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SPARK Central May 6 th 2014 Campaign for the Future Networking & Informational Meeting Albert M. Berriz Paul Krutko.

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1 SPARK Central May 6 th 2014 Campaign for the Future Networking & Informational Meeting Albert M. Berriz Paul Krutko

2 Ann Arbor SPARK is a public-private partnership of business, government and academic institutions working to advance the economy of the Ann Arbor region.

3 The Virtuous Cycle A VITAL COMMUNITY A GROWING ECONOMY Increased prosperity, opportunity Revenue growth for city

4 . Ann Arbor Region Jobs Recovered from Recession

5 Strong GDP Growth in the Ann Arbor Region GDP = Total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period. US Average Yearly GDP Growth: 2%

6 Ann Arbor is a Job Center for the Region Over 67,000 workers across Michigan commute into Washtenaw County

7 Culture of Innovation in Ann Arbor "Cities are central to innovation and new technology. They act as giant petri dishes, where creative types and entrepreneurs rub up against each other, combining and recombining to SPARK new ideas, new inventions, new businesses and new industries.” -Richard Florida

8 What we do

9 Regional Economic Development Support Talent Connections Accelerate the Growth of Start-ups Market the Region

10 Our Impact

11 $1.5 billion in investments 13,024 new jobs Over 1,300 startups assisted through intensive services and referrals

12 Project Successes 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2006-2013

13 Our Impact Coyote Logistics has expanded their operations to the City of Ann Arbor, and will add 125 jobs and invest $1.2 million Med Hub recently expanded and committed to invest $1.7 million into a historic Dexter property. They plan to double their staff. Control Gaging recently broke ground on their new U.S. headquarters in Pittsfield Township. Ann Arbor Dexter Pittsfield Township

14 Our Impact Lake Trust Credit Union announced plans to build a new $30 million headquarters creating 350 jobs. Toyota Technical Center will will expand its engineering capabilities in the township and bring 250 employees to region. Navitas Advanced Solutions Group invested $9.3 million, created 125 jobs in Pittsfield Township and retained 250 jobs in Michigan. Brighton TownshipYork Township Pittsfield Township

15 Our Impact American Broach was featured on the Reuters sign in Times Square for their $5 million expansion. They plan to add 30 jobs. Universal Marketing Group has expanded into the former Borders headquarters building. They added 150 jobs in 2014. Faurecia has secured the ACH facility in Saline, which has resulted in 1,135 retained jobs. They are investing $85 million in the property. YpsilantiAnn ArborSaline

16 Our Impact Lyons Consulting Group chose to expand in Ann Arbor over other locations in the Mid and Southwest, investing $1.1 million and creating 30 jobs. Barracuda invested over $30 million in its R&D facility, creating hundreds of high- tech jobs. Hyundai America Technical Center invested over $15 million in its Ypsilanti facility, creating over 50 high-tech jobs. Ann Arbor Superior Township

17 Growing & Thriving Ann Arbor SPARK identified connected, automated, and autonomous automotive and mobility technology as a key area to build prosperity in the region. Working with Walbridge, RACER Trust, Ypsilanti Township, and other private and public sector partners, SPARK is helping to create this new economic opportunity for the region. Innovative Redevelopment of the Willow Run GM Powertrain Factory

18 Growing & Thriving Top Employers in the Ann Arbor Region

19 Awards & Accolades Ann Arbor SPARK earned designation as an ACCREDITED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (AEDO) from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), one of 38 internationally. Ann Arbor has been designated an “AREA OF INNOVATION” by the International Association of Science Parks, one of nine nationally. Ann Arbor SPARK received New Media GOLD EXCELLENCE in Economic Development Award from the IEDC. Ann Arbor SPARK marketing awarded TOP HONORS by the Michigan Economic Developers Association. fDi Magazine recognized Ann Arbor as a TOP 10 SMALL CITY for Economic Potential.

20 Compendia BioScience Acquired by Life Technologies Compendia began within the SPARK Bootcamp program and received additional support from SPARK up until acquisition by Life Technologies in 2012

21 Liberty Street Corridor Business growth fuels new restaurants like Sava, Babo, Tomukun, Mani, Isalita, Slurping Turtle and many others

22 Ann Arbor Region ROI


24 Coming Soon: CEO Roundtable Meetings

25 Ann Arbor SPARK Committee Organization Chart

26 Supporting SPARK Accelerating the growth of second stage companies Retaining the region’s skilled workforce and attracting new talent to the area Leading national business attraction and marketing efforts Increasing foreign direct investment and trade promotion Developing regional index measures With your support, SPARK can further advance the region’s economy by engaging in new initiatives:


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