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Honour, Machismo, Male and Female Roles in Latin America Raizia Mair, Racheed Mani and Nicholas Mahfood.

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1 Honour, Machismo, Male and Female Roles in Latin America Raizia Mair, Racheed Mani and Nicholas Mahfood

2 Honour in Latin America

3 Honour had two meanings Status Families gained an honourable status when they had royalty in their ancestry or when their family was not mixed in any way. Virtue This was reflected on the entire family as a whole. However unlike honour status, honour as a virtue applied differently to males and females

4 Contradictions~ Honour had different meanings according to gender. Men’s virility rose by how many women they were able to conquer.

5 How it’s different today Marriage is now based on a couple’s personal relationship rather than on their class. Men were no longer ‘rulers’ over their household. Marriage became personal.

6 Female Gender Roles

7 Women exercised their reproductive roles and lived within highly structured sex/gender arrangements Women could only listen to the men in their family. They could not peak out or do things without permission.

8 The 10 Commandments of Marianismo Don’t forget the place of the woman Don’t give up your traditions Don’t be an old maid, independent, or have your own opinions Don’t put your needs first Don’t wish anything but to be a house wife Don’t forget sex is to make babies, not pleasure Don’t be unhappy with your man, no matter what he does to your Don’t ask for help Don’t discuss your personal problems outside the house Don’t change

9 How it has changed~ More women have a higher education and more women have jobs. Views have changed about women being the homemakers.


11 Relation to the text “the brothers were brought up to be men. The girls had been reared to get married.” (p. 31) “…her parents… imposed on her the obligation to marry a man she had barely seen.” (p. 34) “’Love can be learned too.’” (p. 35) “The groom received a convertible with his name engraved in Gothic letters under the manufacturer’s seal. The bride was given a chest with table settings in pure gold for twenty-four guests.” (p.39)

12 Machismo in Latin America

13 What is Machismo? The term machismo describes a exhibition of excess masculinity, ranging from virility to extreme male chauvinism. Typical machismo attitude includes one of boldness and being domineering and overbearing.

14 Machismo- Characteristics Proving masculinity, strength Drinking large amounts of liquor Hyper-sexuality Superiority over women

15 Reference in the Novel Machismo-an important part of Chronicle of a Death Foretold-can be seen in the emphasis on male pride in the novel and on the sexual behavior of the male characters. The men take pride in visiting Maria Cervantes's brothel, where they use women for sex. They are not ashamed of their actions, because their society endorses such desires and deeds. When Bayardo San Roman returns Angela Vicario, he demonstrates machismo-a woman is only worth marrying, he suggests, when she is a virgin; after that she is soiled. The Vicario brothers' murder of Santiago Nasar is also a machismo act-an attempt to take back Angela's honor by killing the man who deflowered her. As the string of events in the novel shows, the severe emphasis on masculine and feminine behavior leads to injustice. One man's machismo commits another man's-Bayardo's refusal to accept Angela leads the Vicarios to kill Santiago without trial or evidence. Liquor

16 Male Role- Latin America It is the traditional role for the male to provide for his wife and children. The proof of every man's manliness was his ability to completely dominate his wife and children, to have sexual relations with any woman he wanted, to never let anyone question, deprecate or attempt to thwart his manhood, and never to reveal his true feelings to anyone lest they somehow take advantage of him. In a patriarchal society,a lot is expected for both genders especially for men who are expected be successful in life in to marry a beautiful wife. Santiago Nasar, the victim, and Bayardo San Roman are both successful in life and are eligible to marry anyone in town. As their monetary prowess allows them, men are expected to engage in manly ' things, like Santiago who was introduced to firearms, horses, and falconry by his father. Men are also expected to take responsibility in different aspects men are supposed to marry any decent woman.

17 Machismo Today- A decline in numbers Demographic Group % Males Completely Agree with Statement %Females Completely Agree with Statement TOTAL15 %11% Aged 12-197%9% Age 20-2410%8% Age 25-3413%9% Age 35-4415%13% Age 45-5417%12% Age 55-6421%17% % of Persons in Colombia Who Agree Completely with the Statement: "A woman's place is at home" (Source: TGI Colombia Study, IBOPE Co

18 Sources "Machismo in Latin America." Machismo in Latin America. Web. 21 May 2012.. Marquez, Gabriel G. Chronicle of a Death Foretold. London: Picador [u.a., 1983. moving-beyond-machismo.aspx

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