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Creative Writing Skill CLS 1323 Mdm. Hamidah. Presentation 2.

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1 Creative Writing Skill CLS 1323 Mdm. Hamidah

2 Presentation 2

3 Members: Khayaetiry Mani Nasuha Mohamed Amin Jasween Kaur Ram Singh Nafilah Nafsiah Mohamed Ali

4 Imagery normally make up a picture in the reader’s mind refer to a descriptive language that evokes sensory experience.

5 Patterns of imagery Visual imagery-sense of sight Looking for a Rain God Eg: Soft green moss

6 The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ by William Butler Yeats Visual Imagery (‘veils of the morning’, ‘midnight’s all a glimmer’, ‘noon a purple glow’, ‘evening full of the linnet’s wings’) Aural Imagery (‘bee-loud glade’, ‘cricket sings’, ‘lake water lapping’)

7 Gustatory imagery-sense of taste E.g. The sweet marinara sauce makes up for the bland sea-shall pasta beneath. Olfactory imagery-sense of smell E.g. His socks, still soaked with sweat from Tuesday's P.E. class, filled the classroom with an aroma skin to that of salty, week-old, rotting fish.

8 Importance  is used to makes the poet’s meaning strong, clear and sure.  present his subject as it is: as it looks, smell, tastes, feels and sounds.


10 Simile and Metaphor  use comparison to show the relationship between different things, or to picture something in a unique way.

11 Simile  a type of figure of speech that compares two unlike things, using the words “like” or “as’. EG:  The house was as large as a castle.  He fought like a lion in battle

12 Metaphor o a metaphor says that ONE thing is ANOTHER thing. o compares without using “like” and “as” Eg: o Life is a brief candle. o The girls were tigers on the playing field, devouring the competition.

13 SimileMetaphor 1. ‘like a small house lizard… wall’ (p. 27, para.7) 2. ‘as silent as a tree-stump’ (p. 27, para.9) 3. ‘as short as the hair in his nose’ (p. 29, para.13) 4. ‘as fast as a wild stallion’ (p. 31, para.16) 1. ‘you’ve turned into a little monster’ (p. 33, para.3) 2. ‘kind words… melting a person’s heart’ (p. 39, para.2) Short story “The Pencil” by Ali Majod

14 Symbol  It is an object, person, situation or action that has a number of meanings. Eg: ‘Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes’ by Che Husna Azhari ‘How Dalat Got Its Name’ by Heidi Munan.

15 Allusion  is a reference to a specific person, place, or thing.  commonly made to the Bible, nursery rhymes, myths, famous fictional or historical characters or events, and an be used in prose and poetry.

16 Eg:  Get off the roof!Who do you think you are,Spiderman?  Here's one more Biblical allusion: "Like the prodigal son, he returned to his home town and was welcomed by all who knew him".

17 personification  the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract idea. Eg In the necklace by Henry Lawson, the necklace was feeling proud to be worn in the queen’s neck.

18 @#%^THE END@#$%

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