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3 Uli Jaspers WatSan Unit Manager IFRC Geneva Fidelis Chulu Indonesia WatSan Coordinator, Banda Aceh Fidel Peña Sri Lanka WatSan Coordinator, Colombo Patrick D’Aoust Tsunami WatSan Coordinator, Bangkok WatSan Delegates Arnaud Vontobel Markus Eek Jane Edgar 6 WatSan Delegates Ena Kuang Camelia Marinescu Flory Balaga Jackson Ndemena 2 open positions (Calang and Nias) Kathryn Clarkson Maldives WatSan Coordinator, Male WatSan Delegates Leigh Burgess Guilermo Garcia Hassan Hamou 1 Trainee Delegate Tejas Hansora Open Sri Lanka WatSan Deputy Coordinator, Colombo Detlef Schwager Indonesia WatSan Deputy Coordinator, Banda Aceh TSUNAMI WATSAN ORGANIGRAM

4 RC/RC Movement Partners (WatSan)  INDONESIA  IFRC  ICRC  12 PNS’ American, Australian, Canadian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swiss, Hong Kong, German, Taiwan, French, Austrian, Netherlands  SRI LANKA  IFRC  ICRC  PNS’  MALDIVES  IFRC  4 PNS’

5 WatSan Pidie FreRC 8 Palang Merah Biruen FreRC 1 Aceh Utara – Lhokseumawe IFRC, AmRC 1 Simeuleu AusRC 3 / NorRC 1 Meulaboh IFRC, SpaRC 6 / FreRC 1 Aceh Jaya - Teunom AmRC 3 / GerRC 1 Nias IFRC, NRC 2 / SRC 2 Sabang IFRC Banda Aceh IFRC, Cons. MacRC/SwedRC/AstRC Aceh Besar AmRC 2 Aceh Timur – Langsa Takengon Aceh TenggaraAceh Singkil Tapaktuan Aceh Barat Daya AmRC 2 / FreRC 1 Nangan Raya AmRC 2 / FreRC 1 Gayo Lues Banda Aceh Calang Pidie Biruen Simeuleu Nias Lhokseumawe MEDAN Sabang Meulaboh

6 EMERGENCY PHASE (INDONESIA)  ERU’S: FRC, GRC, AusRC, MacRC-SwRC (MalRC), SpaRC  Producing and distributing >> 1500m 3 / day  RC/RC well cleaning programme  WatSan facilities in:  Tented cities  TLC (barrack camps)  Transitional Shelter camps

7 EMERGENCY PHASE (MALDIVES)  R.O. transported to tsunami affected islands and stationed on barges in strategic locations  WatSan facilities in IDP camps

8 Indonesia WatSan programme  Hygiene Promotion through implementation of PHAST  Ena Kuang, WatSan Software Delegate  10 PMI Youth Volunteers (ToT)  60 PMI PHAST ToT’s  120 PMI PHAST facilitators  Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) & NIAS

9 Indonesia WatSan programme (2)  Maintenance/Rehabilitation of WatSan facilities in TLC’s of Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar and Sabang  Ongoing construction/rehabilitation/maintenance in 13 TLC (Barrack) camps (drainage, latrines, septics, RWH)  Bandung Training Center Joint (IFRC, SpRC, AustRC, FRC, GRC )

10 Indonesia WatSan programme (3)  Implementation of community based WatSan projects in  Nias Island (11 sub-districts, 48 villages),  Meulaboh (3 sub-districts, 90 villages)  Bireuen (2 sub-districts, 40 villages ) Water Supply (Spring System) - Community Household Water Supply – RWH, Well-Protection Community Bath/Wash/Toilet - MCK Household Sanitation - Toilet  98 villages and 18 towns assessed with village/town committees  Development of Computer-based Database for Hygiene Improvement Framework Baseline Survey and PHAST Baseline Survey  Coordination of PNS and PMI WatSan projects


12 Maldives WatSan programme  WATER  RWH (79 islands)  RO (20 islands)  SANITATION  Small Bore Sewer systems (5 islands)  RENEWABLE ENERGY  Solar panels on community buildings & solar street lighting  WASTE MANAGEMENT PROJECT (joint CanRC / AustralRC)

13  15,360 (2,500 Lt) rain water harvesting tanks to 79 islands  Guttering and pipes to be provided for householders to install their own rain harvesting  Distribution period: being completed this month  up to 50,000 beneficiaries  Joint AmRC / IFRC community mobilisation activities planned to boost installation rates Restore and Improve Rainwater Harvesting Systems

14 Box gutter 45deg elbows Tee Ball Valve 90deg elbow 2500Lt plastic tank Soak pit Rainwater Harvesting System

15  Supply and install 10 cbm/day Reverse Osmosis (RO) units, and construct complimenting distribution systems on 20 islands.  Programme anticipated to finish mid 2007  >10,000 beneficiaries inhabiting 20 islands affected by the Tsunami Desalination Unit and Distribution System

16 Settlement tanks RO Unit Water storage tanks (5,000 L each) Distribution Tank (5,000 L) Community Water points Distribution Main Intake valve Beach well Salt concentrate discharge to sea Plant and tank housing Pump RO Unit and Distribution Set-up

17  Islands – K. Guraidhoo, K. Maafushi, D.Kudahuvadhoo and L. Gann  New housing and infrastructure to be provided to the Internally Displaced People (IDP)  Houses to include septic tanks that will connect to a small- bore sewer system and outer reef outfalls  Program period = dependant on new housing program, likely to finish mid 2007  7,000 beneficiaries – IDP and existing communities Sanitation Facilities in New Housing

18 Grey Water – Shower and laundry Black Water – Toilet and kitchen Grey Water Stream Domestic Waste Water Black Water Stream Filter pit Septic Tank Future Treatment Facilities Primary treatment Anaerobic Reaction Secondary treatment Effluent disposal out to sea

19 PLANS FOR INDONESIA  Pursue ongoing programme  Improve Coordination with PNS’ and with Health programme  Better integration of PMI  Insure that implementation takes place

20 PLANS FOR MALDIVES  Continue ongoing programme  Scale up Software activities  Awareness raising & hygiene promotion campaigns  Community mobilisation activities to ensure community management


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