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Latin Vocabulary 4. decapitate capit – head decapitate- verb to cut off the head.

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1 Latin Vocabulary 4

2 decapitate capit – head decapitate- verb to cut off the head

3 decapitate Unfortunately for the man, his car was too tall to drive below the bridge. He was almost decapitated when the roof of his car was ripped off.

4 decapitate Related words: capitulate capital capitalize capita

5 corpulent corp, corpor – body corpulent – adj. excessively fat

6 corpulent Martin Lawrence plays a corpulent woman in Big Momma’s House.

7 corpulent Related words: corporal corporate corporation corporeal corps corpse corpuscle incorporate incorporeal

8 orthodox dox– belief orthodox- adj. conforming to the established beliefs

9 orthodox The Greek Orthodox Church has traditions that have been passed down for thousands of years.

10 orthodox Related words: doxology neo-orthodoxy paradox unorthodox

11 dormant dorm – sleep dormant – adj. in an inactive stage, like hibernating

12 dormant Volcanoes, trees, and frogs can be dormant, but they are dormant for different amounts of time.

13 dormant Related words: dormancy dormitory dormer

14 manacles manu, mani – hand manacles – n. handcuffs or shackles v. to handcuff

15 manacles In the Museum of Slavery in Virginia manacles are on display.

16 manacles Related words: emancipate manage manicure manifest manipulate manual manufacture manumit manuscript

17 monocle ocul – eye monocle – n. an eyeglass for use with only one eye

18 monocle The villain in the James Bond movie wore a monocle because he thought it made him look dashing and sophisticated.

19 monocle Related words: binocular ocular oculist

20 quadruped ped – foot quadruped – n. a four-footed animal

21 quadruped There are many types of quadrupeds in the world, including zebras and tigers.

22 quadruped Related words: biped centipede impede pedal pedestrian pedicure pedigree pedometer

23 transcript scrib, script – write transcript – n. a written copy of spoken material

24 transcript The stenographer wrote a transcript for the trial. When I applied to college, I had to ask Spain Park to send my transcript from high school.

25 transcript Related words: ascribe circumscribe conscription describe indescribable inscribe manuscript post script prescribe scripture

26 verbatim verb – word verbatim – adj. word for word

27 verbatim Although the fight in the hall was chaotic, Mrs. Knight could remember verbatim what the girls said. Must use as an adjective, even though it doesn’t feel right.

28 verbatim Related words: adverb – (throw toward ) proverb proverbial verbalize verbose

29 convivial vit, viv, vivi – life; breath; mind; soul convivial – adj. sociable; fond of eating, drinking, and being with people

30 convivial When we arrived at the Jones’ home, we were surprised that their gathering was so convivial because they both seem to be such quiet, reserved people.

31 convivial Related words: revitalize revive survive vital vitamin vivacious vivid vivisection

32 Vocabulary Roots 1 loqu; locu – to speak vit, viv, vivi – life, breath, mind, soul ped – foot ject – to throw scrib, script – to write duct – lead cred – belief; believe semi – half

33 Vocabulary Roots 2 cide – kill bell – war infra – below, beneath mal – bad, ill, wrong manu, mani – hand post – after, behind bi – 2 ambi – both; around

34 Vocabulary Roots 3 dict – speak; proclaim officially re – again pre – before, in front of omni – all; every

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