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Women & Negotiation Presentation by Horacio Falcão.

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1 Women & Negotiation Presentation by Horacio Falcão

2 Lessons Learned 2/10

3 3/10 Is there a difference? 0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 M 30,00092,243361,171568,834 W 25,00076,87000 Entry Salary @ 22 Sal @ 60 w/ 3% yrl raise Extra Earnings Invested @ 3%yrl +550k *Babcock & Laschever in Women Don't Ask, pg 5.

4 4/10 No way out or no way UP? Female gender role is to be nice Nice is not perceived as a trait for success Emulate male behaviors Others perceive gender-role transgression Punishment for not acting accordingly

5 5/10 External Barriers  Language Men associated with words that describe good managers.  Men – assertive, dominant, decisive, ambitious, & self-oriented  Women – warm, expressive, nurturing, emotional, and friendly  Styles Ok for men to lead autocratic or democratic styles. Assertive + positive social “softeners”  Harder negotiation line with women Worst first offers, but higher first demands More pressure to concede, but less concessions granted

6 6/10 Unfair or Unequal salary? Lower self-esteem & entitlement Lower and relationship oriented targets Negotiation as conflict Subst X Relat Asking anxiety & external gender bias Accepting lower salary

7 7/10 Internal Challenges  Negotiation is an exception 20% of women NEVER negotiate at all Expect life to be fair  Negotiation under lower expectations Women perceive they deserve less than men (in ambiguous situations)  Set less aggressive goals  Ask less and for less Gender based social network  Minority/Stereotype status Asking a student’s race before exam, lowers African Americans grades by 25%.

8 8/10 Negotiation for Success  Research standards exhaustively Check outside your network  Set aggressive (yet realistic) goals Ask for help (men or women, as if on your behalf) Trust counterparty to be doing the same  Work on strengths & weaknesses Play to your strengths (fairness, listening, empathy, etc) Role-play diagnostic questions and responses Value claiming  Anticipate performance obstacles  Create strategies for anxiety-producing situations  Expand role, bridges and lable singularity in relationship Instead of only gender, find other bridges for empathy and power. Find gender-role consistent negotiation and leadership styles  Women – less leeway to be assertive or aggressive  Men – less leeway to be emotional or weak Bring standards of fairness to make it gender neutral

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