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A.Mani Kumari 07A21F0007.  Introduction  Definition  Working  Applications  Drawbacks  Conclusion.

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1 A.Mani Kumari 07A21F0007

2  Introduction  Definition  Working  Applications  Drawbacks  Conclusion

3  Computers would be much more powerful if they had even a small fraction of the perceptual ability of animals or humans  This technology is an alternative to the mouse and keyboard

4  This eye tracking technology is also called as “BLUE EYES” technology  It has the ability to gather information about you and interact with you through special techniques like facial recognition, speech recognition, etc

5  The "BLUE EYES" technology aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings.  It uses non-obtrusige sensing method, employing most modern video cameras and microphones to identifies the users actions through the use of imparted sensory abilities

6  This technology works with a software called EyePoint that works with standard eye- tracking hardware EyePointhardware  The software uses an approach that requires that a person look at a Web link, for instance, and hold a "hot key" on the keyboard as she is looking

7  The area of the screen that's being looked at becomes magnified  Then, the person pinpoints her focus within the magnified region and releases the hot key, effectively clicking through to the link.

8  Pointing and Selection  Application On Switching  Scrolling And Panning  Security And Utilities

9  Look At The Desired Target

10  Press And Hold The HotKeys /  Start Click _ and _Drag *  End Click – and – drag +  Right Click Enter  Left Click 0  Double Click


12  Look At Target in MAGNIFIED VIEW

13  RELEASE Hotkey

14  Current Active Window

15  Press And Hold The HOTKEY

16  Look At The Target Window

17  RELEASE Hotkey/ Trigger

18  If you want to pagedown a word document paper then just look at the point from which you want to down the page.

19  Eye Saver™ turns on the screen saver when a user looks away from the screen and automatically turns off the screensaver when the user looks back at the screen.

20  Eye Point might work poorly for certain people, such as those with thick glasses, special contact lenses, or lazy eyes.  We have strained our eyes enough by working before the computer screen for 8 hours daily. I hope this eye-mouse is not a new way to develop Eye-Type. Using eye as tracking will increasingly force our eyes work harder.  People's performance dropped when he implemented a blue dot that followed their eyes

21  By this we conclude that in near future it will dominate the other technologies.  In Future the ordinary household devices such as televisions, refrigerators, and ovens may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them.

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