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Mt. Everest/Nonfiction Unit Glennon/Wilson Assignment.

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1 Mt. Everest/Nonfiction Unit Glennon/Wilson Assignment

2 Databases and Catalogs SourceLinkDescription JHS Library CatalogGo to Catalog, then to Webpath Express to find websites you can trust WRL WebsiteMust have a WRL card to use Online Resources World Book OnlineAccess to thousands of reference sources, primary sources, and current information E-LibrarySearch newspapers, magazines, books, and much more for current information Gale Virtual ReferenceSearch a wide variety of databases at one time

3 WebsiteLinkDescription Frontline/PBS This website contains stories about the ill-fated 1996 Mt. Everest climb. Find a timeline, video clips, and survivors’ stories. NOVA/PBS Companion website to the PBS programs “Lost on Everest” and “Everest: The Death Zone.” Enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view from the summit of Mt. Everest. Multimedia Resources

4 Related Websites WebsiteLinkDescription American Meteorological Society Glossary This glossary by the AMS contains more than 12,000 meteorological terms. University of Virginia Climatology Office This site by the University of Virginia offers government, educational, industry, media, and individual clients with information on the impact of weather and climate on economic and ecologic systems. This website features current information about climbs on Mt. Everest, links to mountaineering equipment, list of the seven summits, and other interesting information. “The Sherpas of Mt. Everest” This article focuses on the Sherpa people and their connection to Mt. Everest. Medline Plus This medical site is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Outdoor Action Guide to hypothermia and cold weather injuries.

5 Related Websites WebsiteLinkDescription Mountain Madness Adventure travel company. Alpine Ascents Adventure travel company. Buddhist Studies Information about Tibetan Prayer wheels. The Prayer Wheel Overview and information about Prayer Wheels (Mani) Peakware is a mountain and mountaineering resource, featuring descriptions, photos, maps, routes, trip reports, guidebooks and more. Central Tibetan Administration Official Website The CTA attends to the welfare of the Tibetan exile community in India, and this link provides quick information about Tibet.

6 Citation Help WebsiteLink Citation Machine Easy Bib

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