Firemen soon put the fire out. The fire has gone out. Absence to love is what wind is to fire. It extinguishes the small; it inflames the great. 离别至于爱情好比风之于火,它能将小 火熄灭,却使大伙熊熊燃烧。

6 detain 扣留;拘留 -tain=keep The police have detained the suspect. We may also be quite confident that the present trend toward a shorter day and a shorter week will be maintained.(2003.6) He abstained from smoking.( 戒除 ) renders foods calorie-free while retaining their vitamins(2000.1) The last of these—in particular the introduction of vehicles powered by electricity—is ultimately the only sustainable option. (2000.6) obtain 获得

7 deprive No one can function properly if they are deprived of adequate sleep.(2000.6) pri= private/public school Saving Private Ryan Live in privacy privilege of birth 与生俱来的优越 give priority to…

8 He was given major responsibility for operating the remote manipulator to ________ the newly launched satellite. A) retreatB) retrieve C) embodyD) embrace

9 manipulate 操纵 Too many vulnerable child-free adults are being ruthlessly ( 无情的 ) manipulated into parent-hood by their parents, who think that happiness among older people depends on having a grand-child to spoil. (2005.12) mani- manner/manage/manual manuscript 手稿 manacle 手铐 (acle 东西 ) handcuff(cuff 袖口 ) manufacture maintain 维护保养 ( 用手 ) mandate 命令;委托书

10 retreat Will space be an exotic( 外来的 ) retreat reserved for only the wealthy? Or will middle-class folks have a chance to take their families to space? (2006.12) maltreat 虐待 /malnutrition/malfunction abuse/abnormal/abduct( 诱拐 ) treaty 条约 NATO=North Atlantic Treaty Organization

11 retrieve 收回;检索 Consumers are not supposed to throw used computers in the trash because unscrupulous dealers will retrieve them for profit.(2005.1) To retrieve some data, one has to consult a computer.

12 embody 使具体化; embrace 拥抱; 包括 The author assert that all things American are fascinating to foreigners because they embody the most sophisticated technology.

13 em- en 前缀 ① 表示 " 进入 … 之中,包围 ” embrace 拥抱 embed 安置;嵌于 empathy 感情相融的 embarrass 使难堪 ( em+barrass 套子 → 进入套 子 → 难堪) enroll 注册,记入名册 ( en+roll 名单) encage 关入笼中( en+cage 笼子) enchain 束缚( en+chain 锁链) enlist 入伍 ② 表示 " 使 … 进入状态 ” empower 授权 embitter 使痛苦( emboss 使凸出( em+boss 凸 出 → 使凸出) enact 制定;颁布( en+act 行 动 → 进入行动 → 颁布〔法令〕) enchant 使迷醉( en+chant 咒 语 → 被咒语所迷醉) encompass 包围,围绕 ( en+compass 包围) encourage 鼓励( enlighten 启发,开导

14 Foreign students are facing unprecedented delays, as visa applications receive closer ________ than ever. A) appraisalB) scanning C) retentionD) scrutiny

15 unprecedented 空前的 proceed 行进 (go forward) ;进行 (go on) the process of history 历史的进程 legal procedure 诉讼程序 lantern procession 提灯游行(行列) precede 领先;在 … 之前 ced,cede,ceed=go

16 ced,cede,ceed=go precede 领先 precedent 先例 preceding 在前的 exceed 超过 concede 让步;迁就 (con 加强语气 ) accede 同意;答应 (ac-=to) recede 后退,变少 (re=back)

17 application apply…to… apply to apply to…for… appliance/instrument/equipment/device applicant applied/pure science

18 appraisal praise 赞扬 appraise( 给 … 赞扬 ) 评价;估价 -al 后缀

19 al 后缀的四种含义 形容词后缀 national → 国家的 / 民族的 basal → 基础的 equal → 相等的 loyal → 忠心的 formal → 正式的 / 形式上的 oral → 口头的 / 口述的 mental → 心理的 / 精神的 名词后缀构成抽象名词 trial → 尝试 / 试验 arrival → 到达 removal → 移动 / 迁移 refusal → 拒绝 表示 “ 人 ” arrival → 到达者 rival → 竞争者 rascal → 恶棍 / 歹徒 criminal → 犯罪分子 / 罪犯 表示 “ 物 ” dial → 标度盘 animal → 动物 hospital → 医院 signal → 信号

20 scan scan: look at every part of sth carefully, especially because you are looking for a particular thing or person skim: read sth quickly in order to find a particular point or the main point scandal 丑闻

21 看 spot watch observe witness scrutiny 仔细查看 (scrunit 拾荒者捡破 烂 ) glance 瞥视 glimpse 瞥见 sightsee 观光 peer 凝视 stare 瞪 gaze 远眺;注视 gape 张着嘴看

22 tent,tain abstention 戒 detention 扣留 retention 保持 sustenance 营养;饮食 content

23 If you are late for the appointment, you might ________ the interviewer and lose your chance of being accepted. A) irrigateB) intrigue C) irritateD) intimidate

24 irrigate 灌溉 (ir=in; rig=water) The lady seemed annoyed because I had dialed the wrong number. The second time, she seemed irritated. irritate 犹指不断重复而使人生气 Don’t be angry, Don’t be irritated. anger and irritation bring about early aging. 不要气不要恼,气气恼恼人快老。

25 生气 anger lose one’s temper annoyance provocation 挑衅 displeasure 不满 vexation 烦恼;伤脑筋 fury 狂怒 rage 大怒

26 intrigue 阴谋 v. n. schemes and intrigues 阴谋诡计 trig=trick trick sb into doing 骗人做 …… trick sb out of 从 … 中骗取 tricky 狡猾的 ( -y 形容词后缀) intricate( 内含很多 tricks) 错综复杂的 A detective story usually has an intricate plot. complex 许多部分合成的复杂 ; complicated 相 互纠缠以至于难懂,难以理解

27 intimidate timid 羞怯的 intimidate=put sb into timidity= 恐吓 shy frightened fearful coward 懦弱的 chicken 胆小鬼 懦夫

28 Children’s idea of a magic kingdom is often dancers in animal ________ as they have often seen in Disneyland. A) cushionsB) costumes C) skeletonsD) ornaments

29 costume uniform outfit 特定场合用的,工作服 strip 彩条服装 costume 服装,特定装束 ornament 装饰 furnish 家具 装备 decoration 装修

30 skeleton 骨架 a skeleton in the cupboard:secret which would embarrass sb if it became known (若揭露出来可能使某人难堪的)秘密 a skeleton crew [staff] 骨干人员 walking skeleton 骨瘦如柴的人

31 Ever since the first nuclear power stations were built, doubts have ________ about their safety. A) preservedB) survived C) suspendedD) lingered

32 preserve serv= keep conserve: use carefully without waste conserve the forest; conserve one’s energy conservative 保守的 reserve: keep for special use reserve a table preserve: prevent sb/sth from being harmed or destroyed preserve dead bodies from decay

33 viv-,vit-vig 生命 活力 vivid a 活泼的 ; 生动的 (viv+id) revive v 复活 revival n 复活 survive v 存活,幸存 survival n 存活下 来 vital a 至关重要的 (vit+al) vitality n 活力 (vital+izy) vitamin n 维生素 (vit+a+min 素 → 生命要 素 → 维生素 ) vigor n 精力 vigorous a 精力旺盛的

34 pend; pens=to weigh, hang, pay suspend 悬挂 暂停 appendix 附录 pension 年金;养老金 compensate 赔偿 indispensable

35 This clearly shows that crops and weeds have quite a number of ________ in common. A) traitsB) traces C) tracksD) trails

36 trait trait characteristic character feature portrait 肖像 profile 侧面像 traitor 叛徒,卖国贼

37 trace trace 痕迹,极少量 a trace of 一丝,少许 trace back 追溯 track 轨道 跟踪 field 田赛 track 径赛 keep track 保持联系 lose track 失去联系 trail 痕迹,小道 trial and error 反复试验 从失败中找到方 法

38 From science to Shakespeare, excellent television and video programs are available ______ to teacher. A) in stockB) in store C) in operationD) in abundance in stock/out of stock take stock of 对 … 进行评估 stock broker 证券经纪人

39 abundance be abundant/rich in 富于 … Globalization has started a variety of trends with profound consequences: the opening of markets, true global competition, widespread deregulation ( 解 除政府对 … 的控制 ) of industry, and an abundance of accessible capital. (2005.12)

40 When the Italian poet Dante was ________ from his home in Florence, he decided to walk from Italy to Paris to search for the real meaning of life. A) exertedB) expired C) exiledD) exempted

41 exert He exerted all his influence to make them accept his plan. 他用尽一切影响力 使他们接受他的计划. Her husband exerted a lot of pressure on her to succeed. 她丈夫殷切期望她能 成功, 给了她很大的压力. You'll have to exert yourself more if you want to pass your exam. 你若想考试及 格, 就必须更加努力.

42 expire 断气;到期 spir 呼吸;精神 conspire 图谋 expire inspire( 注入精神力量 ) 使产生灵感 aspire 渴望; 追求 despair( 失去精神力量 ) 绝望 desperate 绝望 孤注一掷 prosper( 面前出现生气勃勃的景象 ) 繁荣

43 exile 流放 banish 流放国外;驱逐出境 deport 驱逐出境

44 Habits acquired in youth--notably smoking and drinking--may increase the risk of ________ diseases in a person’s later life. A) consecutive B) chronic C) critical D) cyclical

45 acquire acquire 学习得到 obtain 长时间努力得到 gain 赢得 acquisition require requisite 需要的东西 inquire/enquire exquisite 精美的

46 consecutive sec=follow second the motion 附议 consecutive(secut=follow) 连续的 successive 连续的 execute 执行;实施 处决 CEO: chief executive officer persecute(per=throughout 一直跟随 ) 迫 害

47 chronic 疼痛的感觉 chronic 慢性的 acute 剧烈的,急性 的 painful sore 酸痛 agonize 极度痛苦 stabbing 刺痛 chron=time chronic chronicle 编年史 synchronize(syn 相同 的 ) 使同步;使 … 一 致

48 critical a critical remark We are at a critical time in the history. be critical of 对 … 吹毛求疵 critic 批评家 criticize; criticism crisis 危机 crit= 评判 criterion criteria(pl.) 标准

49 F. W. Woolworth was the first businessman to erect a true skyscraper to ________ himself, and in 1929, A1 Smith, a former governor of New York, sought to outreach him. A) portray B) proclaim C) exaggerate D) commemorate

50 erect erect a monument rect=straight; right correct direct rectangle 矩形,长方形 rectify 纠正;校正

51 scrape scrape 刮;擦 scrap(scrape 后的产物 ) 碎片 scr=write describe ascribe inscribe prescribe subscribe transcription

52 out- 前缀 outreach 超出 … 范围 Our products outperform/outdo others’ in many aspects. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. 利远大于弊。 He's already outgrown his older brother. The French outlive American by more than four years. In the elementary schools, the female teachers far outnumber the male counterparts Our products are outselling other established imports.

53 out 前缀 outbreak 爆发 outburst 爆发 outcome 结果 outflow 流出 outhouse 外屋 outing 郊游 outlast 长久 outlaw 歹徒 outline 大纲 output 输出 outrageous 蛮横的 outset 开头 outshine 光亮强过 outside 外面 outstanding 突出的 outstretch 伸出 outwards 向外地 outwit 瞒骗

54 proclaim claim=shout; cry out claim 声称;断言 acclaim 欢呼 (ac=to 朝向 ) counterclaim 反诉 (counter=against) declaim 演说 (de=fully) exclaim 欢呼;大叫 proclaim 宣布

55 To label their produce as organic, farmers have to obtain a certificate showing that no ________ chemicals have been used to kill pests on the farm for two years. A) toxic B) tragic C) nominal D) notorious

56 organic organic 器官的,有机的 organic substances, compounds, matter, etc 有机物质﹑ 有机化合物﹑ 有机物官的; 有机的

57 certificate certificate 证书 (certi 确实,可证 ) birth/death/marriage certificate certify certitude 确实 certification 证明(动作) license 执照

58 tragic tragic sight 悲惨的景象 tragedy 悲剧,惨事 comedy 喜剧 sitcom 情景喜剧 serial drama script scenario plot villain( 反派角色 ) disaster catastrophe hazard 危险 风险

59 nominal 名义上的 nominal ruler of the country name after in the name of call sb names namely/that is to say/i.e. surname=family name nominate anonymous(an=no nym=name)

60 notorious notorious noted/notable 著名的 noticeable/noteworthy 值得注意的 著名的 famous/well-known celebrated/distinguished/eminent/prestig ious/prominent/renowned/outstanding/r eputable

61 Ancient Greek gymnastics training programs were considered to be an ________ part of the children’s education. A) intact B) integral C) inclusive D) infinite

62 gymnastics gymnastics 体操 gymnasium 健身房 gym athletics 体育运动 aerobics 有氧运动 ethics 伦理学 aesthetics 美学

63 intact 未被触摸的;完整的 tactics 战术 策略 tang,tact,ting,tig,tag=touch tangible 可触摸的;有形的 intangible contagious 传染的 ( 需要接触 ) infectious 传染的 ( 无需接触 ) tangle 纠缠 混乱 integral 完整的 /integrate 使一体 /integrity 完整;正直

64 inclusive include/exclude inclusive/exclusive anything but/nothing but/all but clus=close close/closet 密闭小空间 disclose/enclose/enclosure( 附件 ) conclude/conclusion/conclusive( 结论性 的, 确凿的 ) preclude 阻止,排除

65 infinite/finite 无限的 / 有限的 fin=end, 界限 fine( 赔偿一笔钱了结一件事 ) finish/final/finalize( 最后确定,定稿 ) finance/financial confine/restrict/limit to define( 定下界线 ) 下定义 definition/definite/definitely

66 Researchers have found that happiness doesn’t appear to be anyone’s______; the capacity for joy is a talent you develop largely for yourself. A) disposal B) domain C) heritage D ) hostage

67 capacity( 接受,容纳的 ) 能力 cap=catch hold escape=out of being caught capture 捕获 /captive 俘虏 n. adj. capsule 胶囊 太空舱 cabbage 卷心菜 cabin 小屋 机舱 cabinet 内阁 橱柜 cap=head capital 首都 资本 captain

68 capacity 能力 才干 ability aptitude competence 能力 胜任 know-how 专门技能 expertise 专业知识 capability proficiency 精通 熟练 talent/gift/flair 天分 faculty

69 disposal at one’s disposal/dispose of pos=put position 立场 职位 姿势 compose/composition 成分;作曲 decompose 分解 component 成分 元件 deposit 使沉淀 储蓄 expose to /exposure/exposition 展览会 impose 强加 /oppose 反对 /opponent/opposition propose/proposal/

70 domain 领地 范围 领域 dome 圆形屋顶 home domestic dominate/dominant predominant 占优势的;主要的

71 heritage 遗产 inherit 继承 heritage 文化遗产 /legacy 遗赠的财物 /tradition 传统 hes,her=stick hesitate/hesitation adhesive 粘连的 cohesive 粘合性的,又结合力的 adhere to 粘附 坚持 heir 继承人 successor 后继者 inherent 天生的

72 hostage hostage hostile hospital hospitality a host of friends hotel/hostel

73 We want our children to have more than job skills; we want their lives to be ____ and their perspectives to be broadened. A) envisaged B) excelled C) exceeded D) enriched

74 perspective 透视法 远景 前途 perspective (per=throughout) spect=see; look expect/respect/despise 鄙视 inspect aspect prospect 景色;前途 /prospective spectacle 眼镜;奇观 /spectacular 壮观的 spectrum 光谱;范围幅度

75 envisage 想象 设想 vi=see visit/visible/vision/visual/visualzie revise/supervise vista evident/evidence provide/provided prudent( 远虑的 ) 谨慎的 wise/wisdom/wit/witty witness

76 Online schools, which ________ the needs of different people, have emerged as an increasingly popular education alternative. A) stir up B) switch on C) cater to D) consent to

77 alternative alter/change/vary/range alternate 交替 /alternative/choice alt,ali( 变更,由此及彼 )=other alien 外国的;陌生的;不相容的 ET=Extra-Terrestrial( 地球的 )

78 cater cater for 为 … 提供饮食;迎合 cater for the party/banquet TV must cater for many different tastes. cater to 满足需求 newspapers catering to people‘s love of scandal

79 This kind of songbird sleeps much less during its annual __,but that doesn’t seem to affect its flying. A) migration B) emigration C) conveyance D) transference

80 convey 运送 传达 vey;vi=way by way of /in a way/in no way/by the way/in the way/make way vehicle voyage 航海;航行 deviate 背离 偏离 obvious( 摆在大路上 ) previous/prior to

81 transfer fer=carry,bring differ infer confer offer prefer suffer

82 trans transform transmit transparent(par=appear) transition(it=go) 过渡 transcend(scend=climb) transcribe transient 短暂的

83 The developing nations want rich countries to help shoulder the cost of ________ forests. A) updating B) upgrading C) conserving D) constructing

84 shoulder shoulder one's way through the crowd give sb/get the cold shoulder 冷淡对待 西方人冷遇客人时会端上冷的牛肩或羊 肩 The burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulders. 我已卸下了负疚的重担.

85 up 前缀 = 向上 up, over upheaval n 隆起;动乱 uphold v 支持;拥护 uproot v 连根拔;根除 upgrade n 升级;上升 upfront a 显著的;重要的 upsurge 高涨 upright 正直的 uproar 喧嚣 骚动

86 In the study, researchers succeeded in determining how coffee ________ different areas of the brain in 15 volunteers. A) integrated B) motivated C) illuminated D) activated

87 motivate 激励 motive adj. 运动的 n. 动机,目的 mot,mov,mob=move emotion promote remote motel mob 乌合之众 mobile/mobilize/immobile

88 illuminate 照亮 illuminating 有启发性的 (lumin=light) enlightened 开明的 有知识的 light in (the)light of 鉴于;根据 throw/cast/shed light on 使明白 light up 照亮;使明白 enlighten 启发 教导 highlight 使突出 强调 lightening 闪电 thunder

89 They are trying to ________ the risk as much as they can by making a more thorough investigation of the market. A) minimize B) harmonize C) summarize D) jeopardize jeopardize 使受损失

90 investigate vestige 痕迹 inspect 视察 look into survey 全面调查 probe( 有探针 ) 探查; 深入调查 explore 探险 勘探 check 检验 核对 scrutinize 详审 仔细看

91 minimize 最小化 mini miniature castle 微型城堡 minute 微小的 diminish 缩小 ;减少 minor/major/minority/majority minimum/maximum/ min=project 突出 eminent 出众的 prominent 著名的;杰 出的

92 summarize 总结 in sum 总而言之 /sum up 总计,总结 summ=highest point summit 山顶 顶峰 sum, sumpt=take, use, waste presume 推断 assume/assumption 假定;承担 consume/consumption resume 重新开始;继续

93 The cycles of the sun and moon are simple, but_____ forces which have shaped human lives since the beginning. A) frantic B) gigantic C) sensational D) maximum frantic 发狂的 发疯的

94 gigantic 巨大的 gigantic vast immense enormous colossal titanic massive giant sizable

95 sensational 令人吃惊的 in a sense/make sense nonsense 废话 /senseless 无意义的 sensible/sensitive sensation 知觉;激动 sentiment 感情,情绪;感想 assent 同意 n. v. consent 同意 resent 愤恨 consensus 一致同意

96 An effort was launched recently to create the first computer ________ of the entire human brain. A) repetition B) repression C) saturation ( 饱和,浸透 ) D) simulation launch threats, insults, gibes, etc at sb 威 胁﹑ 侮辱﹑ 奚落... 某人 launch an attack/offensive (against the enemy) (向敌人)发起攻击 [ 攻势 ]

97 repression 镇压 压抑 press conference depress/depression suppress 压制 镇压 (sup=sub 下面 ) express impress sth on one’s mind/impress sth with compress 压缩 oppress 压迫 压制

98 simulation 模仿,假装 stimulate 刺激 sim,sem,sym,syn=same resemble 与 … 像 /assemble 集合;装配 similar/similarity/assimilate 吸收;同化 simultaneous 同时的 /spontaneous 自发 的 /homogenous 同质的 /instantaneous 瞬 间的 symbol/symptom/sympathy syndrome 综合症 synonym 同义词 synthesis 同义词

99 In the face of the disaster, the world has united to aid millions of ____ people trying to piece their lives back together. A) fragile B) primitive C) vulnerable D) susceptible piece 拼凑

100 fragile 脆弱的 fragment 碎片 frag=break fraction 碎片;分数 (decimal) fracture 断裂;折断

101 primitive 原始的,早期的,粗糙的 prior to/priority (superior/inferior/interior/subordinate) primary 初级的,首要的 prime 首要的 precaution 小心,警惕 prevail(vail=strength 力量领先 ) 战胜流行 prevalent presume(sum=take) preclude 阻止;妨碍 predominant 突出的,支配的 pretext 借口,托辞

102 be vulnerable to susceptible(cept,ceiv=take) 易受影响的 receive/reception/receipient 接受者 conceive/concept/conceit 自满 deceive/deception 欺骗 /deceit 欺骗

103 AIDS is a global problem that demands a unified, worldwide solution, which is not only the responsibility of nations in which AIDS is most ________. A) relevant B) prevalent C) vigorous D) rigorous be relevant to 有关 rigorous 严密的,严格的 rigid 严厉的, 刻板的

104 solution 解决方法;溶液 solve 解决,溶解 dissolve 溶解 解散 resolve(re 加强意义 ) 溶解 决心 resolve to do/on doing New Year Resolution be resolute in doing 决心做 absolve 解除罪责 /absolute 不受限制的,绝对 的 /absolutely absolutely/completely/totally/entirely/thoroug hly/utterly/wholly

105 After the earthquake, a world divided by ________ and religious disputes suddenly faced its common humanity in this shocking disaster. A) ethnic B) epidemic C) strategic D) pathetic ethnic 民族的 ethic 伦理 epidemic 流行的 (dem=people) democracy(cracy=rule) 民主

106 pathetic in sympathy with 支持,赞同 miserable wretched pitiable pathetic

107 dispute dispute 争论,辩论 argue 辩论,争辩 debate 辩论,讨论 discuss 讨论 quarrel 争吵 row 口角,吵架 feud 世仇

108 Psychologists suggest that children who are shy are more ________ to develop depression and anxiety later in life. A) eligible B) engaged C) prone D) prospective engage 雇佣,忙于 engagement 订婚 be busy with/be engaged in/be occupied in 忙于做某事

109 eligible 有资格的,有条件被选中 的 lect, leg, lig=choose neglect(neg=no lect=choose) 忽视 ignore elect/collect/select delegate(de=from 被选出来的 ) 代表 elegant( 精心挑选出来的 ) 优雅的 diligent 勤奋的 eligible/qualified/suitable

110 prone tend to do be likely to be prone to be liable to be inclined to be apt to do

111 Initially, the scientists and engineers seemed ________ by the variety of responses people can make to a poem. A) reinforced B) embarrassed C) depressed D) bewildered bewildered=confused

112 reinforce come into force/being/existence enforce 执行;强加 make joint efforts to do fort 堡垒 fortify 加固

113 Is it possible to stop drug ________ in the country within a very short time? A) adoption B) addiction C) contemplation D) compulsion

114 contemplate 沉思 consider/take sth into consideration reflect 反思 speculate 猜测 ponder 深思 meditate 静思,冥想 ( 宗教 )

115 adopt 收养;采纳 adapt 适应,改编 adept 熟练的 be apt at doing 聪明的 be apt to do 倾向 opt/option/optional

116 addiction be addicted to dictation/dictate/dictator diction 用词,措辞 contradict 反驳 predict/foresee/foretell/forecast verdict 裁定,定论 dedicate/devote to indicate

117 compulsion 逼迫,强迫 force>compel>oblige compulsory education pel/puls=push expel 驱逐,开除 propel 推进 impulse 推动,刺激 pulse 脉搏 repel 驱赶

118 The parents of Lindsay, 13, an ________ tennis player who spends eight hours a day on the court, admit that a regular school is not an option for their daughter. A) exotic B) equivalent C) elite D) esthetic exotic 异国的,外来的 elite 精英 grass root 基层群众 ( 草根 ) esthetic 美学

119 Our research confirmed the ________ that when children have many different caregivers, important aspects of their development are liable to be overlooked. A) hypothesis B) hierarchy C) synthesis D) syndrome hypothesis 假设 synthetic 合成的 hypo=under, less hyper=over, exceed

120 overbid 出价高 overcharge 讨价过高 overcome 战胜 overdose 配药过量 overdue 过期的 overexert 用力过度 overflow 溢出 overgrow 长满 overhead 经常开支 overhear 无意中听到 overjoyed 狂喜的 overlap 重叠 overload 超载 overlook 俯瞰 overtaken 追上 overthrow 推翻 overweight 超重 overwhelm 压倒 overwork 过度操劳

121 Because of the ________ of its ideas, the book was in wide circulation both at home and abroad. A) originality B) subjectivity C) generality D) ambiguity

122 originality originality 创新性 novelty 新奇性 original 原始的 /initial 最初的 ori= 东方,出处 Orient 东方 =Occident 西方 (cid=set) orientation 定位 examination-oriented education cid=set 下降 kill accident/incident

123 subjective 主观的 subjective 主观的 She was subjected to torture.( 遭受 ) ject=throw eject 喷射 erupt inject…into sb=inject sb with 注射 object 反对 objective 客观的 project 投射,工程 projector 投影仪 jet 喷气式飞机

124 generality 概述 普遍性 in general-----in particular generalization 一般化;概括 gen= 生殖;产生 generate generation degenerate 衰退 gender/sex pregnant( 在生育前的 ) 怀孕 conceive be generous to sb/with sth 慷慨的

125 ambiguity ambiguous 有歧义 vague 含糊,言辞笼统难以理解 dim 光线暗淡 amb 流动 ambition/ambitious embassy 大使馆 /ambassador

126 With its own parliament and currency and a common ________ for peace, the European Union declared itself—in 11 official languages—open for business. A) inspiration B) assimilation C) intuition D) aspiration intuition(in=into; tu=look) 直觉 insight/instinct/sixth sense

127 declare declare 宣布 state assert affirm 断言,声称 proclaim announce clar=clear clarify/clarity

128 America has now adopted more ___ European-style inspection systems, and the incidence of food poisoning is falling. A) discrete B) solemn C) rigorous D) autonomous discrete(cret=separate) 分离的

129 solemn 严肃的 serious grave sober 冷静的,严肃的 solemn( 一年一度的宗教仪式 ) sol=alone solitary/solitude solidarity 团结一致 console( 共同表示独身的寂寞 ) sol=sun solar system

130 incidence 发生率,影响范围 incident 政治事变,小事情 (in) cad,cid=fall accident/accidentally incident/incidentally occasion/occasionally coincide/coincidence Occident/Orient casualty 因意外死伤者

131 autonomous 自治的 auto=sefl autobiography(bio=life; graphy=writing) automate/automation autonomy=self-government ATM = Auto Teller Machine authentic(hent=doer) 可信的,真的 autism 孤独症

132 Mainstream pro-market economists all agree that competition is an ________ spur to efficiency and innovation. A) extravagant B) exquisite C) intermittent D) indispensable spur 刺激因素 efficiency/frequency/proficiency/sufficiency innovation(nov=new) novel; renovate 修复 exquisite 精美的

133 innovation nov=new novel novelty renovate 修复,休整

134 extravagant extravagant 铺张浪费 /luxurious 豪华的 extra-,exter, extro=outside, outward exterior 外部的 external 外部的,表面的 extraordinary(ordin=order) extrovert 外向的 vag=wander vague 含糊的 /vagrant 流浪汉

135 intermittent 断续的,间歇的 continual( 一再重复 )/continuous( 不间 断 )/interval( 间隔 ) inter, intel, enter=between interrupt(rupt=break) intellectual(lect=choose 在中间选择 ) intervene(ven=come) 干预 intercede(ced=go) 调停 intersect(sect=cut) 交叉

136 intermittent 断续的,间歇的 mit,mis=send missile/mission commit/commitment 委托 emit/emission omit/omission(o=ob=away) transmit submit(sub=under) 服从;提交

137 In the late 19th century, Jules Verne, the master of science fiction, foresaw many of the technological wonders that are ________ today. A) transient B) commonplace C) implicit D) elementary commonplace 老生常谈;平常的

138 transient 短暂的,转瞬即逝的 trans=beyond; across; over transaction/transform/translate it=go circuit/circuitous(circu=round) 环行 initiate/initiative/initial perish(per=thoroughly) 毁灭;腐坏 transit 横断;通过

139 implicit 含蓄的,不明确的 ply, plic = fold imply( 向里折叠 )/indicate/hint/suggest complicate/complex( 折叠在一会儿 ) explicit 明白的 exploit 功绩;剥削 ( 公诸于众人之前 的行为 )

140 implicit 含蓄的,不明确的 ply, plic = fold triple/multiple/quadruple diploma 文凭 ( 折成二层的纸 )simple( 一 层 ) deploy( 重叠的东西散开 ) 部署 replicate 复制 /duplicate 复制,加倍 perplex( 完全卷入 ) 困惑的,混乱的

141 I was so ________ when I used the automatic checkout lane in the supermarket for the first time. A) immersed B) assaulted C) thrilled D) dedicated assault/insult/result thrilled/frantic 疯狂的 /keen 热心的 /zealous 热情的 dedicated/devoted/committed

142 immerse 浸入 merge=sink; dip 沉没,浸泡 merge 沉没,合并 emerge emergency submerge

143 His arm was __ from the shark’s mouth and reattached, but the boy, who nearly died, remained in a delicate condition. A) retrieved B) retained C) repelled D) restored reattach/attach/detach retrieve: 检索,收回 repel 驱赶 restore 恢复

144 Bill Gates and Walt Disney are two people America has ________ to be the Greatest American. A) appointed B) appeased C) nicknamed D) dominated appease 安抚,绥靖

145 The ________ majority of citizens tend to believe that the death penalty will help decrease the crime rate. A) overflowing B) overwhelming C) prevalent D) premium penalty/punish

146 premium 奖金,津贴 pre=before precaution 预防 preclude(clude=shut) 阻止,排除 predecessor 前任,祖先 preface 序言,开场白 pregnant(gen,gn 产生 ) preliminary 预备的 preside(side=sit)

147 We will also see a ________ increase in the number of televisions per household, as small TV displays are added to clocks, coffee makers and smoke detectors. A) startling B) surpassing C) suppressing D) stacking 堆积 detect/detective/detector startled/surprised/shocked/astonished/st unned

148 The advance of globalization is challenging some of our most ________ values and ideas, including our idea of what constitutes “home”. A) enriched B) enlightened C) cherished D) chartered charter 特许状;准予

149 constitute sta=stand contrast withstand 抵抗 outstanding 杰出的 static 静止的 assist/persist(per=through)/resist institute/substitute prostitute( 站在众人前 ) 妓女 statue/status/

150 Researchers have discovered that ________ with animals in an active way may lower a person’s blood pressure. A) interacting B) integrating C) migrating D) merging

151 The Beatles, the most famous British band of the 1960s, traveled worldwide for many years, _____ cultural barriers. A) transporting B) transplanting C) transferring D) transcending

152 transcend 超越 scend, scal=climb ascend v./ascent n. transcend descend/descent/descendant escalator

153 In his last years, Henry suffered from a disease that slowly ________ him of much of his sight. A) relieved B) jeopardized C) deprived D) eliminated relieve/believe/grieve/prove v. eliminate 剔除,淘汰

154 Weight lifting, or any other sport that builds up your muscles, can make bones become denser and less ____ to injury. A) attached B) prone C) immune D) reconciled dense 密度大的 immune(mun=service) municipal 市政的 reconcile 和解

155 pone be inclined to be apt to tend to be prone to be liable to 易于 …

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