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Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Prepared by : VINCE PAUL Head Of the Department.

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1 Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Prepared by : VINCE PAUL Head Of the Department

2 Agenda Architects of the Department. Student Activities and achievements. Faculty Achievements. Dept. Achievements. Future plans.

3 Architects of the Department Vince Paul HOD Sankaranarayanan Divya M B Anila Thomas Havinash P H Anto Jacob Deepa Devassy Priya K V Jasmy Davies Divya R Krishnadas J Vijayalakshmi

4 1/15/2015 CLASSES STARTED DATES 4 th Semester Classes started on January 7 th,2013. 6 th Semester classes started on December 31 st 2012. 8 th Semester classes started on December 19 th 2012.

5 Celebrations & Charity During the second week of December conducted ‘X’-MAS celebration for both staff and students. Students of department collected more than Rs. 10000/- fund by putting a food stall during food festival and hand over the fund to Charity. 1/15/2015

6 Technical Fest On 6 th Feb 2013, EMINENCE conducted. The fest was inaugurated by Mr. Ajith Sreekumaran Nair, ( Research Head, Infosys Trivandrum). A technical talk delivered on the topic “ Software Testing in Quality Project Management “. 1/15/2015

7 EMINENCE 2013 As a part of the technical fest there arranged various competitions like : Online Bonanza This daring event starts with online prelims, from which the best teams will encounter the challenging finals on the stage. Tvitropes A platform to freak out your unique personality. Web-doodle Design from the spine, And you will be fine. Laberinto Come with your group and hunt till you win!!! Ignituz Present your ideas with a sparkling presentation. Bug-me-out : Code till you get them out...

8 Series Test & PTWA Meeting The First series test conducted during the third week of January 2013. After the series test, to evaluate the student performance, parents were called directly to the department to individually meet the faculty members. This sort of interaction with parents made student performance to increase its maximum extend.

9 University Results During the report period, various results are announced 2009- 2013 BATCH 7 TH SEMESTER - Overall Pass Percentage : 89.3 % (First) TOPPERS – PRINCY GEORGE 8.52 SONA ANTO 8.21 NEENU VARGHESE.T 7.96 6 TH SEMESTER – Overall Pass Percentage : 87.5 % (First) TOPPERS - PRINCY GEORGE 8.88 VARNA.U 8.27 NEENU VARGHESE.T 8.25

10 University Results 2010- 2014 BATCH 4 TH SEMESTER - Overall Pass Percentage : 59.8 % (Third) TOPPERS CHANDINI.V.MENON 8.96 ROSEMOL.E.JOHN 8.79 NIMMY ROSE DAVIS 8.55 5TH SEMESTER – Overall Pass Percentage : 76.3% (Fifth) TOPPERS - CHANDINI.V.MENON 8.18 ROSEMOL.E.JOHN 8.04 NIMMY ROSE DAVIS 7.96

11 University Results 2011- 2015 BATCH 3 RD SEMESTER - Overall Pass Percentage : 75.9% (Second) TOPPERS Angel.C.Rajan8.32 Swetha.K.Saseendran8.11 Joyna Joyson8.07

12 Result at a Quick Glance & Previous Year Comparison 1/15/2015 Results During 2012-2013Results for Comparison Previous Batch 2008 batch Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University 8th89.8Second 7th88.1Third 2009 batch 2008 batch Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University 7th89.4First 7th88Third 6th87.5First 6th88.1Third 2010 batch 2009 batch Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University 4th59Third 4th40.8 3rd50Sixth 3rd65.3 2011 batch 2010 batch 2009 batch Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University Semester Pass Percentage Position out of the University 1&236.27th 1&246.5 1&251.02 3rd75.9Second3rd50Sixth3rd65

13 Students Achievements Four projects from the Dept. were selected for Mathrubhoomi Spectrum project competition. Six projects were selected for project competition held at Sri Chithirathirunal College of Engineering and Tech. and bagged with First Prize. Project : “ Eye Blink - A mouse Motion Detector for physically challenged “ Done by:Linda Varghese, Sona Anto, Dency Varghese. Guide : Divya M B. Also the above project selected for incubation at Start-up Village for further development with Govt. Financial Aid. 1/15/2015

14 Placements Eligible students from the department were placed in various Multinational Companies. Ms. Anumol Johnson Ms. Anna George Ms. Meera A M Ms. Desere Johny Mr. Sajin Varghese 1/15/2015

15 GATE Coaching Apart from regular curricular activities, from the department to enhance the spirit of competitive examination, we offered GATE coaching. 25 students enrolled in the coaching camp. Ms. Shelji John come up with lucrative result. This year also we are continuing this venture with free of cost. 1/15/2015

16 Project Exhibition On February 22 nd 2013 conducted Project Exhibition for 8 th Semester students. Selected “ Corruption Buster “ done by Alwin Varghese,Nisamol Mathew, Shiona Bastin. Guided by : Mr. Vince Paul On April 12 th 2013 conducted Project Exhibition for 6 th Semester and selected “ Implementation of RBI rules in banking sector through Cloud Computing web service “ Done by : Girish Menon, Sreeja Sreekumar, Rosemol Francis & Ajith. Guided By Mrs. Divya M B On April 8 th 2013 conducted Project Exhibition for 4 th Semester students and selected “ Result Analysis “ done by AthulAnsakumar,Ushus Jose,Deepthy Johnson,Lerin Lawraence. Giuded By Mr. Anto Jacob.

17 Seminars & Workshop Microsoft India conducted seminar on exposure towards“ Real time web development tools “ like.NET, BizTalk, SharePoint etc. Conducted one day national level work shop on NPTEL by IIT- Chennai in co-operation with our Library department. External Faculty members, Our Faculty members and students participated in this workshop. 1/15/2015

18 Faculty Achievements Mr. Sankaranarayanan qualified with UGC NET. Mr. Anto Jacob Qualified in GATE. Mr. Vince Paul published “Application - Dos Attacks Resistance Scheme Using Polynomial Distribution Model’ a paper in International Journal - International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Application (IJACSA). Mr. Vince Paul authored “Application - DDos Attacks Resistance Scheme Using Bayes optimal filter Algorithm’ a paper in Sahrdaya Journal for science and Technology.

19 Faculty Achievements Prof. Sankaranarayanan Completed DataBase design and programming with SQL by Oracle Academy certification. Prof. Havinash Completed Java Fundamental & Java Programming by Oracle Academy certification. Mr. Anto Jacob has done a software of Result Analysis system to take results directly from Calicut University web site and analyze the results. 1/15/2015

20 Faculty Development Programs Prof. Havinash Attended 3 day work shop at Trivandrum Infosys for Android Technologies. Prof. Sankaranarayanan & Prof. Havinash attended 4 days work shop of Oracle certification program at Rajagiri College of Engineering, Kochi 1/15/2015

21 Eminent Personalities visited in the Department Prof. Dr. Gopal & Prof. Dr. Ratina of IISc. Bangalore visited the Depatment, and offered all sort of support and help in the area of Image Processing research. Prof. Dr. David Daniel of VIT visited the department and enlightened us about the perspectives of research and Enterpreneship. 1/15/2015

22 Activities of Department During the report period, the department offered venue for conducting various competitive, promotional and recruitment examination like: GATE online IBPS Promotional Examination IBPS clerical recruitment Examination ESIC Promotional Examination VIT Entrance Examination Department Generated an income of about Rs. 2 lakhs out of it. 1/15/2015

23 Future Plans – Extra Courses Conducting Virtual Class room classes in the following technologies coordinating with Oracle Academy. 1. Fundamentals of Java. 2. Database Design & Programming with SQL. Both courses are 125 Hrs Duration and it is purely online & Virtual Classes with flexible timings. Certificates are issued after successful completion of course from Oracle Academy through Dept. of CSE.

24 Future Plans Plan to implement Cloud Computing Lab and courses in Cloud Computing. Plans to set up Microsoft certification courses. 1/15/2015

25 Future plans in Project Development To earn more technological values to the project work, Department is taking keen attention to shape the work. From the department itself giving latest research topic to the students to develop their academic project having humanitarian values. 1/15/2015

26 Future Plans – Placement Assistance To give more emphasis on Entrepreneurship, selecting the projects in such an orientation and helping the students to start up their own ventures in co-ordination with Start-up village Incubation Centre, TBI Tehnopark etc. Giving awareness to the students about ‘ Kerala State Self Entrepreneur Development Mission ‘ (KSSEDM) which is an ambitious scheme of Govt. of Kerala, a Dream Project of Shri. K M Mani, Hon. Minister of Finance, Govt. of Kerala. Giving awareness to our final year students about “ in50Hrs “ program – which is platform for young engineers to convert their ideas into prototype and later into products. 1/15/2015

27 Thank You

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