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Nicholas Held Supervisor: Dr. Janet L Ronsky Research Team: Dr. Gregor Kuntze, Dr. Gulshan Sharma, Dr. Jill Beveridge and Emily Bishop.

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1 Nicholas Held Supervisor: Dr. Janet L Ronsky Research Team: Dr. Gregor Kuntze, Dr. Gulshan Sharma, Dr. Jill Beveridge and Emily Bishop

2 Significance Osteoarthritis Imaging System limitations Less than 0.5 mm Validation of the Dual Fluoroscopy Verification (for future studies) “Synchronized, bi-planar systems are not currently available on the market, and cannot be easily set up in clinics” – (Tersi et al., 2013) “In order to reliably quantify in vivo bone motion, the systematic error of these tracking techniques should be evaluated”-(Miranda et al., 2012)

3 Hypothesis 0.277 mm detectable difference =(16in/1470 pixels)25.4mm/in=0.02765 “Marker based tracking was shown to effectively track motion to within 0.1 mm” –(Miranda et al., 2012)

4 Background OA on the rise Optical Motion Capture XROMM-X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology Understand limitations Steel Balls, Cluster Centroids

5 Research Plan Gold Standard Instrumentation Grid system 30 steps at 0.05mm= 1.5 mm Digitizing the points Data Analysis Statistics






11 Data Analysis: Femur Centroid then Euclidean Formula

12 Results Femur-Noise0.05 mm0.1 mm0.15 mm0.2 mm0.25 mm0.3 mm0.35 mm Mean0.0284706570.0828703910.1335347020.1843703240.2392149440.2959224520.351336901 Std0.042019830.0390651820.0389303160.0396258160.0543468010.0509238240.048770845 p-valueFtest1.16945E-434.85209E-442.89649E-421.07436E-391.94484E-412.39566E-394.05239E-37 p-valueTtest0.0088680420.0259593270.0343988350.0516756390.3247132610.6953147160.89108015 Mean noise of 0.055 +/- 0.003 mm

13 Further Work XROMM matching Determining scintillator imaging error

14 Acknowledgements Dr. Janet Ronsky The research team of Dr. Gulshan Sharma, Dr. Gregor Knutze, Dr. Jill Beveridge and Emily Bishop NARETI Exchange Program

15 References… Questions? Miranda, D. L., Schwartz, J. B., Loomis, A.C., Brainerd, E. L., Fleming, B, C., and Crisco, J. J. 2011. Static and Dynamic Error of a Biplanar Videoradiography System Using Marker-Based and Markerless Tracking Techniques. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, ASME vol: 133; 121002-1 – 121002-8. Grood, E. S., and Suntay, W. J., 1983. A Joint Coordinate System for the Clinical Description of Three- Dimensional Motions: Application to the Knee. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, ASME vol: 105; 136-144. Miranda, D. L., Rainbow, M. J., Crisco, J. J., and Fleming, B. C. 2012. Kinematic Differences between Optical Motion Capture and Biplanar Videoradiography during a Jump-cut Maneuver. Journal of Biomechanics (2012), Taylor, T.L., Taylor, E.T., Taylor, A.W., and Casey, C.E., 2009. Aging, Physical Activity, and Arthritis, Living a Quality Lifestyle with Osteoarthritis through Active Living. Manitoba. 202009.pdf 202009.pdf Brainerd, E. L., Baier, D. B., Gatesy, S. M., Hedrick, T. L., Metzger, K. A., Gilbert, S.L., and Crisco, J. J., 2010, “X-Ray Recontruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM): Precision, Accuracy and Applications in Comparative Biomechanics Research,” J. Exp. Zool. A Ecol. Genet. Physiol., 313(5), pp. 262-279. Ameye, L. G., and Chee, W.S., 2006, Osteoarthritis and Nutrition. “From Nutraceuticals to Functional Foods: A Systematic Review of the Scientific Evidence.” Arthritis Research and Therapy 2006, 8:R127. Andriacchi, T.P., Alexander, E.J., Toney, M.K., Dyrby, C., Sum, J., 1998. A point cluster method for in vivo motion analysis: applied to a study of kneekinematics. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 120, 743-749.

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