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Religions of South Asia Buddhism in the Subcontinent.

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3 Religions of South Asia

4 Buddhism in the Subcontinent

5 4 NOBLE TRUTHs Life is filled with suffering Suffering is caused by people's wants (Desire) Suffering can be ended if people stop wanting things, like more pleasure or more power. To stop wanting things, people must follow 8 basic laws, called the Eightfold Path.

6 These are basic rules for everyday life To work at a job that does not injure others To try to free one's mind from evil To be in control of one's feelings and thoughts To practice appropriate forms of concentration To know the truth To intend to resist evil To not say anything to hurt others To respect life, property, and morality

7 Types of Buddhism Theravada Buddhism Theravada Buddhism (lesser vehicle) (lesser vehicle) Mahayana Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism ( greater vehicle) ( greater vehicle)

8 Theravada Buddhism o The oldest school of Buddhism. o The “Way of the Elders” or the “Small Vehicle.” o Found in southern Asia. o The monastic life is the best way to achieve nirvana. o Focus on wisdom and meditation. o Goal is to become a “Buddha,” or “Enlightened One.” o Over 100,000,000 followers today.

9 Mahayana Buddhism o The “Great Vehicle.” o Founded in northern Asia (China, Japan). o Buddhism “for the masses.” o Seek guidance from Boddhisatvas, wise beings. o Goal: Not just individual escape from the wheel, but the salvation of all humanity through self-sacrifice of those enlightened few.

10 Tibetan Buddhism o Developed in Tibet in the 7c CE. o Type of Mahayana o A mix of Theravada and Mahayana. o Boddhisatvas include Lamas, like the Dalai Lama. o The Tibetan Book of the Dead [Bardo Thodol].

11 The Dalai Lama

12 The laughing Buddha reminds us that to be happy we need to have a loving heart. A big heart gives you tolerance. It helps you to greet each day with joy and all people with gladness. It helps you to tolerate a great many things with a big happy smile that reaches your eyes and your heart. Buddha says that the best way to solve a problem we might have with someone else is to have a warm and loving heart. By not being resentful, by not bearing grudges, only then are we able to smile like the Buddha - only then can we be truly happy.

13 Relieve Stress & Meditate: Get a Mantra ! Ohm...mani...padme...hung... Hail to the jewel in the lotus!

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