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It’s My SBA, It’s My Future ( VFCSS ) Strategies for Organizing a Realistic SBA Schedule.

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1 It’s My SBA, It’s My Future ( VFCSS ) Strategies for Organizing a Realistic SBA Schedule

2 Write everything down Duration 1month? 3 months? Practical Written After each topic? Reflective Journal? Grading Draft? Final project? Put your homework assignments, test dates, and project due-dates on paper as soon as your teacher gives them to you. If you keep your Weekly Planner with you, all this info will be in one place rather than scribbled on random pieces of paper or in notebook margins.

3 Stay organized. Building Construction Written Practical Food and Nutrition Plan of Work Practical Technical Drawing Draft Project Description Keeping your schoolwork and papers organized helps you manage time. Keep each class or subject in its own folder, or buy one of those multi-pocket folders that will hold the whole set. Try making a weekly homework and assignment chart and tape it to your folder each Monday, so you'll always have it right in front of you.

4 Avoid distractions. Web Phone Stay away from TV, the phone, the Web, and all other distracting things while you're doing school assignments. If you're trying to read your English homework while American Idol is on, you'll probably spend half your time listening to the show, and it'll take you much longer to finish your reading. Consider this: get the assignment finished first, and then watch the tube. You'll understand your schoolwork better and enjoy the TV show more.

5 Set homework time. Work in Results out Set a regular block of time each afternoon or evening to do all your homework and studying. Make sure everyone in the family knows about this time, so that they can give you the space and quiet you need to concentrate.

6 Don't underestimate assignments. 3 weeks Visual Arts Elec. Tech. 1 month Food and Nutrition Clothing and Textiles 3 months Building Construction Technical Drawing Many of us look at a school assignment and think "I can get that done in a few minutes," then find out that it really takes an hour. Before you put an assignment into your schedule, make sure you have a realistic idea of how long it will take to complete it. When in doubt, ask an adult. It's also a good idea to ask your teacher, "How long should this take to finish?" when he or she hands out the assignment.

7 Break up big SBA assignments into smaller chunks. ResearchOutline Project Plan Some SBAs are long-term research or practical projects, and will require you to schedule blocks of time over one or more weeks. A good way to do this is to break a big task up into smaller tasks, and accomplish each goal one at a time until everything is done.

8 SBA Information for Technical Vocational Subjects at VFCSS -Campus B - Part1 Subject/Teachers Description of SBA assignments Dates Commence/End (deadline) Comments Building Construction Mr. A. Duncan Mr. S. Perrinom I Written 1 Practical May January September March Student Portfolio Practical –drawings are classroom based Clothing and Textiles Ms. R. Khodra 3 Written and Practical April September February June November March Written component represents the planning for the practical activities. Assessment done by teacher Moderator by external assessor and teacher. Assessment done by teacher Electrical Technology Mr. C. T. Louisy Mr. I. Monrose 5 Written 1 Practical September May December June These are done after each topic is covered, from 1 st Term Form 4 Practical SBA follows during last 2 terms First draft given at the end of form 4 Final draft end of Sept. Form 5

9 Part 2 Subject/Teachers Description of SBA assignments Dates Commence Dates End /deadline Comments Food and Nutrition Mrs. J. A-Charlery 3 Practical April September February June November March Same as for Clothing and Textiles Technical Drawing Mr. M. Jean Mr. R. Mc. Combie 1DecemberMarch Work done progressively Draft due in January of Form 5 Submission of final copy prior to Project description. Visual Arts Mrs. Y. Paul 6 Pieces Reflective Journal May June September (end)First 3 introduced in May/June, form 4 Others to be completed by first Friday of Sept. in Form 5 Starts in form 4 (1000 words)

10 School Based Assessment Schedule- a sample chart Subject Details Day/Date /Time Person(s) who can be contacted for assistance Progress Record

11 Reference Time Manag ement Schoolwork. Retrieved from:

12 Designed by J. Augustin-Charlery A Technical Vocational Initiative May 2012

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