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2 About our faculties Our current strength is 16 faculties including HOD Seven new faculties joined the dept. Ms Jaya Jacob Ms Lakshmi C Mr. Anoop Eluvathingal Mr. Arunkant Ms.Dimple David Ms. Anju Babu Ms. Jeenu Jose 3 faculties left in last acadamic year. Ms Malini rejoined the Dept. in June after leave. Ms Gincy rejoined the Dept. after M.Tech.

3 Student achievement Academics: University results 2008-2012: 6 th Sem - 67.38% 2009-2013: 4 th sem- 68.33% 2009-2013: 3rdsem 83.33% 2010- 2014: 1&2 sem 58.33% Placement: 47 placements in 2008 batch

4 Students Achievements contd…. Our S4 students (Manual Antony, Sharath Menon, Togi and Mahesh) won the first prize in the Robotics Competition conducted by Robosapians in collaboration with IIT Delhi in our College Our S8 students won the first prize in the reverse Engineering competition at Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur

5 Association activities Conducted FUEGO during January 2012- A technical event y EMAGE. Technical Talk By Dr KA Navas on “How to Improve Lab Performance” Technical Talk By Mr. S. Swaminathan on “Current Trends in Mobile Communication” One day talk on VLSI- Design Dr. Radhakrishnan on 3/2/2012. Two day workhop on Robotics by Robosapean India Pvt. Ltd during 24 th and 25 th February 2012.

6 Association activities….contd. Talks on Robotics by EMAGE on Ardino Robotics. Talks on renewable solar energy by Dr. Chem Nayar, University of Curtin, Australia Conducted a motivation class by Dr. Mani Paul on 30/01/12.

7 Achievements We acquired the following software during the current academic year ORCAD MATLAB

8 Staff Training/ FDPs Conducted MATLAB training program for faculties on 2/2/2012 Ms Honeymol PK and Ms. Binet Rose attended a three days FDP program on VLSI at Jyothi Engineering college, Thrissur Mr Anoop Suraj and Ms Kavya TS attended a two day workshop on VLSI Design at NIT Calicut Ms. Gincy Varghese presented a technical paper on “OFDM Channel estimation” on a National Conference conducted at FISAT

9 Our future Plans We are making an effort to publish and present more papers in the coming academic year. A three day workshop VHDL program during Jun-July 2012 by DOEACC is being planned Technical talk during August 1 st week by any eminent personal. Planning to conduct a 2 day workshop on Embedded system/VLSI Design during september 2012.

10 Current activities First time 2 batches of EC students are joining in 3 rd sem. We are in the process of setting up Project lab and VLSI lab The department will be moved to Bio-Block. Proposed to start M-Tech during 2013-2014.


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