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WELCOME Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd). Intro Good evening Principal Madam and Sir, teachers, fellow Alumni and young students. I feel privilege and honored.

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1 WELCOME Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

2 Intro Good evening Principal Madam and Sir, teachers, fellow Alumni and young students. I feel privilege and honored to stand before you this evening. It was 28 years ago that I step out of the protective environment of the school. My journey since has taken me to different parts of the country and the world. Having spend so many years away - why do I, like most of you, still feel the connect with the school. I think it is because this place gave us an identity and made us what we are today. And it is this sense of belonging that brought like minded people to together to shape the KV B AA. Before I take you all through the journey of the Alumni so far… I want to touch briefly touch upon the School History. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

3 School History KVB was carved out of Air Force School Begumpet in 1982 The school was located in AF station, Begumpet, basically by converting handful of Airmen Quarters into classrooms, staff room and Principal office. My batch saw the stage for assembly being built, trees being planted and walls being painted. KVB moved to new premises in 1995 In the past 28 years 5000+ students have graduated from class 10 and 12. So far the school has had 14 Principals and 500+ teachers who have guided and built this institution. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

4 Birth of an Idea The idea to form our school Alumni Association took birth during a get- together of ex- students and teachers in the year March 2013 Get-together in 2013 Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

5 Birth of the Association The association was born In 2013 during our first meeting at The Utsav Hotel. The Association committed was elected Bylaws were formulated The name KVBAA was coined. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

6 Birth of The Logo Two logos were designed and through a online voting process the most popular was selected as the official logo of the association Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

7 Framing of Bylaws Formulation of Bye-laws was a long drawn process. It took over many weeks to finalize the first draft. The draft was circulated among the members and after due consideration it was accepted by the Association committee. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

8 Registration of the Association Numerous meetings were held on weekdays, at times on weekends, inside school library, on the school stage, under Pepal tree, at hotels and even at member’s shop and showrooms. The KVBAA was formally registered as a non- profit Organization. All these to achieve ONE GOAL… that is to form the school Alumni Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

9 Idea for the Event The Event was named as Aagaman- or the “Home Coming” Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

10 Formation of Event Organization Committee Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

11 Launching of the Website Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

12 Fund Raiser Sports Meet Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

13 Special Mention Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

14 Special Mention- KVB Principal First, Mr. Israel, Principal KVB who met the committee member regularly even at odd hours and at short notices. He advised and guided the association on various matter. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

15 Special Mention- Current Students The current students took out time from their school hours to attend meets and make this event successful. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

16 Special Mention- Design Work Mr Jai Chandra for designing the Alumni logo and all the art work for the event. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

17 Special Mention- Website Satish Penta for website content development and hosting and for keeping the website alive through his post and statistics. Rajat Shahi for his initiative at researching and recommending a website designing company which specialized in designing School Alumni websites. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

18 Special Mention- Admin Work M. Sridhar for his contribution in getting the Alumni registration, Pan Card and Bank Account. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

19 Special Mention- Facebook Group Sunder Nagesh for actively administrating the Face book group through his post and updates. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

20 Special Mention Event Organization Anup Kumar Pushpal, Akbar Basha, Ameetabha Babladkar, and Venkata Seshu Babu for actively contributing to the Event planning and execution. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

21 Special Mention- Support Many have contributed to the event through their presence and views – some of them are K. Suresh Kumar, Ramu Goud, Sirisha Peera, Sirisha Mani, Jyotsna & Madan Mohan Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

22 Alumni Excellence The Alumni website has nearly 300 registered members spread nearly three decades. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

23 Alumni Excellence Alumni students are spread across the world in countries such as US, Canada, UK and the Middle East. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

24 Alumni Excellence Alumni students have excelled in fields such as IT, Medicine, Engineering, Armed Forces, Sports, Civil aviation, Banking and Finance, Business, Hotel management, Training and Education and many others. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

25 Alumni Excellence Alumni Students are CEOs & Directors at MNCs and Startups, Scientist and Scientific Writers, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, IT professional, Officers in the Armed forces, Presidential Gallantry award winner, Pilot, Running sports academy, Journalist, Financial and business Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Hospitality specialist Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

26 Alumni Excellence Google, Boeing, IBM, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Johnson and Johnson, Radio Mirchi, NTV, Hilton group, DRDO, NGO are some of the national and international organizations where our Alumni Students are working. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

27 Alumni Agenda When we started the discussion on formation of Alumni… The BIG Question was what should be the agenda of the Alumni. There were many suggestions such as providing financial assistance to needy students, developing school infrastructure, Supporting school’s sport teams by way of equipment. Given the limited resource and the fact the the association is still in its infancy.. The committee decided to keep the Agenda simple and yet make a powerful contribution to the school. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

28 Alumni Agenda The Alumni has decided on two sets of goals to be achieved during the year 2014-16 Form a Career Guidance cell. Form a Corpus Fund to provide interest free loan to deserving students in pursuing of their career. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

29 Career Guidance Cell(CGC) The CGC shall provide career guidance to students of class 9th to 12th. This shall be by way of personal interaction between current students, former students, industry professional. The events shall be organized on Saturdays. The event would include lectures, talks, interactive session and visits. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

30 Interest Free Loan The aim is to create a corpus fund upto Rs.10 lakhs The interest earned from the fund shall be used for lending to students in their career development. This idea has been borrowed from a successful social initiative called the Milaap. ( Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

31 Thank You At the end, I want to conclude by saying Organizing the 1 st Alumni meet was a challenge and we the Alumni should be proud that we have successful organized it given the limited resource and time. I hope and pray that the next committee and new Alumni member shall strive to make the next meet Bigger and Better. Thank You. Maj Sunil Shetty, SM(retd)

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