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5/6 Sydney Excursion  We got off the bus with a spring in our step, then we entered the Y hotel with excitement and waited patiently for our key to.

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2 5/6 Sydney Excursion

3  We got off the bus with a spring in our step, then we entered the Y hotel with excitement and waited patiently for our key to our room. Our group went on the lift to floor 5, as we entered our room 501 we were amazed how deluxe our room was. Mrs See instructed us to put our bags in the room and wait outside for the others on our floor. The groups that were on floor 5 went down the lift to the lobby and waited for the other groups on floor 3. When the other groups came down we lined up to walk to Hyde Park.

4 EEveryone was excited, as we started to walk through Hyde Park. When we found a good place for lunch, we sat in front of a water fountain and had some lunch. After lunch we walked to the Art Gallery of New South Wales

5 When 5/6 arrived at the Art Gallery,we split into 4 groups. As we entered the Art Gallery we were surprised how gigantic it was. We looked at fascinating art that was old and modern. Mrs Weekes’ group seen Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginal art and many more types of art. After we looked around at the Art Gallery we set off and went over to a park that was across the road and had some snacks. After awhile we set off to what we call Parliament House.

6  As we got to Parliament House we were instructed to leave our bags outside and follow the teachers into the House. When 5/6 went inside we met Peter who instructed us to sit down the cold hard floor. Then Peter introduced our local member Greg Piper, after Greg talked to us and showed us pictures of Parliament house at night time he finished up in a quick hurry. Then peter told us to go to the toilet before we entered the house. After awhile peter was peter was talking to us about the house. When Peter had finished talking, he led us to the house and we sat down in rows. As we sat down and got settled, 5/6 asked a bunch of questions about the house. When a bell rang heaps of people were rushing in. Before question time peter told us some rules. Finally, when question begun there was a lot of fighting and shouting at each other. At 3:00pm 5/6 left the parliament house and got our bag then started to walk to the rocks.

7 IIt was a very long and exhausting walk to the Rocks we saw churches and houses made out of wood and sandstone. After we walked around a little bit we saw a building called Codman's Cottage, we went inside the building and there was many camera's flashing inside the building, there was holes in the ground where rats had been rubbing themselves on and pick marks on the sandstone walls to make the shape. It was now time to leave so we could get to our next destination in time.

8  After we finished at the Rocks we went back on the bus and went to Darling Harbour but we went to the Imax theatre because it was raining unfortunately.

9  Years 5 and 6 walked to the Imax Theatre to watch the 3-D movie called Hubble. People were reaching out to the stars trying to grab them until some people started to get sick. As the movie ended people were happy to here that we were now going to eat dinner at China Town.

10  After, 5/6 came out of the Imax theatre we were instructed to line up in 2 lines. When we were ready, we walked to China town. When 5/6 arrived at China town we all found a table and everyone went and ordered their own dinner, we sat down and chatting away. After dinner, we left China town and walked back to the Y Hotel. When we were on our way it started to sprinkle we then finally got back to the Y Hotel and everyone was so exhausted.

11 We walked into the hotel and went on the lift to our rooms to get our pjs and have a nice hot shower. After, we had our shower we then went down to floor 3 and visited some friends. We then had to go back to our rooms and got to stay up for 20 minutes and then we had to go to bed.

12 WWhen we woke up Mrs. See told us to hurry up, so we quickly got dressed and rushed down to the lobby but we were early and got to eat before everyone which was good cause my group was hungry. After 5/6 ate their breaky we took a walk to Hyde Park Barracks and took a long wait until a few people took us on a interesting tour It was fun.

13 On the bus to Manly the views were amazing, their were twists and turns on the way. When we arrived at Manly we got a sandwich, a drink and a piece of fruit for lunch that was supplied by the Y Hotel. We all sat down in front of the beach and had lunch. We then went to Manly Corso shopping centre and Mr B let us look around and buy things we wanted. After a few hours we quickly went and seen the Manly beach after about 10 minutes and went on the Ferry to Circular Quay.

14  After we went on our shopping spree, we rushed to the ferry and hopped on then went across the smooth sea. The boat was slightly rocking from side to side. Finally we arrived at Circular Quay.

15  As we reached the Sydney Harbour Bridge our eyes were shocked to see how long and high it was. All the children learnt many things about the bridge from Mr Behringer because he kept on mumbling on and on every time he remembered something small and interesting. As we all walked across the bridge it was all sunny until it started to get windy at the start, about 2 minutes later it started raining softly and then it hailed.

16  We arrived at Taronga Zoo early for our twilight safari so Mr B went and got the zookeeper named Tegan who welcomed us to the zoo and introduced herself. She then led us to the back entrance and told us to be very quiet because on the left on us was an emu and some kangaroos. We were told to sit down on some picnic tables and make name tags, years 5 and 6 were then put into our Hyde Park Barracks groups. The zoo keepers told us one group will eat dinner and the other will go to the education centre and see some reptiles. Our group ate first besides Mani who was in the other group, when our group finished dinner we then went to the education centre. As we were listening to Laura we herd a big noise it was the other group ready to eat there dinner, Laura showed us snakes and lizards. When the groups were finished eating dinner and finished there lesson in the education centre we were taken on our twilight safari around the zoo, we saw a komodo dragon, giraffes, a hippopotamus, Kio fish, white faced gibbons, a possum, lions and lionesses, deer's, chickens and a couple more.

17  The drive to Sydney was long enough but it was now time to head back down that lonely road, but at least we could now sleep in our own beds. Through the drive people fell asleep with no warning, until they were woken up by the teachers. People waited in the cold for 1 to 40minutes for there ride back home.



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