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Take 14 notecards.

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1 Take 14 notecards

2 graph bio auto man, manu, mani ped-Greek ped-Latin ambi hyper
grotesque regaled fickle inoffensive comely infer

3 graph- Greek root word to write, to draw, to record, to describe

4 bio- Greek root word life

5 auto-, aut-, Greek prefix self, same or from within

6 ped- Latin root word foot

7 ped, pedo-Greek root- child, boy, infant

8 hyper- Greek root word Above, over, more than normal

9 Man-, mani, manu- Latin root word hand

10 ambi- Latin prefix Both or around

11 Infer-verb To guess based on evidence

12 Grotesque-adjective Fantastically ugly, bizarre

13 To entertain extravagantly
regaled-verb To entertain extravagantly

14 fickle-adjective Likely to change, picky

15 inoffensive-adjective

16 comely-adjective Pleasing in appearance, attractive

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