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Department Of Surgery. Overview Dept of surgery was established in 1993 in a very small setup through the effort of our senior consultant and founder.

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1 Department Of Surgery

2 Overview Dept of surgery was established in 1993 in a very small setup through the effort of our senior consultant and founder Dr Saroj P. Dhital. Since 2003, it got transformed into a tertiary referral center. Now, our department provides comprehensive surgical services in a tertiary care setting. A wide-range of minimally invasive, open surgeries and endo- urological procedures are being offered by the department. The department is committed to providing state-of- the-art surgical care to patients from throughout the Nepal. Our team members work closely with other faculty, including the departments of Medicine, Anesthesiology, Gynaecolgy & Obstetrics, Pathology &Laboratory medicine and Radiology. This team approach, which includes routine case conferences, ensures complete and coordinated care of the patient. The care of patients is what attracted most of our faculty members and residents into surgery initially, and it continues to be the focus of much of our attention.

3 Mission of the Department  To provide our patients with most ethical, compassionate, cost effective, skilled and innovative surgical care of the highest quality.  To develop skilled surgeons by educating students, residents and fellows in the humanistic, scientific and practical aspects of surgery.  To promote professional and personal growth in a collaborative environment which will help in developing the next generation of leaders in the dept.

4 Message From HOD I express my great honor to all the founders of KMH, especially to Dr Saroj Dhital, who dreamed and did his best towards the development and delivery of health services to the very needy people of our country. Dept of Surgery is making effort and professional dedication to upgrade the services. I am very much excited that Kathmandu Model Hospital, which is in the process of establishing Pushpalal Medical College is going to launch this website. I hope that through this website we will be able to share our departmental activities to the people of our country.

5 Dr. Saroj P. Dhital, Senior Consultant,Founder Dr. Bijendra Dhoj Joshi, Dr. Udaya Koirala Consultant, HOD Consultant Dr. Amit Mani Upadhyay, Dr Kabir Tiwari Senior Registrar Registrar Ms Sreejana Maharjan, Dept. Secretary Dr. Prakash Paudel, FCPS-II 2 nd yr Resident Dr Surya B. Thapa, FCPS-II 1 st yr Resident Dr Kovid Nepal, FCPS-II 1 st yr Resident Dr Marisa Aryal, FCPS-II 1 st yr Resident

6 Services(OPD Schedule) NameSundayMondayTuesdayWednesd ay ThursdayFriday Dr Saroj Dhital 11-1 Pm11 – 1 Pm Dr Bijendra Dhoj Joshi 10.30 -3 Pm 10.30 – 3 Pm Dr Udaya Koirala 10.30 -3 Pm10.30 – 3 Pm Dr Amit Mani Upadhyay 10.30 – 3 Pm Dr Kabir Tiwari 10.30 – 3 Pm

7 Common Procedures in general surgery Hepatobiliary: 1) Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 2) Open Cholecystectomy with/without ECBD 3) Extended Cholecystectomy Hernia: 1)Mesh Repair 2) Herniorraphy Breast: 1)MRM 2) Excision of fibroadenoma 3) Wide local lumpectomy 4) Sub-cutaneous Mastectomy

8 Common Procedures in general surgery GI: 1) Appendectomy (Open/ Laparoscopic) 2) Exploratory Laparotomy 3) Gastrectomy( Total/ Subtotal) 4) Diagnostic Laparoscopy 5) Hemicolectomy 6)*Whipple’s Procedure (2 in last 2yrs) Ano-rectal: 1) Hemorrhoidectomy (Open/ Stappled) 2)APR + LAR 3) Fistulectomy 4) Lateral Sphicterotomy Vascular: 1) High ligation and stripping of varicose vein

9 Common procedures in Urology Open surgeries 1)Pyelolithotomy/ Nephrolithotomy 2)Ureterolithotomy/Cystolith otomy 3) Nephrectomy 4) RPP 5)Pyeloplasty 6) Urethroplasty 7)Radical Cystectomy 8) Circumcision & EVS Endourological procedures 1) URS + ICPL 2) TURP &TURBT 3) PCNL 4)CYSTOSCOPY + ICPL 5)OIU 6)CYSTOSCOPY + DJ STENTING

10 OPD based diagnostic procedures  Upper GI Endoscopy  Duodenoscopy  Sigmoidoscopy  Colonoscopy  ERCP (in the near future)

11 Academic Activities:  FCPS Part II Training: 1 st batch already completed successfully 2 nd & 3 rd batch currently enrolled  Internship training as per the requirement from Nepal Medical Council since 2006.  PTC Training  ‘’Disaster Management Protocol” design for 7 years &“Disaster Management Protocol” orientation twice yearly.

12 Cont…  Research Activities: Morphology of GB stones, Post- Lap. Chole. Pain management, Ureteric Stones, Prostatic hypertrophy, SSI, non operative management in Ac Appendicitis  Paper Presentation: NMA International Conference 2009 PSRN International Conference 2010 ICS CME 2008, 2010 March SSN International conference 2010 ICS international conference 2011

13 Dr Bijendra Dhoj joshi  NMC Regd No : 1762, NMA Regd No : 1649/L-1249  Graduation : Kharkov Medical University, 1992, Ukraine  Master in Surgery : Institute of Postgraduate Medicine & Research, Dhaka university, 2003, Bangladesh  Worked as Senior MO in KMH from 1995-1997,Registrar in Dept Of Surgery from 2003-2006,Senior Registrar from 2006- 2008, and since then as consultant  Training in Department of Endoscpic,Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Kyushu University Hospital, Japan from July to September, 2010 for Advanced Endoscopic and Laparooscopic procedures Dr Bijendra Dhoj joshi

14 Dr Amit Mani Upadhyay  Completed MBBS from Peking University, School of Medicine in 1999.  Completed master degree(M.S) in General surgery from Peking University, School of Medicine in 2007.  Completed one year fellowship in advanced endourolgy & general urology from Peking University, 3 rd Hospital in 2008.  Worked in Patan Hospital dept of emergency & B.P.Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital dept of surgical oncology as a medical officer from 2000 to 2004.  Working as senior registrar in dept of surgery,Kathmandu Model Hospital since Sept 2008.  Special field of interest: General Urology + Endourological procedures like PCNL,URS,TURP,TURBt and laparoscopic surgery.

15 Dr Kabir Tiwari MBBS, MS (Urology) NMC regd. no.5482 MBBS- Medical College of Zhengzhou University, P.R China, 2004 Master of Surgery (Urology) –Sun Yat-sen University, P.R China 2011 Training Laparoscopic course conducted by Ministry of Health,P.R China Working as Registrar in the dept of surgery since Nov,2011. Field of interest- Endourology, Urooncology.

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