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Police Officer Maylond Thompson Bishop Jr. Guntersville AL Police Department January 1, 2010Gunfire.

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2 Police Officer Maylond Thompson Bishop Jr. Guntersville AL Police Department January 1, 2010Gunfire

3 Deputy Sheriff John M Bernard Grant County WA Sheriff’s Office January 3, 2010Automobile Accident

4 Special Deputy Marshal Stanley W Cooper US Department of Justice January 4, 2010Gunfire

5 Deputy Sheriff Josie Greathouse Fox Millard County UT Sheriffs Office January 5, 2010Gunfire

6 Corporal James J Szuba Mishawaka IN Police Department January 9, 2010Vehicular Assault

7 Ricky Mishawaka IN Police Department January 9, 2010Vehicular Assault

8 Correctional Officer Edward Pounds North Carolina Department of Corrections January 9, 2010Assault

9 Police Officer Alfred Celestain Sr. New Orleans LA Police Department January 11, 2010Vehicular Assault

10 January 12, 2010Automobile Accident Trooper Duane A Dalton Louisiana State Police

11 Police Officer Craig G Story Arlington TX Police Department January 13, 2010Motorcycle Accident


13 Trooper Paul G Richey Pennsylvania State Police January 13, 2010Gunfire

14 Captain Chad A Reed Sr. Dixie County FL Sheriff’s Office January 14, 2010Gunfire

15 Deputy Sheriff James Louis Anderson Jr. St. Johns County FL Sheriff’s Department January 14, 2010Automobile Accident

16 Sergeant Noel D Cordero-Guzman Ponce PR Municipal Police January 15, 2010Gunfire

17 Corporal Christopher Milito Delaware River NJ Port Authority Police January 16, 2010Struck by Vehicle

18 Trooper Jill E Mattice New York State Police January 20, 2010Automobile Accident


20 Ross Township OH Police February 10, 2007Gunfire Chief Carl Ellis Worley

21 Gilbert AZ Police January 28, 2010Gunfire LT Eric L Shuhandler

22 South Carolina Public Service Authority January 28, 2010Assault Special Agent Frank B Glover

23 Franklin County TN Sheriff’s Department January 29, 2010Automobile Accident Investigator Charles J Crabtree

24 Jefferson County AR Sheriff’s Office January 31, 2010Assault Juvenile Detention Officer Leonard S Wall

25 Ohio State Highway Patrol February 4, 2010Automobile Accident Trooper Andrew C Baldridge

26 Orange County CA Sheriff’s Department February 4, 2010Gunfire Sergeant Ira G Essoe Sr.

27 Illinois Department of Corrections February 7, 2010Automobile Accident Senior Parole Agent Ellane E Aimiuwu


29 Oconee County SC Sheriff’s Office February 7, 2010Struck by Vehicle Deputy Sheriff William F Schuck III

30 Spring hill TN Police Department February 10, 2010Automobile Accident Corporal Jeremy C McLaren

31 Terrebone Parish LA Sheriff’s Department February 7, 2010Motorcycle Accident Major Timothy J Bergeron

32 Clark County MO Sheriff’s Office February 8, 2010Heart Attack Deputy Sheriff Don D McCutcheon

33 February 11, 2010Automobile Accident Holyoke MA Police Officer Police Officer David T Zolendziewski

34 Carroll County GA Sheriff’s Office February 12, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Davy W Crawford

35 Missoula MT Police February 12, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Robert Heinle

36 February 15, 2010Gunfire Chattahoochee Hills GA Police Lieutenant Michael S Vogt

37 Atlantic City NJ Police February 18, 2010Gunfire (Accidental) Police Officer Kevin B Wilkins

38 Chicago IL Police Department February 22, 2010Automobile Accident Sergeant Alan J Haymaker

39 Fresno County CA Sheriff’ February 25, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Joel B Wahlenmaier

40 San Diego CA Sheriff’s Department February 28, 2010Vehicle Pursuit Deputy Sheriff Kenneth J Collier

41 Reedley CA Police Department March 1, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Javier Bejar


43 US Department of Agriculture March 5, 2010Gunfire Officer Christopher A Upton

44 Ouachita LA Parish Sheriff’s Office March 6, 2010Gunfire Corporal Clovis W Searcy Jr.

45 Jackson MI Police March 9, 2010Gunfire Police Officer James D Bonneau

46 Prince George’s County MD Police Department March 9, 2010Automobile Accident Corporal Thomas P Jensen

47 Cleveland Heights OH Police Department March 13, 2010Heart Attack Police Officer Thomas F Patton II

48 Elyria OH Police Department March 15, 2010Gunfire Sergeant James A Kerstetter

49 January and June were the deadliest months for Law Enforcement with 19 deaths each. February saw 15 Law Enforcement Brothers and Sisters lose their lives, March, May and October all had 14.

50 March 21, 2010Heart Attack Officer Brian M Walsh Federal Way WA Police Department

51 PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources March 23, 2010Gunfire Ranger Kenneth O Betancourt-Camacho

52 PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources March 23, 2010Gunfire Ranger Feliz Rodriguez-Gomez

53 Forrest Hill TX Police Department March 24, 2010Automobile Accident Officer Timothy J Zurgyetz

54 St Louis MO Police Department March 24, 2010Vehicle Pursuit Police Officer David A Haynes

55 SC Highway Patrol March 27, 2010Automobile Accident Corporal Dana K Cusack

56 Ripon CA Police Department April 4, 2010Automobile Accident Sergeant Hector Ismael Ayala


58 Overton County TN Sheriff’s Office April 6, 2010Fall Deputy Sheriff Chad W Pritchard

59 Calhoun County TX Constable’s Office April 10, 2010Heart Attack Constable John W Brown

60 Reeves County TX Sheriff’s Department April 11, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Jacob R Rayos

61 Vilas County WI Sheriff’s Department April 25, 2010Vehicular Assault Deputy Sheriff Kory K Dahlvig

62 Nye County NV Sheriff’s Office April 26, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Ian M Deutch

63 Abilene TX Police Department April 29, 2010Motorccycle Accident Officer Rodney T Holder

64 Lexington-Fayette Urban County KY Police Department April 29, 2010Vehicle Assault Police Officer Bryan J Durman

65 April 29, 2010Fall Sergeant Franco R Aguilar Sevier County UT Sheriff’s Office

66 Maplewood MN Police Department May 1, 2010Gunfire Sergeant Joseph A Bergeron

67 Detroit MI Police Department May 3, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Brian E Huff

68 CA Highway Patrol May 7, 2010Aircraft Accident Pilot Officer Daniel N Benavides

69 Rockdale County GA Sheriff’s Office May 8, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Brian L Mahaffrey

70 US Department of Defense May 11, 2010Heart Attack Police Officer Tauveve Vivao


72 May 15, 2010Automobile Accident Trooper Patrick Ambroise Florida Highway Patrol

73 Houston TX Police Department May 19, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer E Mani

74 Chicago IL Police Department May 20, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Thomas E Wortham IV

75 Lake Oswego OR Police Department May 4, 2007Heart Attack Chief Daniel K Duncan

76 West Memphis AR Police Department May 20, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Thomas W Evans

77 West Memphis AR Police Department May 20, 2010Gunfire Sergeant Robert B Paudert

78 US Department of Homeland Security May 24, 2010Automobile Accident Border Patrol Agent Mark F Van Doren

79 Carrollton GA Police Department May 26, 2010Gunfire Police Officer James M Johnson Jr.

80 Phoenix AZ Police Department May 26, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Travis P Murphy

81 June 6, 2010Struck by Vehicle Trooper Marc K Castellano New Jersey State Police

82 US Department of the Interior June 7, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer Joshua Yazzie

83 CA Highway Patrol June 11, 2010Vehicle Pursuit Officer Thomas P Coleman


85 Maryland State Police June 11, 2010Gunfire Trooper First Class Wesley W J Brown

86 White Plains NY Police Department June 12, 2010Heart Attack Detective Michael R Perry

87 June 18, 2010Vehicular Assault Sergeant Douglas A Weddleton Massachusetts State Police

88 Richmond VA Sheriff’s Office June 19, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Caroline Green

89 Spotsylvania County VA Sheriff’s Office June 19, 2010Boating Accident Deputy Sheriff Dean Ridings

90 Texas 17 California 11 U.S. Government 11 Illinois 10 Florida 9 Georgia 8

91 Lancaster TX Police Department June 20, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Craig L Shaw

92 CA Highway Patrol June 22, 2010Struck by Vehicle Officer Philip D Ortiz

93 June 22, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Melissa J Powers Monroe County FL Sheriff’s Office

94 Twiggs County GA Sheriff’s Office June 22, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Richard L Daniels

95 Marshall County MS Sheriff’s Department June 10, 2007Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Carol J Scruggs

96 June 13, 2007Weather / Natural Disaster Natural Resources Officer Luke D Nihart KS Department of Wildlife and Parks Law Department

97 CA Highway Patrol June 27, 2010Struck by Vehicle Officer Justin W McGrory

98 CA Highway Patrol June 27, 2010Struck by Vehicle Officer Brett J Oswald

99 Tampa FL Police Department June 29, 2010Gunfire Officer David L Curtis


101 Tampa FL Police Department June 29, 2010Gunfire Officer Jeffrey A Kocab

102 Chicago IL Police Department July 7, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Thor O Soderberg

103 Shelton CT Police Department July 7, 2010Vehicular Assault Sergeant Orville R. Smith Jr.

104 US Department of Homeland Security June 24, 2007Heart Attack Officer Charles F Collins

105 Chicago IL Police Department July 18, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Michael R Bailey Sr.


107 Warren County MS Sheriff’s Department June 28, 2007Vehicle Pursuit Deputy Sheriff David W Lambert

108 Georgia County MS Sheriff’s Office July 21, 2010Vehicular Assault Sheriff Garry M Welford

109 American Samoa Department of Public Safety July 22, 2010Gunfire Detective Lieutenant Liusila Brown

110 Franklin Countyaa Sheriff’s Office July 5, 2007Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Samuel A Smith

111 Taylor MI Police Department July 23, 2010Gunfire Corporal Matthew L Edwards

112 Tazewell County VA Sheriff’s Office July 23, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Shawnelle Hess

113 July 28, 2010Gunfire Chandler AZ Police Department Police Officer Carlos L Ledesma

114 Greene County NC Sheriff’s Department July 28, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Jon-Michael Willis

115 NC Division of Motor Vehicles July 28, 2010Heat Exhaustion Inspector Timothy C Barnes


117 Jackson MS Police Department August 6, 2010Gunfire Patrolman Glen V Agee

118 August 6, 2010Automobile Accident Chief William T Bauer Wyoming IL Police Department

119 Mahnomen County MN Sheriff’s Office August 9, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Christopher L Dewey

120 August 10, 2010Vehicle Pursuit Police Officer Jeremy J Hubbard Cowden IL Police Department

121 Cedar Park TX Police Department August 18, 2010Motorcycle Accident Police Officer Leonard A Reed


123 Kane County UT Sheriff’s Office August 26, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Brian B Harris

124 Hawk Point MO Police Department August 27, 2010Automobile Accident Chief Paul J Fricke

125 Hoonah AK Police Department August 28, 2010Automobile Accident Sergeant Anthony M Wallace

126 Hoonah AK Police Department August 29, 2010Gunfire Officer Matthew D Tokuoka

127 Connecticut State Police September 2, 2010Automobile Accident Trooper First Class Kenneth Ray Hall

128 California Highway Patrol and Chicago IL Police Department each lost 5 officers.

129 US Department of Homeland Security September 2, 2010Vehicular Assault Border Patrol Agent Michael V Gallagher

130 TX Department of Criminal Justice September 3, 2010Heart Attack Corrections Officer Kellie Pena

131 US Department of Homeland Security September 8, 2010Heart Attack Officer John R Zykas

132 Rayville LA Police Department September 11, 2010Gunfire Sergeant Thomas M Alexander


134 Virginia State Police September 14, 2010Drowned Trooper Mark D Barrett

135 St Joseph MO Police Department September 15, 2010Gunfire (Accident) Officer Dan D De Kraai

136 Texas Department of Public Safety September 20, 2010Automobile Accident Corporal David R Slaton

137 Hillsborough County FL Sheriff’s Office September 21, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Mark A Longway

138 Baltimore City MD Police Department September 27, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer James E Fowler III

139 IL Department of Corrections September 28, 2010Assault Correctional Officer Tracy E Cooper

140 Greenfield IN Police Department September 30, 2010Vehicular Assault Police Officer William E Phillips III

141 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Police Department October 9, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer Merrill Bruguier

142 Average Age 40

143 El Paso TX Police Department October 13, 2010Vehicular Assault Patrolman Karl R McDonough

144 US Coast Guard Office of Law Enforcement September 8, 2007Gunfire Petty Officer Shaun M Lin

145 Missouri State Highway Patrol October 15, 2010Automobile Accident Sergeant Joseph G Schuengel

146 Baltimore City MD Police Department October 20, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer Thomas R Portz

147 Shreveport LA Police Department October 24, 2010Gunfire Sergeant Timothy C Prunty

148 Liberty County TX Sheriff’s Department October 25, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Odell McDuffie Jr.

149 Teaneck NJ Police Department October 25, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer John Abraham Jr.

150 Oklahoma Highway Patrol October26, 2010Automobile Accident Captain George C Green Jr.

151 Puerto Rico Police Department October 26, 2010Gunfire Lieutenant Jose A Cordova-Montanez


153 San Diego CA Police Department October 29, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Christopher A Wilson

154 Bernalillo County NM Sheriff’s Department October 29, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Dean F Miera

155 October 29, 2010Vehicular Assault Police Officer Sergio A Antillon San Antonio TX Police Department

156 Metropolitan DC Police Department October 30, 2010Automobile Accident Police Officer Paul M Dittamo

157 Riverside CA Police Department November 7, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Ryan P Bonaminio

158 Pennsylvania Game Commission November 11, 2010Gunfire Wildlife Conservation officer David L Grove

159 Greene County GA Sheriff’s Office November 14, 2010Gunfire Chief Deputy Kevin K Roberts

160 Crawford County PA Correctional Facility November 15, 2010Assault Correctional Officer Gary M Chapin

161 Texas Department of Public Safety November 15, 2010Automobile Accident Trooper Jonathan T McDonald

162 Deadliest Days in Law Enforcement 2010 February 7 and May 20 Four Officers were killed each day.

163 Maine Department of Corrections October 12, 2007Vehicular Assault Senior Corrections Officer John H Paskewicz

164 John H Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County IL November 23, 2010Assault Police Officer Dwayne Parks

165 US Department of Defense November 23, 2010Struck by Vehicle Police Officer Patrick Sirois

166 Weld County CO Sheriff’s Office November 23, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Samuel K Brownlee


168 Chicago IL Police Department November 26, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Michael R Flisk

169 Montana Highway Patrol December 1, 2010Gunfire Trooper David J DeLaittre

170 Tippah County MS Sheriff’s Department December 3, 2010Gunfire Deputy Sheriff Dewayne A Crenshaw

171 Illinois State Police December 8, 2010Automobile Accident Deputy Sheriff Rayford A Roberts

172 Orange County FL Sheriff’s Office December 8, 2010Gunfire Deputy First Class Brandon L Coates

173 Polk County FL Sheriff’s Office December 8, 2010Struck by Vehicle Sergeant Wesley R Whitmore Jr.

174 Average Tour: 11 years, 7 months

175 US Department of Homeland Security December 15, 2010Gunfire Border Patrol Agent Brian A Terry

176 Harker Heights TX Police Department December 20, 2010Motorcycle Accident Police Officer Andrew J Rameas

177 Dougherty County GA Police Department December 23, 2010Gunfire Lieutenant Thomas C Rouse

178 December 25, 2010Heart Attack Deputy Sheriff Michael R Schaefer Uvalde County TX Sheriff’s Department


180 December 26, 2010Gunfire Police Officer John B Maguire Woburn MA Police Department

181 Georgia State Patrol December 27, 2010Gunfire Corporal Chadwick T LaCroy

182 Arlington TX Police Department December 28, 2010Gunfire Police Officer Jillian M Smith

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