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Eco-systems of research information systems: a global perspective João Mendes Moreira PT-CRIS.

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1 Eco-systems of research information systems: a global perspective João Mendes Moreira PT-CRIS

2 Agenda Background Survey Conclusions PT-CRIS

3 Background FCT- FCCN merger WG created Consultancy Diagnosis (processes & IT) Improvement opportunities Recommendations 6 short/medium term 1 long term (PT-CRIS) Workshop FCT PT-CRIS further studies approved 1st Workshop PT-CRIS Expert group Technical studies for reference model definition 2nd workshop PT-CRIS Reference model Strategic plan Go No-Go PT-CRIS Today Studies and strategy Realization Collaboration

4 Research organizations Investment opportunities Projects Publications Patents Equipment Governments Financiers Researchers Editors Libraries Data centres Research institutions Industry Products Research data Facilities The research information space Researchers Source:

5 Background - goals Reference Architecture Components / modules to support Interoperability (IRs, CRIS, Other scientific SI systems) Norms and standards (data model, interfaces)

6 Background - 1 st workshop deliverables DeliverableResponsável D2.1 – Eco-systems FCT D2.2 – Academic expertise (CVs) DeGóis D2.3 – CRISs UP D2.4 – Outputs/Outcomes SDUM / Authenticus D2.5 – Guidelines and standards DeGóis D2.6 – Organizations managementDGEEC

7 Survey eco - design Institution profile Services Services dimension (national, federated, local) Protocols and standards Interoperability Logical architecture SWOT CRIS-PT

8 Agenda Background Survey Conclusions PT-CRIS

9 Survey eco – institution profile CountryTLD SuisseCH Check RepublicCZ PortugalPT SpainES SwedenSE Slovak RepublicSK NetherlandsNL BrazilBR CRIS-PT Trends, not certainties!

10 Survey eco – institution profile CRIS-PT Organization Name Organization type Funding Agency ResearchLibraryGovern. Data Archive Swiss National Science Foundation SNSFX Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Research and Development and Innovation Council X Foundation for Science and TechnologyX X SPANISH FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (FECYT) X Swedish Research CouncilX Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) XX Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – CNPq X Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS XX 41231

11 Survey eco - Services CRIS-PT CRIS Academic expertise Organizations database Scientific equipment Project database Grant management Outcomes / outputs Reserach news Research ethics Research portal

12 Survey eco - Services CRIS-PT CRIS Academic expertise Organizations database Scientific equipment Statistics Project database Grant management Project callEvaluation Outcomes / outputs Scientific Journals Reserach news Research ethics Research portal Research data

13 Survey eco - services CRIS-PT

14 Survey eco - Software CRIS-PT ServiceCustom vs Proprietary COUNTRYCHCZPTESSESKNLBRTotal Academic expertise (CVs) - CCCPCC C=5, P=1 Organizations database CP CPCC C=4, P=2 Scientific equipment - P C C=1,P=1 Grant management C - C PC P C C=4, P=2 Outcomes/outputs CPCCCPCC C=6, P=2 Project databaseC P CPPCC C=4, P=2 Research portalNAP C PC PCC C=4, P=2 Research news P P PC PCC C=3, P=3

15 Survey eco - Staff CRIS-PT Function Number of staff involve in development Number of staff involved in operations COUNTRYCHCZPTESSESKNLBRmedCHCZPTESSESKNLBRmed Academic expertise (CVs) 241,2 43,0 26?4 3 3,5 Organizations database NA8 1,2 33,0NA3 ?4 3 3,0 Scientific equipment 5 4 3 3,5 Grant management 5 6 9 157,58 2 1 3 2,5 Outcomes/outputs 210122,5 52,315330,354 3 3,0 Project database NA8 30,7 43,5NA3 1510,54 3 3,0 Research portal NA5 30,8 33,0NA3 3?6 1 3,0 Research news 62,3 33,0 4 62,33 1 3,0 Research ethics 0,1 31,6 0,5 1 0,8 Sub-Total 731918 02,54529,891871694,65290,75 30,3

16 Survey eco - dimension CRIS-PT Service /data Dimension NationalFederatedLocal (institutional) CHCZPTESSESKNLBRTotalCHCZPTESSESKNLBRTotalCHCZPTESSESKNLBRTotal Academic expertise (CVs) XXDXX X6 0 XXXY X X 6 Organizations database X DXX 4 0X X 2 Scientific equipment X 1 0 X 1 Grant management X X 2 D 1 X X X 3 Outcomes /outputs XXXXXXX 7 XXX 3 XXXX X X 6 Project database X XXXX 5X X 2 X X X 3 Research portal XX XDXX 6 X 1 X X X 3 Research news X XXXX 5 0 X X X 3 other - Research data X XX 3 0 X X 2 other - Statistics survey of research potential X XX 3 0 X X 2 other - Evaluation of quality of science X XX 3 0 X X 2 45733

17 Survey eco - Protocols & Standards 5 reported some use of CERIF 3 reported some proprietary protocols – ES – CVN – Normalized CV – NL – Proprietary identifiers, vocabulary – LATTES-XML CRIS-PT

18 Survey eco - Interoperability CRIS-PT Data providers Data collectors ServiceAE (CVs)Org.DB Grant management Outcomes /outputs Project DB External Sources Scientific equip. Total Academic expertise (CVs) 3335241 21 Organizations database 11 2221 9 Grant management 33111 9 Outcomes /outputs 23 333 14 Project database 2412221 14 External Sources 1 1 2 Scientific equipment 2 1 3 Research portal 133322 14 Research news 1 11 3 Research ethics 0 Other - project calls 1 1 other - Statistics survey of research potencial 211 1 5 other - Qvaluation of quality of science 1 1 2 Total 122492014 4

19 Survey eco – Architecture - SE CRIS-PT

20 Survey eco – Architecture - ES CRIS-PT

21 Survey – Architecture - BR PT-CRIS

22 Survey – Architecture - SE CRIS-PT

23 Survey eco - Examples of services - SK CRIS-PT

24 Examples of services - CZ CRIS-PT

25 Survey eco - SWOT CRIS-PT CountryTLDStrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Check Republic CZ A stable national CRIS with a long tradition. It enables transparency in the research funding domain. Certain types of entities missing, most notably Facility, Equipment and Research Dataset Quality (Czech) researcher identification but not shown on the portal for personal data privacy reasons Linked Open Data exposure CERIF compatibility Slovak Republic SK Legislative background for national R&D portal and information system providing 10 years of experience of SCSTI with providing the similar system Established system for R&D organization data identification (system of evaluation as condition for use of public resources) Implementation of EU standards (CERIF) Absence of institutional CRIS systems in Slovakia Quality and complexity of received data is not lawfully guaranteed Improve the cooperation of Slovak R&D stakeholders in the area of R&D data exchange and systems integration Improve the legislation for reach more complex and more valid data Ensure continual and sufficient funding of SK CRIS Portugal PT Outputs and outcomes module Team potential and completeness (expertise, networking (COAR, euroCRIS, OCDE, etc)) Underdevelo ped or non- existent modules Non-CERIF Best practices Efficiency Transparency Better service Funding Political instability Ilustrative

26 Survey eco – Conclusions Survey – survey response rate was near 50% – Some questions were complex to answer – One should read the results in terms of trends Responders were mostly Funding agency or governmental institutions CRIS-PT

27 Survey eco – Conclusions Services – New services emerged: Some related to outcomes/outputs research data, scientific journals Some related to grants and projects: project call Some related to statistics and evaluation – Most well established services are: Outcomes/outputs (8), project database, research portal (7), academic expertise and org. database (6) PT-CRIS

28 Survey eco - Conclusions Software - most of the systems are custom developments Staff – Staff is distributed equally between operations and development – All services, operation sum of medians was dev (28), ops (32) Services national (45) and/or local (33), not federated (7) Most of the responders indicated some form of CERIF use Interoperability – The top data collectors are CVs, research portal, outcomes / ouputs and project database – The top data providers are Organizations database, outcomes/outputs PT-CRIS

29 Survey Eco - Highlights Suisse – how to set up a strategical vision Slovakia – Components of a national CRIS Danica Zendulkova: State-operated CRIS systems in the EU. CVTI SR : Bratislava, Slovak Republic. 2011. ISBN 978-80-89354-04-7 PT-CRIS

30 Agenda Background Survey Conclusions PT-CRIS

31 Conclusions The state of the art reports were very important to: – Learn the best practices – Get decision makers confident euroCRIS played an important role in this process – Guidance on the survey – Facilitator for identifying respondents PT-CRIS

32 euroCRIS whish list Architecture reference model Modules specs / requirements (ex: RFPs) One layer up: from tables to objects PT-CRIS

33 Agenda Background Survey Conclusions PT-CRIS – PT systems maturity – Critical analysis – Strategy – Next Steps PT-CRIS

34 Maturity PT-CRIS Ilustrative

35 Survey Eco – Critical analysis (PT) Portugal has a long way to go: – Authoritative organizations database – Call, grants and project services are obsolete – Research portal to be considered – Evaluation and stats to be further analyzed – CRISs needed Swedish logical architecture seams to be the most comprehensive CERIF seams to be imperative PT-CRIS

36 Strategy CRIS-PT Vision and mission Benefits Stakeholders Fields of activity Principles Service architecture Organization of the program Operating model PT-CRIS

37 Portal Solution architecture Business Intelligence Function Research news Research ethics Grants management Research projects Research results Digital ecosystem for research information National services Research ethics Research news Research news Expert service Outcomes / outputs Grants mgmt Organizations database Academic expertise Federated services Projekt (EKO m.fl.) Projekt (EKO m.fl.) Projekt (EKO m.fl.) Projekt (EKO m.fl.) Outcomes / outputs Local Services Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Projekt (lokala) Övriga Projekt (lokala) Övriga Projekt (EKO m.fl.) Projekt (EKO m.fl.) News (local) News (local) Ansökningar (Prisma) Ansökningar (Prisma) Grants mgmt (local) funders Grants mgmt (local) funders Projects database (local) Projects database (local) Publikationer (EKO m.fl.) Publikationer (EKO m.fl.) Outcomes / outputs Projects database Academic expertise Research portal Statistics Outcomes / outputs CRISs Scientific equipment

38 Strategy - Priorities PT-CRIS Ilustrative

39 Background FCT –WG 2nd workshop PT-CRIS Reference model Strategic plan Go No-Go Program management Prioritization Investment plan Implementation planning PT-CRIS Today Strategy – phase 1 Realization Phase 2

40 Cooperation is power! PT-CRIS


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