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Batch End Report 16-26 June 2014 Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal.

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1 Batch End Report 16-26 June 2014 Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal

2  Location : Bhopal  State: Madhya Pradesh  Batch Start Date: 16/06/2014  Batch End Date: 26/06/2014  No. of Participants: 22 Batch Summary

3 Infrastructure Details Number of Colleges No. of IT Labs Approx. no. of systems in each lab Internet/Broad band connection available at each lab Are all labs/campuses/c olleges connected via University Intranet Operating System Using in Lab 54945615YesNoMac, Windows 7

4 Batch Reflection The batch was well received by the participants who happened to be from different departments & institutions of MCU, Bhopal. Some of the participant's views about the training :- Windows -8 and MS Office 2013 has made things easy. Like converting in PDF, edit video feature in MS powerpoint, new animations schemes. Pratibha Patel, Mass Media, MCU I really liked the networking & Lab setting, and computer safety & Security sessions. Mitesh Sharma, New Media, MCU MS Powerpoint, OneDrive and Autocollage have changed my views towards computing. I organize a lot of events these will help me document the events well. Dr. Rakesh Pandey, Print Media

5 Batch Reflection I want to prepare digital content by using Autocollage, Photostory and PowerPoint. I liked the idea of sharing the learning content on web by using one drive. Bapu Wagh, Producer, New Media The endless possibility of saving things without worrying about the version and editing the same file on onedrive from different locations is amazing. No need of carrying pen drive always. Dr. Mani Kandhan Nair, Asst. Prof., Management Deptt.

6 Participant Details Sr. No.NameDesignationDepartment 1Dr Mani Kandhan NairAsst ProfManagement 2Mitesh SharmaAsst ProfNMT 3Shalabh ShrivastavTutorAPR 4Prashant ParasharTutorMass Comm 5Anita SoniTutorNMT 6Manoj Kumar PatelProducerStudio 7Deepak ChoukseyProducerElectronic Media 8Bapu WaghProducerNMT 9Dr. R.D. TyagiProducerVC Office 10Dr.Rakesh PandeyAsst.editorPublications 11Paresh UpadhyayProduction AssistantStudio

7 Participant Details Sr. No.NameDesignationDepartment 12Santosh Kumar MishraProduction AssistantStudio 13Phool Chand SisodiyaDocumentation AsstLibrary 14Ashok PandeyPA to VCVC Office 15R.K KuttyO S AcademicAcademic 16Prathiba PatelOffice AsstMass Comm 17Aditya JainOSD,AdministrationAdministration 18Rajeev ShrivastavCashierAccounts 19Gyaneshwar DhokeAsst. ProgrammerASI 20Hema MishraAsst GR-3ASI 21Rajendra GabiyaStenoVC Office 22Narmada Prasad SharmaAsst. Grade IIIAccounts

8 Batch Learning Curve

9 The Banner at MCU, Bhopal

10 Registration – MCU, Bhopal

11 Saksham at MCU –Day -1 Ice breaking activity of Little Discoveries Technical session followed by Practice on basics of computer & Windows -8

12 IT Session at MCU, Bhopal Session on MS Word 2013 and MS Excel 2013 Practice Session for IT Skills

13 Highlights – MCU, Bhopal Group reading followed by presentation on Current challenges in Education & Solutions Mind map creation on Ideal Institution of Future Activity on collaboration – The magic bed sheet

14 Highlights – MCU, Bhopal 1.Activity on mentoring for just in time just enough support 2.Collaboration among team mates – team building 3.Countering the roadblocks together 4.Presentation on importance & role of educators in ideal education system

15 Valedictory – MCU, Bhopal 1.Participants at Valedictory session held at conference hall at VC’s office MCU, Bhopal 2.The Dignitaries on Dias Honorable VC Prof. B.K. Kuthiala with Registrar Dr. Sonane and Mr. K.K. Garg MIT, Bhopal 3.The Certificate distribution 4.Prof. B.K. Kuthiala addressing participants of MS Saksham at MCU Bhopal

16 Summary – MCU, Bhopal Conducted at -New Media Technologies Department Course Coordinator - Dr. P. Sasikala, HoD New Media Technologies, MCU Total Participants – 22 with 03 female and 17 Male Teachers Participatory Departments – Print, Mass Communication, New Media, Management, Admin, Accounts, Electronic Media, Studio, ASI The Trainees learnt about working with Windows -8, MS Office 2013, Photostory3, Autocollage, Photosynth, PIL-Network,,, mentoring skills, mentoring plan preparation, Math 4.0, Onedrive, webapps, networking, computer safety and security, academic alliance, Digital content creation etc.

17 MS SAKSHAM in MLCU, Bhopal

18 Pre Training Announcement

19 Pre Training Announcement

20 Post Training Announcement

21 Post Training Announcement




25 Sound Bytes MCU, Bhopal

26 Sound Bytes - MCU, Bhopal


28 Video Feedback on MS Saksham by Dr. Manikandhan Nair, Asst. Prof. Management at MCU Bhopal

29 Thank You!!!

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