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Bell Bajao Social Media: Review & Analysis Taking stock of where we are and how to move forward Date: 28 th Apr 2010.

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1 Bell Bajao Social Media: Review & Analysis Taking stock of where we are and how to move forward Date: 28 th Apr 2010

2 There are two parts to this presentation Part II – Bell Bajao site traffic analysis, Market study, Comparison with successful Social Media campaign, Big questions going ahead. Slides 18 to 23 Part I – Social Media Marketing Strategy with ___- Take stock and plan next steps: (Based upon contract signed by Breakthrough and _____) Slides 4 to 16


4 Twitter  Tool to be set up for collaborative tweeting as a team  Twitter home page to be redesigned as per the BellBajao site  Twitter followers to be added (no bots and any user who don’t follow back will be deleted) – this will be a regular task and we can only think of numbers like 5,000 followers in one month – we don’t have a limitation of adding larger numbers but we risk being banned on twitter if it perceives the account as spam at the same time, if the team engages in one-on-one conversation and regular tweets then the account looks human and we can add more followers (say like 10,000 in the first month) – keeping in mind the limitation of adding users based on certain keywords, in India only, no robots, no non-active users; I think 10,000 will be a great achievement and will prove beneficial Current follower count 1548 Following count – 1882 An increase of approximately 400 followers since March’10 CoTweet was done Home page was redesigned Cl.1 of the contract – Twitter marketing


6 Twitter Few basic questions: Q. By social media market standards, Is this a good progress? Need research articles in support. Q. Is there any record kept of how many we followed each day / month, how many followed us back and how many we unfollowed. Q. Any record on how many followers we got directly, ie people who followed us first? Q. Any record on in how many days are we unfollowing them? Q. 10,000 by end of March referred to follower count or followee count? How much we achieved? On an average 13 followers per day over the last 3 months Q. What is the basis of filtering and un-following?

7 An impromptu look at the Bell Bajao twitter time line at the time of creating this presentation shows that we are following all kinds of profiles, including tech, non tech, marketing, finance, bots, non bots, national, international. In a meeting with _____ it was decided that we will only follow India based tweets and to begin with it was advised to follow all profiles which the Indian celebrities follow, like Shashi Tharoor, SRK etc – Was this done? An update is needed. Q. On what other basis are we following people? Can the back end of this twitter tool be shared so that we can monitor the basis? Filtering and un-following: If ‘follow back’ is the only basis then the concern is that: - Bots sometime auto follow back - Even if the profile is not a bot, but say an Insurance company or credit card company from Africa and they follow us back, we still don’t want to follow such profile. Q. So then how do we check these and filter them out?

8 Follower followee balance and relationship Important to have balance between how many we follow and who follows us. To keep in mind the profiles of people we follow. We don’t want to follow irrelevant tweeps. As can be seen in the pic a genuine conversation (@Chandnim) gets buried in the timeline of irrelevant tweeps. We have been engaged in one on one conversation at regular basis but find it difficult to pitch in other people’s conversation. Big Q for Breakthrough: What is more important Numbers or quality followers?

9 To do list: Need to unfollow all international, marketing bots at the earliest so that timeline is clean. Need to think of at least 2-3 new Twitter campaigns and a marketing strategy. Examples of twitter campaigns: Twitter based contest with lucrative prizes Twitter virals Create Hashtag push people to use it again offer prizes To encourage some of our celebrity friends who are on twitter to ask their followers to follow Bell bajao. We have Boman, Shantanu, on twitter. How to increase twitter follower count? A more aggressive campaign is required, merely hoping if we follow others they will follow us back will not work. NEXT STEPS

10 Q. What kind of conversation has got us most RTs and @replies so far? Answer is simple, whenever the content is interesting: The post related to Hijab – once the link was posted there was a lot of conversation around it. Clearly this was not because of any marketing strategy but because of the sensitivity of the issue.Hijab Two times when we did live tweets – Anganwadi event and Mangalore video vanAnganwadi eventMangalore video van When we asked a question rather than gave information (Abu Dhabi story)Abu Dhabi story RETROSPECT What worked? What didn’t?

11 We need more ideas: Beg, Borrow, Steal, Create Some relevant articles: This links lists 6 successful twitter campaigns – we will see these were dedicated campaigns with micro-sites and other applications. Another campaign that had the backing of actor Ashton Kutcher behind its success. campaigns/ This article talks about how many followers does an organization actually need? Tips for a successful twitter campaign

12 Video provided by BellBajao will be uploaded on multiple video sharing sites (major ones only – up to 40) along with description and keywords and we will also provide a statistical report at the end of the month – keeping in mind the time limitation, we will add a total of max 30 videos – your team has to support one-on-one conversations on youtube – we will also promote the video channel (youtube) or individual videos on the site through Facebook marketing campaign ($100 value) Cl.2 of the contract – Video Uploads Yet to start We need a clear plan on this as we have many videos with us now ready  How many sites?  How many videos  A list of the sites?  What is the methodology of upload? Manuaul upload one by one or by the use of certain application where simultaneous upload will take place?

13 3. Commenting on other major blogs – we will help create a RSS reader for various topics which relate to domestic violence or at least have a similar targeted audience – we will pick up each such group of blogs on a daily basis and comment on them and the team has to support this as gradually they need to do this on their own – these comments will bring users (particularly blog owners) back to the site and will act as link backs which is helpful for SEO – target of 200 comments in the month of March. Cl.3 of the contract - Comments Comments were made by _____ in approximately 35- 40 blogs as per information obtained from Mayank via email dt. 28-Apr-10 In Addition SEO has been done by ____ on over 200 blog posts

14 Publishing guest articles on other major blogs – the team has to provide us with highly researched articles on domestic violence which we will get published on some major blogs which are around the similar related topics – thus we will drive the traffic of that site towards our site – target of releasing 8 such articles in the month of March. Cl.4 of the contract – Guest Articles This one is pending because of lack of deliverable from Breakthrough side. We have at our end published one article on Jaago Re site.

15 Photo and Blogger competition will be active – apart from that we intend to create more competitions like creating an ad film on domestic violence – we will talk help of other prominent bloggers to promote all these competitions by getting them to write an article on their blogs – then we will also do facebook marketing campaigns on this ($100 value) Cl.5 of the contract Target of adding more rss and newsletter subscribers – we will make subscribing more intuitive and Impulsive Cl.5 of the contract Take a Pledge badge has to be created and we will get numerous blogs (in India) to display the badge on their site. Cl.5 of the contract Have we used this? How are we going to use it? Can it be used during Mumbai Video Van? Have we used this? How are we going to use it? Can it be used during Mumbai Video Van? Yet to start

16 Questions 1.Any other strategy to increase twitter count? – Ideas for Twitter campaign 2.We want to start the $200 Facebook ad campaign – Can we at least 50% of it during the Mumbai Video Van (4 th May to 18 th May)? 3.The Mumbai Video van – What additional activities can we do twitter / blog contests – any other suggestions? 4.Live tweeting of Video Van with hashtag #videovan need to be hosted on our site and some contest around that need to be set up. 5.We have the champion voices ready to be uploaded on multiple sites, when will this process begin?


18 Overall Blog traffic 1 st Feb to 28th Apr’10 Quick Numbers: Total 10,197 visits 27.55% Direct Traffic 26.91% Referring Site 45.53% Search Engines Traffic through Search Engines Top 3 search engine – Google, Yahoo, Bing Top 3 Key words – Bell Bajao, Domestic Violence Act, Domestic Violence. All search key words are related to our cause (DV). At no.19 enters the first key words which are related to a recent blog post. The word is ‘Hijab’ Hijab related post was written on 18 th March Highest single day traffic – 18 th March Highest single twitter activity (RT and @replies) – 18 th March Social media traffic is a combination of quality content and good SEO – the traffic on 18 th March is a proof of that. What worked, what didn’t?

19 Traffic from referring sites Top 3 referring site: Facebook, Twitter, Activities have been done by both Breakthrough and Rajat & team on Twitter and Facebook Breakthrough - created quality content -Engaged in one on one conversation on Twitter - posted links of latest blog post on facebook and engaged in conversations _____ & team -Redesigned Twitter page - Set up co tweet, twitter tool -Tweeted on behalf of BT - set up link between facebook and twitter Social media traffic is a combination of quality content and good SEO – This is clearly reflected from above. It is not possible to judge exactly which action got traffic. It is the combination and persistent efforts that works. Social media traffic is a combination of quality content and good SEO – This is clearly reflected from above. It is not possible to judge exactly which action got traffic. It is the combination and persistent efforts that works. What worked, what didn’t?

20 A list of case studies presented by Social Media consultancy - India Social Bell Bajao - Pratham Books Fast Track watches Clear Trip Mitsubishi Cedia Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation WWF - Earth Hour Viacom 18 - Sony Erricson MTV Roadies Comparative study of the Indian Social Media Market Winners of the social media challenge contest amongst these cases 1 st Pratham Books 2 nd Fast Track watches 3 rd Clear Trip Short Term Projects Category 1st Mitsubishi Cedia 2 nd Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation 3 rd WWF - Earth Hour

21 Fast Track watches - A major component of success for fan page was use of Facebook social ads - a paid feature. In addition Fast track has billboards, tv ads all through the year to get traffic to their main home page Clear Trip - company offering airlines/railways ticketing service, cannot be compared with Bell Bajao. Mitsubishi Cedia - the prize announced was a basket of gadgets including laptops, cellphones and a cash prize of 10 lakks. WWF - Earth Hour - Paid online ad campaign on the Google site and its network sites. Viacom 18 - Sony Erricson MTV Roadies - Brand MTV is alone to create traffic. Taking a look at the resources used in some of these campaigns specially the winners

22 CONCLUSION Success at Social Media campaign mostly depends upon a combination of various efforts - there are no direct cause and effect The medium itself being in a nascent stage most strategies are created on an experimental basis. Numbers increase by leaps and bounds only when we create a very aggressive external campaign with - Extra ordinary corporate brand support - Celebrity support - Spend huge amount of money on offline marketing by TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboards For eg. Aircel’s Save Tiger Campaign, Tata Tea’s Jaago Re, Fast Track, Cleartrip, Mitsubishi Cedia and more Quality content is and personalized conversations is indispensable for a long term stability and sustainibility. Even when the numbers jump by thousands they eventually fizzle out Cont:

23 SOME BASIC QUESTIONS How will we judge the success and failure of our campaign? What is our Bench Mark? Who are our competitors? Who should we compare ourselves with? – Indian or International / corporate or non corporate What is our target: How many hits per month? How many twitter followers per month? How many facebook fans? What kind of activities should our followers be engaged in? Lastly, do we need a social media marketing strategy or a digital media agency?

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