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Institution of Medicine Tribhuvan University. Institute of Medicine (IOM) Established in 1972 in a green field of Maharajgunj, approximately 7 km from.

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1 Institution of Medicine Tribhuvan University

2 Institute of Medicine (IOM) Established in 1972 in a green field of Maharajgunj, approximately 7 km from the center of Kathmandu under Tribhuvan University.

3 Goals of IOM

4 1. Production of human resources for health services, education and research

5 2. Provide health services through its health institutions

6 3. Conduct research in health sciences

7 Organogram of Institute of Medicine Management and Development Council Implementation Committee Faculty Board Standing Committee Faculty Board Dean Assistant Dean (Planning) 1. Planning Section 2. Foreign Aids 3. Monitoring 4. Projects Assistant Dean (Exam. & Academic) 2. Academic Section 1. Examination Division 3. Research Division 4. Subjects Committee 5. P.G. Centre Assistant Dean (Administration) 1. Personnel Administration 2. General Administration 3. Fiscal Section 1. Constitutated Campuses 2. TU Teaching Hospital 3. B.P. Koirala Center for Ophthalmic Studies 4. Identified Other Centers 5. HLMC 6. Medical Education Department 7. Affiliated Campuses 8. Information Technology

8 Executives of IOM

9 Dean Prof. Dr. Arun Sayami Assistant Deans –Planning - Dr. Ratindra Nath Shrestha –Academic & Examinations- Dr. Basista Prasad Rijal –Administration - Mrs. Kanti Lata Bhandari Dean’s Office

10 Campuses 1. Dr. Ram Prasad Uprety -Campus Chief, Maharajgunj Campus 2. Mrs. Tara Pokharel -Campus Chief, Nursing Campus 3. Dr. Dhanik Lal Bharkher-Campus Chief, Ayurveda Campus 4. Mrs. Bhagabati K.C.-Campus Chief, Pokhara Campus 5. Mrs. Laxmi Rai-CampusChief, Biratnagar Nsg. Campus 6. Ms. Bhuvan Kumari Dangol-Campus Chief, Birgunj Nursing Campus 7. Mrs. Bina Adhikari-Campus Chief, Nepalgunj Nursing. Campus 8. Dr. Krishna Kumar Oli-Asst. Campus Chief, Maharajgunj Campus 8. Mrs. Raj Devi Adhikari-Asst. Campus Chief, Maharajgunj Nursing Campus

11 Hospital / Centers 1. Prof. Dr. Keshav P. Singh-Executive Director, TUTH 2. Prof. Dr. Jeevan Kumar Shrestha-Executive Director, BPKLCOS 3. Prof. Dr. Prakash Sayami -Executive Director, MCVTC 4. Prof. Dr. Jagadish Prasad Agrawal-Executive Director, NCHPED 5. Prof. Dr. Puspa.Raj Sharma-Director, Health Learning 6. Prof. Dr. Bharat Mani Pokharel-Director, Research Department 7. Prof. Dr. Pradeep Vaidya - Director, Information Technology Department

12 Campuses and Programs

13 Constituent Campuses (n = 7) 1. Maharajgunj Campus, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu 2. Maharajgunj Nursing Campus, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu 3. Ayurved Campus, Kritipur, Kathmandu 4. Nursing Campus, Biratnagar 5. Nursing Campus, Birgunj 6. Nursing Campus, Pokhara 7. Nursing Campus, Nepalgunj

14 Affiliated Campuses (n = 8) 1.Lalitpur Nursing Campus, Sanepa – PCL Nursing, BN 2. Chitawan College of Nursing – BN, B.Sc. Nursing 3.National Medical College, Birgunj – MBBS, MD, MS, BN, B. Sc. Nursing 4.Universal College of Medical –MBBS, BDS Sciences, Bhairahawa 5.Janaki Medical College, Janakpur – MBBS 6. Kist Medical College – MBBS 7.People’s Dental College, – BDS Balaju, Kathmandu 8.MB Kedia Dental College, Birgunj – BDS

15 Academic programs in IOM

16 Certificate Level (n = 4) Nursing Health laboratory technology Pharmacy Radiography

17 Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) Bachelor in Pharmacy (B Pharm) Bachelor in Optometry Bachelor in Nursing (BN) Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) B.Sc. Radio Technology Bachelor level (n = 8)

18 Postgraduate level (n = 22)

19 MD –General practice –Internal Medicine –Ophthalmology –Pediatrics –Pathology –Gynecology and Obstetrics –Psychiatry –Radiology –Dermatology –Anesthesiology –Anatomy –Clinical Pharmacology –Physiology

20 MS –General Surgery –Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery –Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery –Master in Public Health

21 M Medical Lab Technician M. Phil. –Clinical Psychology MN –Adult Nursing –Women Health and Development –Pediatric Nursing

22 Super specialization (n = 8)

23 MCH –Surgical Gastroenterology –Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery –Urology –Neurosurgery –Plastic surgery DM –Neurology –Cardiology –Nephrology

24 Centers and Departments of IOM

25 Health Learning Material Center –Produces and sells medical books National Centre for Health Professions Education and Development (NCHPED) Teacher training Curriculum Development Communication skill Skill lab Clinical elective program for foreign medical students

26 Research Department Research Department was established in March 2, 2008 by Dean, Institute of Medicine –strengthen research in the institute –implement the decision of Research Committee –coordinate the research activities between the Dean of IOM, and other concerned bodies such as IRB, Campus Chief of Maharajgunj Campus and others.

27 Information Technology Department The Department of Information Technology (DIT) was established in 1 st Aswin, 2065 by Dean, Institute of Medicine to assist in fulfilling IOM's main goal which is to excel in Medical Education, Service and Research Promotes, develops delivers and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources in IOM DIT helps all the faculties and staffs of IOM who are interested in all matters of medical information Provides services like Faculty room which is also a business center with all IT facilities Video conferencing  Tele teaching  Tele consultation Internet connection to all the departments, Wireless internet service in IOM compound, Free internet service in the library, etc. Updating the IOM/TUTH web page E-BULLETIN Etc.

28 Hospitals

29 Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

30 Established in 1983 with the cooperation of the Government of Japan It has 448 beds including newly established pediatric ward New addition Manmohan Cardiothoracic and Transplant Center - Completed Ganeshman Singh ENT Center- Completed Emergency Department- in process Suresh Wagle Cancer Center- in process

31 Investigative services

32 Service Twenty-two departments Newly added service Renal Transplant

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