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Word Map Index Literary Words: Amorphous Serene Prodigious Sublime Clamor Condescend Profound Manifest Coerce Dearth Languor Academic Word List: Process.

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1 Word Map Index Literary Words: Amorphous Serene Prodigious Sublime Clamor Condescend Profound Manifest Coerce Dearth Languor Academic Word List: Process Analysis Ironic Generate

2 Analysis: a= not asexual asymmetrical morph= form endomorph ectomorph mesomorph morphology to morph into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers amorphous Synonyms or near-synonyms shapeless formless half-formed blob-like undefined nebulous vague unstructured Example: Non-example: Use: The ice cream, half melted, formed an amorphous heap on the floor. (adjective) Unrelated sound-alike: amor (love) Forms: amorphously (adverb)

3 History (Etymology): from the Greek xeros: dry serene Synonyms or near-synonyms Calm Tranquil Unruffled Mild Mellow Peaceful Use: The nurse’s serene eyes and gentle manner created a surprisingly soothing atmosphere in the emergency room. Forms: serenity (Noun) serenely (Adverb) Antonyms or near-antonyms Stormy Tumultuous Violent Out-of-control “My serenity is rippled but not ruffled.” “serene and celestial atmosphere” “vision of serenity and purity” “His roof is the overhanging sky which reflects his serenity.” From Walden by Henry David Thoreau: Example: Non-example:

4 Close Relatives: Prodigy: an exceptionally talented or brilliant child Produce, productive prodigious Synonyms or near-synonyms Abundant Bountiful Overflowing Extravagant Lavish Productive Dazzling Use: We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for the prodigious harvest of our homeland. Forms: prodigiousnessAntonyms or near-antonyms Meager Paltry Insufficient Unimpressive Example: Non-example: “…prodigious speed” “…prodigious strength” From Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift: From Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: “I like then prodigiously.” Unrelated sound-alike: prodigal (extravagant)

5 sublime Synonyms or near-synonyms Heavenly Transcendent Majestic Superb Remarkable Awesome Awe-inspiring Divine Exalted Grand Use: When I entered the Sistine Chapel, I was awed its sublime beauty. Antonyms or near-antonyms Mundane Ordinary Unremarkable Uninspiring Ridiculous “…the sublime shape of the mountains” “…the transcendent vision of sublime beauty” From Frankenstein by Mary Wollenscraft Shelley: Example: Non-example:

6 clamor Synonyms or near-synonyms Noise Racket Hubbub Outcry Fuss Use: On Black Friday, crowds line up hours before the mall opens, clamoring for bargains. Antonyms or near-antonyms Quiet Serenity Tranquility “ From the first, I was clamorous to learn.” From Macbeth by William Shakespeare: “We shall make our griefs and clamors roar upon his death.” From One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty: Collocation: When used as a verb: clamor for Forms: clamored, clamoring; clamorous Example: Non-example:

7 acute Synonyms or near-synonyms Sharp Intense Piercing Use: Acute pain in a tooth may mean that you need a root canal treatment. Antonyms or near-antonyms Mild Blunt Subtle “ Her head ached acutely.” From Animal Farm by George Orwell “Every mouthful of food was an acute pleasure.” From Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Math connection: acute angle (less than 90 degrees) Forms: acuteness, acuity; acutely; Example: Non-example:

8 condescend Synonyms or near-synonyms Talk “down” to Deign Scorn Snub Disrespect Patronize “have an attitude” Use: I resented the teacher because whenever I asked a question, rolled her eyes and answered in a condescending way that humiliated me. Antonyms or near-antonyms Respect Defer to Level with “ She was forced to condescend to our company.” From To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee “Jem condescended to take me to school on the first day.” From Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte: Forms: condescension; condescended, condescending Example: Non-example:

9 Analysis: Pro = forward (procedure, protect, produce) Fundus: bottom (fundamental) profound Synonyms or near-synonyms Deep Bottomless Meaningful Unfathomable Use: Although the movie was funny, it expressed profound ideas about the meaningless of war. Forms: profoundly (adverb) Antonyms or near-antonyms Shallow Superficial Frivolous Noun Associations: : abyss chasm Adjective Associations: philosophical reflective intense awe-inspiring Example: Non-example: profound stillness profound darkness profound thinker profound void profound anguish profound glance profound anguish From Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

10 Analysis: Mani: hand (manufacture, manual manifest Synonyms or near-synonyms Obvious Apparent Overt Evident Visible Perceptible Use: The signs of her illness manifested as fatigue, paleness, and unexplainable weight loss. Slang: up front; out there Slang opposite: on the down-low Antonyms or near-antonyms Covert Occult Discrete Clandestine Imperceptible subtle Alternate use: Manifest (noun): a list of items being transported on a truck; a passenger list on an airplane Historical associations: Manifest Destiny Forms: manifestation (noun) manifesting, manifested (verbs)

11 Degrees: encourage, request, invite…persuade…urge…bully… demand… mandate…coerce Synonyms or near-synonyms force compel Use: John Proctor would not be coerced into signing his name to a false confession that he had practiced witchcraft. (verb) Analysis: co= with erc/erg= work (ergonomic) Forms: coersion (noun); coersive (adjective) coerce Slang: strong-arm muscle arm-twist Situations: torture, rape, arrest, blackmail, extortion Example: Non-example: Movie quote : “In the end, he made him an offer he couldn’t refuse: Either Johnny’s signature or his brains would be on the contract.” Godfather I Common association: coerce a Confession out of a suspect

12 Antonyms: plethora glut bumper crop flood overflow excess Synonyms or near-synonyms scarcity paucity lack insufficiency sparseness shortfall Use: Because of a dearth of jobs, many Americans are unemployed in 2010. dearth Situations: famine, poverty, emptiness, drought Collocation : dearth of related adjectives: sparse, meager, paltry Example: Non-example:

13 languor Synonyms or near-synonyms laziness lassitude lethargy stillness indolence torpor weariness Forms: languid, languorous Antonyms or near-antonyms vigor energy get-up-and-go zip Associations: : an afternoon nap sleeping till noon slowness : Use: from Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe She opened her eyes in a state of dreamy, delicious languor. Example: Non-example

14 irony Synonyms or near-synonyms Satire Paradox Incongruity Coincidence Example: A fireman’s house burns down You say: “I never get sick,” and then you get sick You are happy. Then, you win the lottery. Because of your winnings, you are unhappy. You unwittingly marry a relative (separated at birth) What you think is the worst day of your life, turns out to be the best Breaking up on Valentine’s Day Forms: Irony Ironic ironical Ironically Antonyms: Expected outcome Normalcy Ordinariness Kinds of: Dramatic irony Situational irony Verbal irony Song: Alannis Morissette “Isn’t it Ironic?” Example Non-example Use: How ironic that the day she expected to get engaged was the day that her boyfriend broke up with her!

15 process Synonyms or near-synonyms method steps course of action development manner means Forms: processes, processed, processing procedure, proceed, procedural procession, processional Antonyms or near-antonyms chaos randomness Associations: : how a bill becomes a law digestion building something Collocation: in the process of steps in the process Use: It may take up to two weeks to process your application because we use a careful, detailed process of screening. Example: Non-example:

16 Analysis: (Greek) ana= up, against, back lys= loosen analysis Synonyms or near-synonyms breakdown investigation examination Use: An analysis of the data reveals that although several key economic indicators show overall improvement, unemployment remains high, especially in states that rely on manufacturing. Forms: analyze; analytical; analytically pl.: analyses Similar words: catalyst: agent of change synthesis: a new combination Antonyms or near-antonyms: summary overview opinion Example:Non-Example:

17 Etymology: (Latin Gen: beginning; origin generate Synonyms or near-synonyms create begin form formulate produce propagate procreate reproduce evolve originate engender promote Use: The first stage of the writing process is brainstorming, in which generate as many ideas as possible. Forms: generation; generated; generating; generational; generative Relatives: genesis general generator genocide gene; genetic genre genuine genius Antonyms or near-antonyms: die degenerate extinguish fade Example Non-Example:

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