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Presentation from Assam Dr.Partha Ganguli Dibrugarh, Assam.

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1 Presentation from Assam Dr.Partha Ganguli Dibrugarh, Assam

2 The Team Selection The Team Selection  NEN decentralized the responsibilities among partner organisations and individual activists (including academicians).  careful selection of local partners and volunteers was done in the selected districts.  The local community and the Departments could be reached instantly with the help of local partners.

3 Team Members  Field Survey Teams:  Nalbari: Hirannya Sharma, Mani Debi, Harmohan Kalita  Karbi Anglong: Luke Rongphar, Violet Singnarpi, Bibison Teron  Dibrugarh: Rituraj Gogoi, Rita Gogoi, Mousumi Bora  NEN's District Level Contact Point Organisations  Mr. Pritibhushan Deka from Gramya Vikas Mancha  Mr. Anderson Tokbi from Dondon Integrated Rural Development Society  Dr. Partha Ganguli from D.H.S.K.College, Dibrugarh  Dr. Partha Ganguli from D.H.S.K.College, Dibrugarh

4 NEN Team  North East Network Team Mentor: Dr. Monisha Behal,  NEN Field Supervisors: Anurita P.Hazarika, Rehana Rehman,  NEN's Part-time Volunteers for field survey: Indrani Sharma, Bijumoni Haloi,  Documentation and State office Contact Person: Leena Uppal,  Logistics and Administration: Alpana D. Choudhuri & P.K. Ngate  State Training Coordinator: Samhita Barooah

5 Survey Process in Assam  State level training was held from June 18-20, 2008  Three Districts selected were: 1)Dibrugarh:8 villages  2)Karbi Anglong:8 villages  3)Nalbari:8 villages  In total 24 villages and 9 urban wards (3 in each Town Committee) assessed  Survey period in 19 days

6 Survey Process  The orientation Programme to familiarize the teams with the process of the survey and formats.  Pre-testing of the survey formats in Guwahati.  ‘Village locating’ by NEN volunteers in the three districts.  Translated format was circulated.

7 Experience  This survey has been able to draw great insights into Assam's ground realities.  Some RTI officials were defensive and some of them denied their real positions as PIOs (knowingly or unknowingly).  RTI applications filed.

8 Experience  Government officials had not taken the training and orientation programme seriously;  The officials were rarely found cooperating with applicants;  A tendency of "fault finding" for discouraging the applicant;  Inefficient record keeping by government officials were experienced;  Gaon Panchayat offices were mostly found closed;  The Panchayat officers needs training on office regularity and decorum.

9 Experience  The team received good responses from the local NGOs and clubs and the optimism among people was quite visible.  RTI applicant had to return without filing because the village level office was found closed during the office hours.

10 Post Survey  State level meeting at Guwahati 27& 28 September 2008  Finalisation of Campaign (5-28) September 2008  12 districts participated  A local theatre group was involved.  The group traveled the 12 districts and conducted street plays.

11 Post Survey  Public meetings in villages/communities etc.  Film screening  Visit to govt. officials to check RTI Act compliance.  Locating RTI practioners.  Documenting case studies.  Set up of Information Desk etc.

12 Post Survey  People’s Assembly on September 26, 2008.  Interaction with Mr. B.K. Gohain, State Information Commissioner.  Framing Memorandums.  Press Meet.

13 RTI Act 2005. A status Report of Dibrugarh Town

14 The Survey on RTI Dibrugarh.  Period of Study:(12-20) Sept, 2008  Visited 37 Offices  Only Five Queries made.  Dibrugarh Town Area  State Government Offices.

15 The Survey on RTI Dibrugarh. The following information was solicited:  Name of PIO/APIO  Address of the Office  Availability of Money Receipt.  Whether RTI Board Properly Displayed?  No. of RTI application Received by the office.

16 Status of RTI PIO/APIO Not Available Money Receipts Not Available Sign Board Not found No.of RTI filed 28/37(75.67)29/37(78.37)35/37(94.59)36

17 RTI Dibrugarh  PIO/APIO not easily available  PIO, office of DC is also in charge of Excise, Food and Civil supplies etc.  No Sign Board  No PIO/APIO Appointed  Not received Training  No literature available with the offices  Hostile asking

18 RTI Dibrugarh  Awareness campaign required  We concluded 10 programmes in 19 days.  PA’s also attended  Many problems solved.  PS need to be more people friendly.  PA were also found non cooperating in certain cases.  General resistance to RTI from PA.

19 RTI  Directory required.  People are interested to know about RTI  Receiving querries  Invitation for orientation.

20 Thank you

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