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Data Integration Seminar (236806) Ron Y. Pinter Spring 2002.

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1 Data Integration Seminar (236806) Ron Y. Pinter Spring 2002

2 Scenarios Itinerary Geographical bank info Sports statistics Veteran presidents Protein interactions Medical history

3 Issues Formats Semantic correspondence Consistency Completeness Temporal effects Performance

4 Topics Technology Systems Applications

5 Technology XML alternative formats data modeling semi-structured databases query languages and processing data streams data warehousing data and text mining information extraction ontologies summarization presentation

6 Systems Lore Infomaster Garlic (aka DiscoveryLinks) Nimble Tukwila SIMS

7 Applications bioinformatics medical informatics geographical information systems (GISs) news articles software components e-business

8 Logistics Time and Place –Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm, Taub 4 Staff –Prof. Ron Pinter, –, x4955, Taub –Office hours: Tuesday, 10am-12noon References –Abiteboul et al. –Mani and Maybury –papers

9 Schedule: Technology March 20: –XML (incl. RDF) – Yan Tsitrin April 10: –Alternative data interchange formats – Yaakov Estrin –Data modeling – Constantine Shapiro April 22 (Monday!): –Semi-structured databases – Alon Gilmore –Query languages and processing – Michal Blank April 24: –Data streams – Shimon Golan –Data warehousing – Gilad Mittelman

10 Schedule: Technology (cont’d) May 1: –Data and text mining – Maria Zapolotsky –Information extraction – Avi Nehama May 8: –Ontologies – Oleg Rokhlenko –Personalization – Raghad Dweiry May 15: –Summarization – Moshe Samet –Presentation – Dikla Shiran

11 Schedule: Systems May 22: –Infomaster - Michal Tesler –Garlic (aka DiscoveryLinks) – Dolev Dotan June 5: –Lore - Ohad Avital –Nimble and Tukwila – Eran Balan and Galia Shlezinger

12 Schedule: Applications June 12: –Bioinformatics – Avital Tuviana and Karin Aivshitz –Medical informatics – Leeat Ramati June 19: –Geographical information systems (GISs) – Liat Perera –News articles – Diana Halpert June 26: –Software components – Ayelet Kaidar –e-business – Sami Zeytun

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