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HP TopGear 06 An Enterprise Partner Conclave Sept 8-9 Jaipur Sept 13-14 Hyderabad.

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1 HP TopGear 06 An Enterprise Partner Conclave Sept 8-9 Jaipur Sept 13-14 Hyderabad

2 Top Gear06 Snapshot HP TopGear 06 was the annual TSG Enterprise Partner Meet held at Jaipur (for north and east partners) and Hyderabad for (South & West Partners) The Jaipur event was held at the beautiful Trident Hilton Hotel overlooking the …….lake and in Hyderabad the venue was the exotic and lavish Sitara Hotel in the Ramoji Film City Besides being a platform to showcase the unparalleled power of the HP portfolio theses events were designed to recognizes and felicitate the immense contribution of partners in the success that HP has enjoyed in the enterprise market HP Top Gear also formed a platform to discuss and deliberate the opportunities that lie ahead and also offered ample opportunity of interaction between HP TSG management and the partner community The events were a great success in terms of participation from the partners with over 120 top partners attending the two events. Key attendees from HP included Mr. Som Satsangi, Hemant Tiwari, Ashok Pamidi, Rajesh Dhar, Amit Chatterjee, Sameer Mathur………and Roger Stocco an Sachin Chheda…………………DEEPAK SAR please fill gaps. The Top Gear theme of these events reiterated the key message that team work, passion and focus are the cornerstones of mutual success in the enterprise space. And that HP & partners all set to hit the top gear in FY07 on the road to profitability !

3 Top Gear06 Entertainment & Awards Top Gear 06 featured some top notch entertaiment at the end of a long day of conferencing. The Jaipur event featured the country’s ace stand up comic Vir Das who regaled the audiences with his inimitable energetic humor. Taking potshots on everything under the sun starting with his own name, to women, bollywood, Bush administration to everything that one can think of. This was followed by a soulful performance by Silk Route whose mellow melodiessimply took the evening to new heights.Blah…blah blah and blah Awards : The evening was interspersed with the felicitation of some special partners. Please take award categories and names of winners from Deepak Sar

4 Top Gear06 Entertainment & Awards The event at Hyderabad was held at the exotic Sitara hotel at the state of the art Ramoji film city out site the city of Hyderabad. With the weather Gods not in the right mood, the grand set up at the poolside had to be shifted indoors but the performances that followed turned the location immaterial Vikram Sathaye, the veteran of the comic world delivered another seasoned knock…on his favourite turfs of cricket and bollywood. This was followed by a mesmerizing performance by another veteran and genius called Shiva Mani..He enthralled the audience with a solo on 100+ percussion intruments for 40 minutes on the trot !



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