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The Sasanid Empire 224 - 651 Chapter 9 WHAP 2012.

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2 The Sasanid Empire 224 - 651 Chapter 9 WHAP 2012




6 parthian empire

7 Sasanid Empire Old Rivalry between Rome and Parthians along Euphrates frontier. Centered in present day Iran


9 Origins Sasan was a great chief in southwestern Parthia Ardashir, descendant of Sasan defeated Parthians and created new Iranian state in 224 Guardians of the Silk Road Enemy of Byzantine Empire Ardashir profile

10 Politics To protect empire: Sasanids made alliances with nomadic chieftains along the Euphrates desert frontier.

11 Sasanid and Byzantine similarities Centralized control of imperial finances. Religion Zoroastrianism and Christianity state sponsored religions.

12 Sasanid and Byzantine similarities Both found common identity in religion. Would set up rise of Islam as the focus of the empire. People saw a state religion as a necessary part of an “empire”

13 Religious Persecution Nestorians- Christian religion based in Turkey. Believed Christ was human and also God. But Mary was not the mother of God, only the human side of Jesus They were persecuted because of their beliefs and fled Byzantine Empire. Called heretics and sought refuge under Sasanid shah.

14 Manichaeism Zoroastrian sect persecuted by Sassanids Believed in a cosmic struggle between evil and good. Prophet Mani put to death by Zoroastrians Manichaeism - New World EncyclopediaManichaeism - New World Encyclopedia

15 The Camel Very strong pack animals Technology: Development of “war saddle” aided in control of the caravan routes Wheeled vehicles disappeared in Arabian area.


17 Christian Knowledge Intellectual Tradition Arab involvement in Byzantine/Sasanid conflict led to the spread of Christian knowledge in Arabian peninsula. Trade: Imported Cotton, Sugar, Rice


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