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TRR/ARB Presentation Yanomamo Interactive DVD System Team 06 - December 4, 2013 ●Reetika Rastogi - Project Manager, Life Cycle Planner ●Tushar Saxena -

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1 TRR/ARB Presentation Yanomamo Interactive DVD System Team 06 - December 4, 2013 ●Reetika Rastogi - Project Manager, Life Cycle Planner ●Tushar Saxena - Operational Concept Engineer, Requirements Engineer ●Cristina Cano - Prototyper, Feasibility Analyst ●Rohit Mani - Requirements Engineer, Life Cycle Planner ●Sanjay Kutty - Feasibility Analyst, Software Architect ●Shruti Sannabhadti - Software Architect, Prototyper

2 Operational Concept Overview Tushar Saxena 1

3 Anthropological case study tool cataloging an ax- fight incident of the Yanomamö tribe Enables users to watch the incident video while reading various incident related texts Users can also look at pictures of tribe members, genealogical information, and other graphs and charts Old system (on CD-ROM) only worked on classic Mac machines New system is implemented on a DVD and browser-dependent Operational Concept Overview 2

4 Win Conditions ●Play Time Based Media (TBM) ●Link genealogies to TBM ●Link statistics to TBM ●Link stills to TBM ●Link text to TBM ●Provide written text for reading ● Increased availability and wider outreach of course material ● Better learning environment for students ● Facilitates deeper learning and information access about the culture ● Increased academic prestige Organizational Goals 3

5 TRR Outline 1. Demo of Initial Operational Capability (Product status demonstration) -- Cristina 1. Support Plan -- Rohit 1. Test Cases, Procedure and Results -- Rohit 1. Quality Focal Point -- Reetika 1. Summary of Transition Plan -- Sanjay & Shruti 4

6 Transition Objective ●Full operation of the capabilities provided to the client ●Provide the system on a DVD ●System functionality replicates the original system ●Testing on different browsers on our local machines 5

7 Transition Objective ●Testing along with client to ensure operational satisfaction ●Creating test data to ensure that the functionalities are working as expected ●Test the system at the client’s site ●Ensuring ease of use for the client as it is a new system 6

8 Transition Strategy Development of the system Testing the system o Look and feel o Functionality o Different machines and browsers 7

9 Transition Strategy Provide training to the client using the training document Create user manual Obtain feedback 8

10 Demo of Initial Operational Capability Cristina Cano 9

11 Support Plan Rohit Mani 10

12 Support Plan The system has been tested by implementation team and is ready for use Remaining bugs and further feature development will be handled by the client The development team will not be making any additional changes to the system 11

13 Test Cases, Procedures, and Results Rohit Mani 12

14 Testing Testing by implementation team Testing by the client Final testing will be done at the client site and the implementation team will be present to document any known issues and bugs 13

15 Test Cases TC-01-01: Media Playback TC-01-02: Video Skipping TC-01-03: Fullscreen video TC-02-01: Text Linking TC-02-02: Genealogies TC-02-03: Stills TC-02-04: Maps TC-02-05: Rolling Text 14

16 Test Procedures An acceptance test script is used to guide the testers as they interact with the system All the test cases in the test plan will be covered by this script Any bugs encountered will be documented 15

17 Test Results Test #1 - 11/18/2013 Rolling Text not implemented - Bug #834 Test #2 - 12/02/2013 All capabilities implemented Test #3 - 12/05/2013 Final Training and Testing 16

18 Quality Focal Point Reetika Rastogi 17

19 18

20 19

21 20

22 Technical Debt Not choosing to auto-detect faces Text hard-coded into the HTML file -- working on resolving now 21

23 Traceability Matrix OCDWinWin AgreementSSADTest Case(s) OC-1 Play Time-Based Media WC_2328, WC_2327, WC_2326UC-01, UC-04TC-01-01, TC-01- 02, TC-01-03 OC-2 Link text to TBM WC_2337, WC_2335, WC_2334, WC_2332, WC_2330, WC_2326 UC-01, UC-02, UC-05, UC-06, UC-09 TC-02-01 OC-3 Link stills to TBM WC_2338, WC_2331, WC_2323, WC_2332 UC-02, UC-07, UC-08 TC-02-03, TC-02- 04 OC-4 Link statistics to TBM WC_2332, WC_2325UC-02TC-02-01 OC-5 Link genealogies to TBM WC_2324, WC_2779UC-02, UC-03TC-02-02 OC-6 Provide written text WC_2322UC-09TC-02-01 22

24 Transition Plan Sanjay Kutty & Shruti Sannabhadti 23

25 Hardware preparations Any operating system o Ex: Windows, Mac, Linux The computer should also have an operational DVD drive No extra hardware 24

26 Software Preparations Modern web browser is required o IE 11+, Mozilla Firefox 9+, Google Chrome and Safari 10+ The browser should be HTML5 compliant 25

27 Site and Staff Plan No specific site preparation is required A desktop or laptop with the mentioned requirements No staff required 26

28 Training DateTimeLocationContents Person being trained Responsible Personnel Training Materials 12/5/20132 pmGFS 204System Professor Gary Seamen Team Training doc, User manual 12/5/20134 pmGFS & University Gateway SystemStudentsTeamTraining doc, User manual 27

29 Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities DateRoleResponsibilityLocation 12/04/13Team,Client, TA’sTransition Readiness Review ARB evaluation USC 12/02/13 – 12/05/13 Prototyper, Tester, Project Manager Perform final requirements checks and testing, resolve any issues. USC 12/02/13 – 12/05/13 Team, ClientClient training and feedback USC 12/06/13Team, ClientDeliver the system on a DVD USC 28

30 Milestone Plan Milestones Date for completion 1) Drive through major features developed, by client 11/18/13 2) Final Testing by Implementation Team12/04/13 3) Client Training and acceptance testing12/05/13 4) Delivery of final, completed DVD to Client 12/06/13 29

31 Required Resources The entire implementation team, has to be present during client training, testing and final delivery of the project Basic hardware and software requirements as enumerated earlier No additional staff or personnel required for installation or maintenance 30

32 Software Product Elements All the libraries, images and other necessary files required for the working of the Yanomamö Interactive project The tool for mapping the tribe members will be given to the client for future use User Manual will be included along with the rest of the files 31

33 Thank you! We welcome any questions or comments :)

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