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The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in Stephanie Pitts 4/11/11 P. 4/5 Mrs. Woods.

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1 The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in Stephanie Pitts 4/11/11 P. 4/5 Mrs. Woods

2  Love does not hurt physical and or emotional abuse is not a part of love the key is trust. Fig 1 (www. soda ) an angel on its keens…..

3 Its hard to avoid making the same mistakes overcoming fears keeping up motivation after failure. Fig 2 ( ) a lady crying and her friends are there for

4 Affection or rare state of mine or body that is often associated with a feeling or type of love like when you have deep feelings for someone or when you have a friendship with someone. Fig 3 ( ) a person

5 You can always tell when you are in love you find your self doing things u normally would not do, You find yourself buying personal items for your mate this means you are in love. Fig 4 ( ) somebody is handing out a

6 A lot of people say when you are in love you are blinded. Love is not blind it simply means ones that are not in love or, does not feel for the couple love they cannot see pass their love and devotion. Fig 5 ( ) her hand over her face means she is blind of love.

7 Devotion comes from the motivation and the transformation change in someone's relationship. It also sustains your path until victory is yours and when you comment to that person you can do anything for that person. Fig 6 ( ) two people in love from there motivation in there

8 If you want love in your life, you must love yourself first then share the love you have in your heart with another. Fig 7 ( ) two married people

9 If life were one big party and we all did and said and had the right thing all the time we wouldn’t need love. life is complicated life is short but love is long. Fig 8 ( ) two old people in love and stayed in it

10  Although it is true that a big part of love is putting another person’s happiness ahead of your own this never includes compromising your values or being untrue to yourself.

11  If somebody asks you to do something that you don’t want to do in order to prove your love they do not love you the way you might think they do. When you love another person you don’t ask them to sacrifice a part of themselves in the name of that love.

12  To be in love is to share intimate feelings, hopes and dreams. To feel passion and excitement when the love of your life enters the room. To miss them and their touch. To want to be around them and listen to know and understand their every feelings, hurt, joy and frustration.

13 Don’t beat yourself up emotionally if you find yourself in this unhappy situation. But be sure to remain single and to be open and honest with all parties about your feelings and confusion. Fig 9 ( ) a girl the beat her self up

14 You can try to twist it anyway you like but when you love someone it means you care for them. Your heart has true feelings for them. You can act differently than how you act when your with people you don't love. Fig 10 ( ) two people deeply in

15 The only amount you can say how much you are in love with a person by saying “ count the waves” because the waves in the ocean continue forever. And when you are in love with someone you can be in love forever. Fig 11 ( ) Jay Z and beyonce in

16 Without having trust in a relationship, it will never work. Trust is your credit. Once your partner no longer feels as though they can trust you, your credibility is shot. Fig 12 ( ) boy girl don’t have no

17 There are so many loves and objects of love. We can love things, memories, ideas, beauty, literature, music, GOD … Love isn't restricted to romantic love or to the love of people love may even be extended to evil. Fig 13 ( ) different things people love to do or wear or even

18 How to rebuild trust when your mate messed up. When you break that certain trust that person can forgive you but he or she will never forget what you did trust is a real big situation. Fig 14 ( ) he is trying to rebuild trust but them flowers don’t look like they

19 Yes, there are several similarities when you love something or someone and to be in love with someone. Fig 15 ( ) 1 st picture is being in love with your mate 2 nd picture is a daughter and her dad they have love for each

20 There are certain confusion that comes in every relationship, and obviously you guys are not on the same page all the time, but the emotions you share are what matters. Fig 16 ( ) two people that are confused about them selves and there

21 The most important object of love is people. People are the central part of love, and that all other forms of love are just extensions and sometimes perversions. Fig 17 ( ) people …

22 We may not always note it, but love is peeping into many or our daily acts and into multiple recesses of our private life. Fig 18 ( ) two kids peeping around that tree …

23 Stay together though thick and then tell the truth all the time don’t cheat.

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