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A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Chicago MSP Regional Mtg. Funding: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Math-Science Partnership Program.

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1 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Chicago MSP Regional Mtg. Funding: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Math-Science Partnership Program

2 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Goals  Improve science achievement through creation of a partnership to design and implement exemplary PD for Physics First (PF), a 9 th grade conceptual course Design and implement PD curriculum for a PF course Teachers will increase physics content knowledge and achieve physics certification & improve skills in the areas of modeling- and inquiry-based instruction, student assessment, and effective use of technology Teachers will employ their content knowledge & teaching skills, and monitor & improve them with the effective use of Professional Learning Team, lesson studies, coaching & mentoring. Students will increase overall physics achievement in grade 9, and take more science courses in higher grades.

3 District Commitments  Participate all 3 years  Implement a yearlong 9 th grade Physics First course  Submit a District Commitment Form signed by administrator & designate a district contact person  Provide support for PLTs  Permit classroom visits by coach mentors  Recruit a math teacher & an administrator to attend academy  Appoint science teacher or administrator to serve on either the CC or Advisory Board  Offer in-service credit, where appropriate, for math teachers, administrators, CC and Advisory Board members  Collaborate with external evaluators to support program goals & ensure quality of delivery

4 Participant Commitments  Participate for 3 years  Attend 3-week summer academy at UM-C & 4 follow up Saturdays  Participate in PLTs during school year: 2-4 week lesson study and monthly meetings  Teach at least half the content from academy; and report students’ pre/post tests; document changes in cognition & provide scores  Submit journal writings via website  Pay annual UM-C student incidental fees (~$130)

5 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Organization: Participants  Partner Districts Columbia (Lead) – 13 participants Carthage R-9 - 2 participants Hazelwood – 4 participants Ferguson Florissant – 4 participants Frances Howell – 3 participants Mehlville – 7 participants Morgan R-II – 1 participant Perry County – 3 participants  St. Vincent – 1 participant Webb City – 1 participant Hickman Mills – 2 participants  Archbishop O’Hara High School – 1 participant  Other Participants Salisbury R-IV – 1 participant North Kansas City – 6 participants West Platte – 1 participant Mark Twain – 1 participant Poplar Bluff – 2 participants Aurora – 1 participant Ava – 1 participant Willow Springs – 1 participant Camdenton – 2 participants  60 Science Teacher Participants (3 weeks)  15 Math Teachers (1 week)  15 Administrators (2 days)

6 Year 2 Plans Year 2 Summer Academy – June 11-29, 2007  52 returning participants (out of 60)  Math teachers (June 11-15) and administrators (June 18-19) attended from each building  8:30-4:00 daily: content instruction  4:00-5:00 (M,T, W) PLT Time, Guest Speakers, Pedagogy  Teaching Teams – Meera & Dennis; Dorina & Gabe  Units 5-9 Protégé Academy – June 4-29, 2007  19 Protégés  14 from currently participating districts  Same time schedule  Units 1-7  Schedule- same as year 2 academy  Teaching Team – Mani & Jim

7 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Organization: Instructors  Teaching Team Lead Professors  Meera Chandrasekhar (Physics, MU)  Kandiah Manivannan (Physics, MSU)  Dorina Kosztin (Physics, MU) Peer Teachers  Dennis Nickelson (Jeff City HS and William Woods)  Gabe De La Paz (Clayton HS)  James Roble (Francis Howell Sr HS) Graduate Assistants  David Arrant, Matt Richard, Justin Riffle (MU)

8 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Academy Design  Pedagogy and Learning theory – inquiry, experimental design, modeling methodology integrated in the design of the lesson  Connections to math, reading and writing  Real-World connections – lectures by exemplary scientists (MU and industry); Astronomy (CMAA); Energy conservation (Water and Light)

9 Curriculum Based on Modeling and Inquiry Hands-on labs, analysis and discussion Practice exercises - LOTS! Homework Units: 1. Uniform Motion 2. Accelerated Motion 3. Introduction to Forces 4. Newton’s Laws 5. Free fall and 2D Motion 6. Energy 7. Momentum 8. Astronomy 9. Electricity10. Electromagnetism 11. Waves12. Real-World Applications





14 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Math Concepts Encountered  ALGEBRA Literal equations Linear functions Quadratic functions Issues related to graphing functions Solving systems of equations  GEOMETRY Area (including area under a line in a graph) Tangent lines Similarity Transformational geometry  MEASUREMENT Understanding, selecting, and using units of appropriate size to measure phenomena Converting one unit to another unit  NUMBER AND OPERATION Exponents Include more decimal numbers in examples and problems Ratio and proportion  DATA ANALYSIS & PROBABILITY Displays data Linear and quadratic regression



17 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Resources Provided  Resources for teachers Data Projector OR Laptop Materials Kit worth > $1200 of equipment, including tracks, photogates, etc (choice of Vernier, Pasco or CPO) Curriculum Materials Books, DVDs, software (some to be delivered at follow-up meeting) Lending-library of classroom kits

18 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Organization: Coach-Mentors  11 Coach-Mentors Charles Bock, Walter Bowman, Nancy Ianotti, Linda Kralina (lead), Dennis Nickelson, Glenn Owens, Jim Sly, Andrew West, Calene Cooper, Becky Baker, David Moffat CMs visit mentees once a month; visit their PLTs twice during the year. Work with PLTs with Lesson Study Weekly CM meetings via telephone Book Study – The Teaching Gap & Lesson Study

19 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Organization: PLTs  Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) 15 Professional Learning Teams Established and goals set during summer Meet at least 20 hours throughout the year Lesson Study  Design a lesson on a difficult lesson or phenomena  One member teach the lesson, others members watch  Reflect  Re-teach the lesson  Reflect Use of BREEZE for off-site teachers Protégés - other 9th grade teachers in their districts participate in PLT meetings

20 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Follow-Up Sessions  4 Follow-Up Days during Academic Year 2 – face to face in conjunction with state conferences  Provides networking  Provides opportunity for teachers to present at conferences 2 – regional via PolyCom Technology Focuses on:  Examining Student Work  Lesson Study  Writing Assessments  Using rubrics  Alignment with standards  Whiteboarding  Socratic Dialogue  Other topics based upon participant needs

21 Pretest Avg: 38% Posttest Avg: 68% Homework Avg: 95% Average Normalized Gain =(post-pre)/(100-pre) = 0.48 Lowest score in post-test was above the median in pretest Participant Outcomes

22 A TIME for Physics First Initial Degrees of Teacher Fellows Secondary EducationContent MajorsOther Degrees Secondary Science (area not specified) 15Biology6Elementary Education 4 Physics/ Astronomy2Chemistry2Education1 Biology1Physics1Physical Ed.4 Sec/MS Sci2Geology2Home Ec.1 MS Sci/Math1Agriculture1 MS Sci2Animal Science 2 Wildlife Cons. Mgmt. 1

23 A TIME for Physics First Years One and Two Teacher Academy Pre/Post Test Scores The 33 point increases in both years were statistically significant (p <.000) with large effect size.

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25 A TIME FOR P HYSICS F IRST Website  “Open” - Information on program Behind Login - Forum, discussions, chat, program documents, including assessments

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27 Contacts Sara Torres 573-214-3945 Meera Chandrasekhar 573-882-2619

28 The instructional practices and assessments discussed or shown in this presentation are not intended as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education.

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